Gerald Celente Predicts “ Brassiere Bomber” Could Close Banks

Trends Research Institute Founder Gerald Celente forecasts a false-flag by the United States will provide a needed excuse to shut down the banking system and institute an overnight dollar devaluation.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

Speaking with GoldSeek Radio host Chris Waltzek this week, Celente suggested that covert plans from Washington for a staged event to cover up a financial collapse could take the form of either another act of terrorism or an all-out war with Iran.

“We believe that something [false flag or war] is going to happen,” Celente said.  “There’s going to be a financial collapse; it’s collapsing in front of us, but they [Washington] may use a false flag rather than calling it a financial collapse—like maybe they’ll have the brassiere bomber, or the granny bomber in a wheelchair, you know, who’s going to threaten the entire country, or it maybe war.  And war is ratcheting up with Iran.

Washington politicians from both sides of the aisle posture in preparation for an increasing likely military confrontation with Iran.

In a communique released to the European Union on Jan. 10, eight U.S. senators urged the EU to join the United States in an oil embargo and sanction of Iran’s central bank.  The group also indicating that 2012 must be the “turning point in the confrontation” with Iran.

“We believe that both (steps) are absolutely necessary if we are to prevent the Iranian regime from acquiring nuclear weapons and thereby foreclose either a regional war or a cascade of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East,” reads the communique.

Incidentally, signatures to the communique include Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.; Mark Kirk, R-Ill.; Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and five others.

It should be noted, that Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, in particular, has studied the alleged Iranian threat to Western allies in detail, as he is the founder of a “bipartisan Iran Working Group” in 2004.  Kirk also serves the Navy Reserves as a Commander.

Because of his work studying Iran, Kirk was asked to participate in a Q&A Congressional Roundtable discussion sponsored by The Jewish Policy Center publication inFocus in May 2007.  Kirk, at that time, a Congressman, stated during the discussion that the “one rising threat – the existential threat – has the potential to destroy this little democracy and end more than 100 years of Zionism in an instant.  And that is the growing danger we see in Iran, where a dictator openly calls for a fellow member of the United Nations to be wiped off the map. The Iranian nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose a mortal danger to the State of Israel, a danger we must remove through diplomatic means as soon as possible.”

Kirk’s proposed solution to the alleged Iranian threat to the “tiny democracy” is a simple one: quarantine gasoline imports to Iran in a similar technique deployed against Cuba by the Kennedy Administration during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

“Despite its status as a leading OPEC nation, the mullahs have so mishandled the nation’s energy sector that Iran lacks the refining capacity to turn its oil into gasoline,” Kirk explained.  “Iran is dependent for almost half its gasoline on foreign imports – most delivered by one Dutch company, Vitol, aboard tankers mostly insured by one British firm, Lloyds of London.

“Looking at history, we find an interesting diplomatic lever effectively used by President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We can see how a naval quarantine of gasoline would grind Iran’s economy to a halt, leaving thousands of pro-Western Iranian young people to wonder why its leaders would choose nuclear weapons over their economic welfare.

“And because Iran’s naval strength is limited, a quarantine administered 200 miles off the coast would leave Iran with no military response. A quarantine of gasoline would pit our strength against their weakness, achieving our objectives without a shot being fired.”

So in May 2007, Kirk explained a rather simple and effective solution to the alleged Iranian problem, a full 16 months prior to the dramatic collapse of Bear Stearns in September 2008.

Instead, token sanctions imposed on Iran have only served to posture the U.S. as a patient negotiator in a trumped up scheme to justify military action if such action would provide political cover for domestic economic problems, according to many U.S. foreign policy pundits familiar with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and U.S. actions taken against other “enemies” of the U.S.

Iran, like Libya and Iraq before it, is being set up as a scapegoat for an imminent U.S. economic collapse, according to Celente.

The sales job to the American people as a means of stirring up jingoism is underway, while U.S. policymakers coax Iran into war.

“The United States and the European Union have effectively declared an act of war,” said Celente.  “They’re making it impossible for Iran to sell its oil.  About sixty (60) percent of Iran’s GDP is derived from oil sales.  They’re the third largest oil supplier in the world.  So if that happens [war with Iran], they’ll call a bank holiday of some sort.  So I’m very concerned.”

Further evidence suggesting an attack on Iran would occur under false pretenses came from U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on January 8 on CBS’s Face the Nation, where he said, “Are they [Iranians] trying to develop a nuclear weapon?  No, but we know that they are trying to develop a nuclear capability.”

A “nuclear capability” includes the production of 20 percent uranium compounds used in the making of a nuclear powered energy, a detail not expounded upon by Panetta, allowing the viewer to potentially miss the ambiguity of his statement in the midst of his theatrics of body language to matching a shift in tone.

Whether Washington embarks on another false flag attack or engages in other provocative acts against another sovereign nation, or creates a ‘catastrophic event’ through the use of an FBI-staged “brassiere bomber” in an attempt to disguise an economic collapse, Celente believes Washington needs some form of diversion to divert public anger away from failed political policies and the illegitimacy of a privately-held Federal Reserve.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

Gold Price: Beware! Government Spooks Infest Gold Market

Today’s revelation of China’s surge in gold imports in the month of November from its principal gold dealer, Hong Kong, exposes Western financial media for the umpteenth time for its blatant propaganda (at the behest of central bankers) against one of the only assets that will protect wealth during these most turbulent times.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

“Mainland China’s imports from Hong Kong surged to 102,779kg/oz from 86,299kg/oz in October,” stated bullion advisory group, GoldCore.  “This is a 20% increase from the already high number seen in October and a 483% y/y increase.”

See for the full article from GoldCore.

Note: see the staggering trend of Beijing gold purchases in the Reuter’s chart, below, halfway through the article.

While a media blitz campaign waged against the gold market kicks into full gear, the Chinese buy tons.

And let’s not forget India, the country that, last year, bought more gold than Switzerland claims it stores with the SNB, which is approximately 1,000 tons.

“Gold traders in India, the world’s biggest buyer of bullion, stepped up buying for the upcoming wedding season, as gold prices stayed near the week’s trough, giving silver a boost,” India’s Economic Times stated on Jan. 11.

The two largest bulk buyers of gold are stepping up with increasingly larger orders as the spot price retreats, but the U.S. and UK media tell readers the gold bull market is over—or that gold should be seriously questioned as to its validity for wealth protection during the biggest financial crisis since the 1930s.

Goldmoney’s James Turk, who told King World News on Jan. 9 that he sees the propaganda machine blitz at full throttle throughout the pullback in the gold price from its incredible rise to $1,920.

Whatever happened to the “buy on the dips” mantra from ‘traditional’ media?

“There is a war going on with regard to gold and people are lined up on both sides,” Turk told KWN’s Eric King.  “The central planners want gold to disappear, but gold is not going to disappear because it’s been money for 5,000 years.  What the central planners and the manipulators and government agents and everybody else are doing is they are putting out a lot of anti-gold propaganda.” [emphasis added]

For those not familiar with James Turk, it was he who broke the story about the UK-based financial magazine The Economist for its peculiar track record for publishing significantly bearish articles at, or near, gold price bottoms.  In two articles, Gold’s Infallible Indicator and Gold’s Infallible Indicator—Six Months Later, Turk demonstrates why gold bugs should watch for that out-of-the-blue gold article from The Economist.

And the Fed’s co-conspirators extend beyond The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times (FT) of London, Bloomberg and CNBC serve as propaganda tools (at critical moments) for central bankers as well, according to several reliable sources, one of which is the UK-based Guardian in an article penned by journalist David Miller in Feb. 2006.

“A succession of scandals in the U.S. has revealed widespread government funding of PR agencies to produce ‘fake news’,” Miller stated.

“World Television produces the fake news, but its efforts are entirely funded by the Foreign Office, which spent £340m on propaganda activities in the UK alone in 2001.”

And in the U.S., it’s no surprise that the feds fund propaganda budgets of its own, but presumably much larger than those of the UK.  From ComputerWorld, written by Darlene Storm in February 2011.

It’s recently been revealed that the U.S. government contracted HBGary Federal for the development of software which could create multiple fake social media profiles to manipulate and sway public opinion on controversial issues by promoting propaganda. It could also be used as surveillance to find public opinions with points of view the powers-that-be didn’t like. It could then potentially have their ‘fake’ people run smear campaigns against those ‘real’ people. As disturbing as this is, it’s not really new for U.S. intelligence or private intelligence firms to do the dirty work behind closed doors. 

It can be assumed a lot of UK and U.S. propaganda focus primarily on foreign policy issues.  Wars are tough sell, and a lot of propaganda must be bought in the same way commercial enterprises utilize ‘advertising’ of its products.  Makes sense.

However, instead of outside foes endangering the sovereignty of nations (again, propaganda has us believe otherwise), the 16 intelligence agencies, which make up the NSA, stated in a 2009 report to Congress, that the economy has become an immediate national security concern.

Reuters, February 2009:

“The financial crisis and global recession are likely to produce a wave of economic crises in emerging market nations over the next year,” said the report. A wave of “destructive protectionism” was possible as countries find they cannot export their way out of the slump.

“Time is our greatest threat. The longer it takes for the recovery to begin, the greater the likelihood of serious damage to U.S. strategic interests,” the report said.

According to The New American in an article in September 2011, titled, Fed Plotting to Monitor Critics, Tailor Propaganda, in response to the 2009 NSA report, the Federal Reserve issued a “Request for Proposal” to “monitor billions of conversations” and to “reach out to key bloggers and influencers [sic]” in an effort to massage opinion.

Apparently, CNBC’s Steven Liesman can’t do all the spin work and propaganda for the Fed, himself.

The Fed’s “Request for Proposal” explains that the institution needs a platform to “monitor billions of conversations” and “identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers.” Information collected will be used to measure the effectiveness of the central bank’s “public relations” and “communication strategies” — known in laymen’s terms as propaganda operations.

“There is need for the Communications Group to be timely and proactively aware of the reactions and opinions expressed by the general public as it relates to the Federal Reserve and its actions on a variety of subjects,” the document states. News outlets, Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, YouTube, and other social media platforms will all be targeted.

Government, media and central bankers want the public out of gold and work full time to make it happen.  ‘Analysts’, too, are deployed to spew misinformation about the economy and gold.  No surprise there.  Though, no one has publicly proved that any one particular analyst is involved in the anti-gold propaganda campaigns, but three men have been labeled the worst gold analysts since the gold bull market began in 2001.

Those three, or the “Three Stooges”, gold analyst Peter Grandich had called them recently, Jon Nadler, Dennis Gartman and Jeff Christian, sport truly horrendous records, similarly to The Economist dismal calls, as James Turk had pointed out.

In December 2010, Richard Russell of the famed Dow Theory Letters attacked on both fronts against the these three Lord Haw-Haws, one, the traditional media and, two, Nadler, in particular—though Gartman and Christian could easily have been interposed instead.

“I listened to Kitco’s Nadler on the Bloomberg channel this morning,” Russell stated. “He’s been bearish on gold for months, and I thought he sounded like a know-nothing fool today. Why didn’t Bloomberg interview someone who’s been bullish and right about gold?”

“What’s with the Wall Street Journal and gold?” Russell asked rhetorically. “In the Dec. 6 paper, the front page blares, ‘ETFs and Gold.’ So I turned to the gold article, which included a rare error in its headline, ‘Resisting Gold’s Glister.’ I assumed they meant gold’s ‘glitter.’ The article was written by a Tim Medley, a random guy I had never heard of. Mr. Medley’s main half-assed complaint about gold is that it is too expensive today and therefore dangerous in that it may correct. Worse, claims Medley, there is a current ‘euphoria’ regarding gold. Too many people are bullish on gold. Therefore, gold is about to lose its ‘glister.’”

Gold investors, beware of what you read and who you follow for advice.  As a general rule, stick with analysts interviewed on King World News and not from infrequent or other Wall Street analysts on traditional news outlets.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

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Escape America? You Bet, Buddy!

Americans have had enough—finally!

With the kickoff of the Patriot Act, TSA expansion plans beyond airports, planned military checkpoints, evidence of FEMA camp readiness, telephone and Internet eavesdropping, many Americans certainly grumbled, hedged, argued and seriously contemplated the extent of the troubling trend emerging in America since the U.S. version of the burning of the Reichstag on Sept. 11, 2001.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

As was also the case in Germany in the 1930′s, the early birds of America who were gifted enough to read the tea leaves of a tyrannical takeover in the making were called kooks.  But for those mature enough to understand the cruelty inflicted upon history’s long list of celebrated kooks, from the top, Jesus, down to Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543), to today’s Congressman Ron Paul, the rest eventually will see what others already have known or intuitively sensed for some time.

Looking back through the last 10 years, we now know that a relatively tiny few saw 9-11 immediately for what it really was, a false-flag attack, which immediately sparked them into the survival instinct to plan for the myriad of possibilities that these clever and devious minds would do next in a conspiracy to further dupe the majority of dullards in an alleged one-person-one-vote political constituency.

However, after strong evidence of the 9-11 scam slowly permeated American culture, the seed of Uncle Sam ‘gone psycho’ became firmly implanted in America’s consciousness—admitted courageously in the open, or not.

But when the very foundations of the U.S. Constitution have been thrown in the trash, in both spirit and through code, the door of tyranny has swung fully open to anyone who cares to look.

Media and the political parties abuse of Congressman Ron Paul (love him or not; it’s not relevant to the point made) is a very troubling display of the desperation that must be felt by the entrenched suit-and-tie wearing thugs who have been mistakenly referred to as leaders.  Someone or some group has overplayed some cards in the Ron Paul affair.  The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

And the timing of back-to-back coup de grace encore of overt theft of personal property in the MF Global bankruptcy case to match that incredulous historical event in the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), all within weeks of each other, couldn’t be more alarming—not only by the implications these two pose to the very heart of the U.S. Constitution, but by the speed at which a full-frontal invasion of tyrannical government has stormed into American living rooms.

In essence, the message is now quite clear: there has been a ‘suspension’ of property rights and Habeas Corpus in America.  No spin from Washington or the Justice Department can justify any of this, at any level.

Though the auspicious events of the MF Global heist and NDAA may not have been as dramatic as the false-flag spectacle of September 2001, the message is, however, infinitely more clear to a much, much wider and more ‘mainstream’ group of Americans, even clear to those who will always be too ‘proud’ to wear a tin-foil hat to a Ron Paul rally.   Sadly, some feel a sense of shame for being conned.

Now, suddenly, the Internet is trending more articles on the impact the back-to-back shockers have had on Americans as a result of the NDAA and the MF Global bankruptcy swindle.  Americans now feel vulnerable, not from some phantom terrorist organization, but from their own government.  Is this what it must have been felt by many Germans leading up to WWII.

It took a full decade, but the majority of Americans now finally ‘get it.’  The remainder don’t ‘get’ much of anything.

And tyranny is ready to roll some more in America is the widely held expectation, with the most interesting Washington scheme yet to come: how to round up 300 million firearms from freedom-loving Americans, especially in the South.

Watch for how it plays out, with an eye on how the FBI operates, and how it used a group called ‘Anonymous’ to attack Internet sites to bring on talk of Internet censorship, or how the feds escorted a drugged-up foreign national to board a plane with a ‘bomb’ in his underwear to bring in the naked-body scanners, or how the FBI infiltrates provocateurs at #Occupy protests to discredit the protestors as peasant Communist garbage.

What many Americans may not know is that these very same tactics have been deployed against third-world countries by the CIA in an effort to destabilize a country with the goal of affecting regime change and installation of an American puppet strongman.  And those who don’t know how that is all done can merely look at how America has turned into an inverted totalitarian regime in the U.S. in a very short time.  It’s a similar script, with different actors who talk and look like Americans.

Just ask almost anyone from Latin America how the process works.  They can help fill in the details.

In Latin America, it took a couple of decades and a lot of courage, but a couple of men named Hugo Chaves of Venezuela and a less-celebrated political leader Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua rose up and effectively communicated to their constituency and the political leaders of other Latin American countries the misdeeds of the ‘Evil Empire’ in a way reminiscent of the ‘Great Communicator’ U.S. President Ronald Reagan.  The entire region, except for Colombia, threw their support for a real ‘change’.  Though the changes in Venezuela don’t fit well with the American way, the nation did rid itself of American bastards who don’t represent the people.

Within months of a Chavez election, the CIA attempted to overthrow Venezuela’s democratically elected government.  But, in what has been all too common now in the region, the spooks failed.   After approximately 36 hours, which included a botched closing by the CIA of the communications infrastructure of Venezuela in an attempt to hide the overthrow long enough to secure the country with the country’s military, the people swarmed the streets of Caracus demanding Chavez’s safe return.

For more on how the CIA works manipulates foreign nations, see John Perkin’s book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.  After reading Perkin’s enlightening tome (incidentally, he was threatened by the spooks, but arranged a brilliant way to stop a plan for his ‘accidental’ death), the connection between how politicians, intelligence agencies and military/law enforcement personnel in America have coordinated a carefully crafted plan to lock-down the U.S. in preparation for a currency crisis in the dollar can be demonstrated as a variation on similar themes carried out throughout Latin America by the CIA.

Poverty and rampant corruption have always been a Latin American mainstay and root to political instability.  But when banana republic characteristics reach developed nations, the outcome is less pretty—especially in America with its Second Amendment right to bear arms.  There, the U.S. Civil War is the only meaningful comparison that can be made easily to what could be in store for America.

Keep in mind, too, a very important but misunderstood concept, not taught in the classroom, nor handed down by family members of the overwhelming majority of Americans who have had no access to, or experience with the so-called elite (gross misnomer) from another time and place.  The concept to maintain social order is simple: As long as the citizenry can enjoy some creature comforts, security and minimal respect, achieved through the fruits of their own labor, or temporarily, through the state, the name of the political system pinned on the state is of no importance.  Call it as you wish.

Some notable economists have noticed that The People’s Republic of China is more capitalistic than the so-called big daddy of capitalism, the U.S.  Crony Capitalism would serve as more accurate monicker for America.  But in China, there’s no pretense of who is in charge.  In America, the facade still insults the ones with brains.

In the case of the U.S., the people still refer to the political system of the 50 states as a democratic republic, but an alien from another planet would be hard pressed to find much proof to fit the accepted nomenclature.

Some folks like to fight and look forward to some violence against authority.  These ‘hardy’ souls may very well get that chance.  For others, however, escape if you can.

How many regretted not exiting Germany following similar signs of insanity?  If you cannot ditch Amerika, good luck and good preparation.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

Cuban Missile Crisis, the Sequel; $3,000 Gold Possible

In what appears as swift retaliation by Iran against U.S.-led economic sanctions imposed on the Persian Gulf state, suddenly Iran says it will no longer accept the U.S. dollar as payment for its oil shipments to India, Japan and China.

In addition, bilateral trade between Iran and Russia will break from the dollar for settlement in favor of Iranian rial and Russian rubles, according to Iran’s state-run Fars news agency.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

But unlike a similarly bold move taken on Oct. 30, 2000, (effective Nov. 6) by Saddam Hussein to rid Iraq of the U.S. dollar as payment for Iraqi oil, Iran asserts the new arrangement to drop the dollar was Russia’s idea.

“The proposal to switch to the ruble and the rial was raised by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in Astana, Kazakhstan, of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization,” according to Bloomberg.

So, is the U.S. about to embark on another Iraq, or is the situation with Iran more akin to an October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis with Cuba’s big brother, Russia?

Amazingly, or not (media ignored the euro-for-Iraqi-oil story, too), since the bombshell Iranian announcement, only a handful of news outlets of the West covered the dollar-dumping announcement of this vital story.  Of course, though, (and’s posting of the zerohedge post) was one of these handful, providing adequate sourcing and commentary of the breaking news about Iran/Russia from China-based

Most of the usual suspects of traditional media, however, have drawn attention to the threat of a closing of the Strait of Hormuz, instead—an important issue, no doubt, but its no longer news at this point in the crisis and certainly doesn’t compete with the latest development regarding the trashing of the Greenback from a member of OPEC on the same day Russia lays anchor in Syria to the north of Israel.

According to China Daily, “Russian warships patrolling the eastern Mediterranean Sea have docked at Russia’s naval supply facility in the Syrian port of Tartus, the private Addounia TV reported Saturday.

“Governor of Tartus Imad Naddaf received the ships’ leaders and expressed appreciation to Russia’s support for Syria, the report said.

“Russia’s state-owned Itar-Tass news agency quoted a source from the Russian Navy as saying that ‘It is planned that the port of Tartus will be visited by a big anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet Admiral Chabanenko and an escort ship Yaroslav Mudry.

So, it appears that the Iranians are a lot more prepared to deal with the U.S. than its neighbor to the West was, Iraq.

And for those familiar with the most likely reason for the attack on Iraq may also be familiar with William R. Clark, author of Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar.  Of course, ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was merely a sophomoric ruse in the call to war with Iraq.  So what was the reason?

In his book, Clark makes a case for a world that will most probably include a future riddled with war in the Middle East, as the U.S. takes preemptive measures to secure—not only oil—but more importantly, to assure a continuation of dollar hegemony in global trade as a means of preventing a Greenback collapse as a medium of exchange and value.

As a preface to his book, Clark posited an essay in January 2003, titled, Revisited — The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken TruthIn the essay, Clark cites an anonymous source who told him the NY Fed (through the Treasury ESF) ultimately dictates foreign policy via the U.S. dollar, and that any threat to the artificial support of the dollar must illicit an immediate response at the NSA level.

After reading Clark’s essay, anonymous, or not, the source appears to be a very, very good one.

According to anonymous:

The Federal Reserve’s greatest nightmare is that OPEC will switch its international transactions from a dollar standard to a euro standard. Iraq actually made this switch in Nov. 2000 (when the euro was worth around 82 cents), and has actually made off like a bandit considering the dollar’s steady depreciation against the euro. (Note: the dollar declined 17% against the euro in 2002.)

The real reason the Bush administration wants a puppet government in Iraq — or more importantly, the reason why the corporate-military-industrial network conglomerate wants a puppet government in Iraq — is so that it will revert back to a dollar standard and stay that way. (While also hoping to veto any wider OPEC momentum towards the euro, especially from Iran — the 2nd largest OPEC producer who is actively discussing a switch to euros for its oil exports).

Saddam sealed his fate when he decided to switch to the euro in late 2000 (and later converted his $10 billion reserve fund at the U.N. to euros) — at that point, another manufactured Gulf War become inevitable under Bush II. Only the most extreme circumstances could possibly stop that now and I strongly doubt anything can — short of Saddam getting replaced with a pliant regime.

Big Picture Perspective: Everything else aside from the reserve currency and the Saudi/Iran oil issues (i.e. domestic political issues and international criticism) is peripheral and of marginal consequence to this administration. Further, the dollar-euro threat is powerful enough that they will rather risk much of the economic backlash in the short-term to stave off the long-term dollar crash of an OPEC transaction standard change from dollars to euros. All of this fits into the broader Great Game that encompasses Russia, India, China.  [Emphasis added]

As we know, following Iraq’s decision to dump the dollar in favor of the Euro, 14 months later U.S. President George W. Bush delivered his ‘Axis of Evil’ speech on the first State of the Union address of his presidency on Jan. 23, 2002.  Iraq, Iran and N. Korean are the nations of that axis, according to Bush.

With Iraq as the first casualty of the Great Game, that leaves Iran and N. Korea left as targets and responses from Russia and China.

Calls for $3,000 gold are everywhere.  With central banks printing money at astonishing rates without formally announcing anything about it; tensions in the Persian Gulf rivaling the Cuban Missile Crisis; and an election year that sports the most threatening presidential candidate (Congressman Ron Paul of Texas) to the ‘establishment’ since John Kennedy (or maybe as far back as Theodore Roosevelt 1900-08), it appears early on that surviving 2012 without a major event is a very long shot, indeed.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

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Don’t Walk, Flee America! says Gold Guru

From the recent comments and articles on the Internet following Obama’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), it appears a good chunk of Americans have figured out that the U.S. has just declared martial law.  Others won’t get it; instead, they’ll serve as ‘useful idiots’ for the subsequent acts of tyranny.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

No military uniforms or funny mustaches, just a flick of the pen, utterance of a few words of reservation for authorizing the ‘act’, and it’s done.  No show of force or goon squads rounding up journalists and intellectuals followed the declaration of martial law. No interruptions of regularly scheduled broadcasts to announce the coup and no CSPAN coverage of the event, either.

No sir.  That would be most inadvisable to a pathologic regime confronted with the knowledge that 300+ million firearms are held by ‘free’ citizens who have a long-running disdain for banana republic thugs.

“The president strongly believes that to detain American citizens in military custody infinitely without trial, would be a break with our traditions and values as a nation, and wants to make sure that any type of authorization coming from congress, complies with our Constitution, our rules of war and any applicable laws,” said a White House spokesman.

Of course the signing of the law is a “break of our tradition.”  And with a show of concern, all laws will apply—such as the one he just signed into law.  That is an example of Orwellian Double Speak.

Just as an owner of a wild horse slowly introduces the bridle while feeding it some sugar, whispering kind words in its ear, Washington incrementally introduces the legal and logistics of martial law in the hopes that the majority of its citizens don’t notice the bridle.

It’s quite obvious to anyone paying attention that the signing of the NDAA tips off the world that Washington is dreadfully afraid of its own citizenry from an upcoming ‘event’.  Washington seeks legal cover, such as the Third Reich sought legitimacy before it slammed down the hammer.

The U.S. 9-11 attack is akin to Germany’s burning of the Reichstag in 1933.  Back then, plenty of Germans warned that it was Hitler’s regime who burned down the Reichstag, but few listened.  These tin-foil hats were called nuts in Germany, just as Alex Jones is called a nut, now, in the U.S.

So what do we now call the 50-state nation?  Amerika? Empire?  Banana-merica Don’t know, but what the U.S. has become isn’t America, and should not be treated or referred to as such by other nations and certainly not by its own ‘citizens’.  Incidentally, the U.S. insists that Myanmar continue to be called Burma in protest of the Junta military regime.  Moreover, Jim Rogers notes his dismay that Amerikan citizens are precluded from investing in Myanmar.  Now Iran.

Taking from an interview with Doug Casey, noted international investment adviser and author of many best-selling books, a passage from a book authored by Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45, seems appropriate at this time.

“You see,” my colleague went on, “one doesn’t see exactly where or how to move. Believe me, this is true. Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow. You don’t want to act, or even talk, alone; you don’t want to ‘go out of your way to make trouble.’ … In the university community, in your own community, you speak privately to your colleagues, some of whom certainly feel as you do; but what do they say? They say, ‘It’s not so bad’ or ‘You’re seeing things’ or ‘You’re an alarmist.’

“These are the beginnings, yes; but how do you know for sure when you don’t know the end, and how do you know, or even surmise, the end? On the one hand, your enemies, the law, the regime, the Party, intimidate you. On the other, your colleagues pooh-pooh you as pessimistic or even neurotic … the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes. That’s the difficulty. If the last and worst act of the whole regime had come immediately after the first and smallest, thousands, yes, millions would have been sufficiently shocked … But of course this isn’t the way it happens. In between come all the hundreds of little steps, some of them imperceptible, each of them preparing you not to be shocked by the next. Step C is not so much worse than Step B, and, if you did not make a stand at Step B, why should you at Step C?”

If you’re footloose and fancy free, living in what is now a military dictatorship (Obama is, after all, the Commander and Chief of the Armed Services), consider looking to Burma as a place to escape.  There, the government is very similar, but the cost of living is about 10 cents on the dollar and has potential of becoming one of the best investment areas of the world, according to famed international investor Jim Rogers.

On the other hand, Amerika has no real economic prospects, no legitimate democratic government, and no other purpose than to steal the world’s oil supply, commit war crimes as well as destroy currencies and economies across the globe. It brings drugs in from Mexico and Afghanistan and then arrests its citizens for partaking in the product.   It counterfeits money while it attempts to squash its competitor, gold.  It steals brokerage accounts, kills jobs and fixes elections.

And the U.S. Secretary of State had the nerve to visit Myanmar late last year to discuss how its government can become ‘legitimized’ by the world community.

Time to pack the bags and watch a pack of Noriegas in ties demonstrate why they should be in cages under the supervision of ‘normal’ humans, put Dick Cheney in charge of making them talk into giving the names of all the cowards they really work for.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

Gerald Celente: EU Collapses in 90 Days, Bank Holiday and War

Twenty-two months of hysteria of an impending European financial collapse, starting with Greece in March of 2010, will finally come to an end in 2012, according to the founder of Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente. Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

Hysteria of the horrid possibility of a European meltdown and the dire implications for the world economy a collapse implies will end, as the event finally turns into unequivocal reality by April 1, with accusations of ‘fear mongering’ by a significant portion of the mob quickly dropped in favor of the next predictable reaction to the crisis: outrage against those who allowed the collapse.

“I would say, since I’ve been doing this work, over 30 years ago, I’ve never been more concerned than I am right now,” Celente told ABC, Australia.

In Celente’s latest forecast, titled, The First Great War of the 21st Century—Prepare, Survive, Prevail, he paints a bleak picture for 2012, predicting a worsening of class warfare that already wages within more than a dozen countries, from Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Qatar to the UK, Greece and Italy, which will eventually spread to eastern Europe/central Asia and more intensely in the United States.

But, what the world has seen so far is only a economic and social symptom of central bankers’ stop-gap remedies, haphazardly applied to the global financial crisis since its beginning in the U.S. and the fall of Bear Stearns in 2008.

After dozens of trillions of dollars thrown at a global solvency crisis with nothing but further deterioration to show for the money spent, some wonder if the world is about to slide still further into depression.

According to Celente, when the European Union falters from too much supply of debt coming due ($7.3 trillion from G-7 nations, see against the backdrop of sliding demand for more debt, the European domino will topple other dominoes, widening the global depression to include the world’s larger economies.

“If you live in Greece, you’re in a depression; if you live in Spain, you’re in a depression; if you live in Portugal or Ireland, you’re in a depression,” Celente said.  “If you live in Lithuania, you’re running to the bank to get your money out of the bank as the bank runs go on.  It’s a depression.  Hungary, there’s a depression, and much of Eastern Europe, Romania, Bulgaria.  And there are a lot of depressions going on [already].”

And as far as a Chinese riding in on a white horse to save the day, Celente said, it’s “highly unlikely. China has 1.3 billion people with a million problems . . . If the Europeans and Americans don’t buy a lot of crap, then the Chinese can make it and sell it to them.”

He continued to explain that China will then likely slow its imports of materials from countries which have been supplying mined product during the commodities boom, leading to a vicious spiral of increased unemployment and declining economic activity—a scenario strongly intimated by Dow Theory Letters author Richard Russell in his latest letter to investors (excerpts posted on King World News).  Russell, too, expects a steepening U.S. depression, with 25 percent unemployment in the America as his target at the bottom of the depression.

“This whole thing is connected,” Celente explained. “China isn’t going to have the money to throw around to losers anymore than loan shark would give a gambler who can’t pay his old debts back and has a bad gambling habit another loan to gamble . . . They [Chinese] have their own problems to deal with.”

How bad will the next leg down in the world economy likely to be?  Could Russell be right?  Celente believes a comparison with the 1930s is a good one.  He continued, “ . . . you can even listen to Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, or I like to fondly call it, the International Mafia Federation—the loan sharks of last resort—even she’s saying what we’ve been saying now for three years about the parallels between the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, world war.

“The Panic of ’08; you have the Great Recessions—Great Depressions going on.  Oh, by the way, real estate prices in the United States, they’re at a steeper decline than they were during the Great Depression.  Foreclosures continue to mount.  It’s taking people over 40 weeks, who lose jobs to find another job, and then finding one at a fraction of what they lost the old one at.”

And as history demonstrates, when horrible economics overwhelm a society, political leaders search for a means of generating national jingoism to redirect the angry mob.  That search for political safety usually turns to war.

“So then you look at the trade wars that they’re now talking about,” Celente said.  “And, as I said, when you add them up, you have the beginnings of a great war going on already.  Oh, and now, and now, they’re talking about, hey, we did such a great job in Iraq and Afghanistan, why don’t we bomb Iran?  Have you heard the presidential candidates of the United States, with the exception of Ron Paul, that all want to go to war against Iran?  So you can see where it’s going.

“You have psychopaths that have caused a lot of these problems that are giving the answers to how to solve them by adding more violence and criminality on top of old violence and criminality.”

Celente said the kickoff to a global meltdown and a call to war could “spiral out of control” some time “by the first quarter of 2012” as the European crisis worsens to the point of a crack up.  “There’s no way to bail out the European nations,” Celente said forcefully.

And the build up to social unrest, calamity and possible civil war can be seen a mile away, said Celente, who segued into another one of the trends he sees for 2012: Safe Havens (escaping the United States).

“They just passed a law in the United states, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),” he said.  “It now gives the president the right to identify a person like me and call me a terrorist and that I’m against the government.  And the military can come and break down my doors—the military—and arrest me, charge me with nothing, give me no trial, no rights of habeas corpus, no jury, no judge, and they can kill me if they so choose, torture me; they can send me to any country around the world.”

Celente advises preparing now for a quick route out of the United States if a bank holiday (a prediction of his) is called.  The ramifications of a dollar devaluation aren’t clear, but an enacted NDAA, FEMA camp readiness and scheduled TSA checkpoint expansion plans suggest the U.S. may enter a crisis on par with the lead up to the U.S. Civil War of 1861-5. Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

Also see BER article, Gerald Celente Forecast 2012, FEMA Prepares for Dollar Collapse

Gold Price: “We’re Going to Kill the Dollar,” Senior Obama Official

Thinking the gold market has seen its best days?  Not a chance, if the Fed and the Washington pathocrats get their way.

Speaking at AmeriCatalyst 2011, in November, hedge fund manager extraordinaire Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital Management LP told attendees he was given one of the strategies for reviving a dying U.S. economy.  It involves devaluing the U.S. dollar to affect renewed export demand.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

No surprise there, really, as the playbook for mature economies, strapped with bizarre levels of public and private debt, deficits and stagnant employment, always opt for trashing the currency to make good on debt promises.

“The governments idea right now is we are going to export our way out of this,” Bass said with a grin.  “And when I asked a senior Obama administration official last week how are we going to grow exports if we won’t allow nominal wage deflation, he said we are just going to kill the dollar.”

Gold should soar in the coming years as the cat can no long be contained in the bag, even too obvious to the most financially illiterate among us.  How the Fed will explain a continuation of rising food and energy costs should prove interesting.

Why should Bass be told about such a sensitive issue?  Most likely the “senior Obama official” wasn’t especially concerned with Kyle Bass and his obscure name recognition level with the public, nor was this “official” prepared to lose credibility with a pretty sharp hedge fund manager with tired government propaganda.

So, how rapidly could the dollar decline to achieve this export miracle.

If the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), suspending a good chunk of the Bill of Rights, by a sitting U.S. president doesn’t provide a strong enough clue to the extent of mayhem expected (feared?) in the coming months in the U.S., it would take similarly blind faith to expect that a baby crawling across a busy highway during rush hour will reach the other side unscathed.

The Godless and humorless woman, Ayn Rand, once said “We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.”  Or, taken from another philosophical prospective, the shaman priest could recommend to his ‘flock’ to use the brain that God had given them to figure out what’s most likely in store for the U.S.

And for those who feel too old to bother with such nonsense of currency devaluations and the extra chore involved in learning more about precious metals while living the romanticized ‘golden’ years, the pathocracy that has crept into America’s forefathers’ Republic has already counted the vast majority of you out—sizing up the more-than-65-years-old group as the Greenback cannon fodder for the State of alleged free people dependent upon pensions and savings, too old, too civilized and too shocked to take on low-IQ goon squads in defense of their life savings.

In his book, Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, Andrew Lobaczewski, wrote:

During stable times, which are ostensibly happy, albeit dependent upon injustice to other individuals and nations, doctrinaire people believe they have found a simple solution to fix the world. Such a historical period is always characterized by an impoverished psychological world view, so that a schizoidally impoverished psychological world view does not stand out as odd during such times and is accepted as legal tender.

The kickoff of the bogus 9-11 event; Patriot Act; Iraq War; Afghanistan invasion; TSA; FEMA camps, tyrannical handling of the OWS movement; obvious Ron Paul blackout; and the suspension of the Constitution with a flick of pen—were all achieved within one decade!  Compare that with a generation, which protested against the war in Vietnam and expressed outrage during the 1968 Democrat Convention, ending with the resignation of a U.S. president and a tumbling U.S. dollar for the remainder of the decade of the 1970s.

This time, the finale could include a real war with Iran (proxy of Russia and China) as a means of raising Obama’s approval rating in time for the 2012 election.  As bizarre and suicidal as an all-out war with Iran may seem, consider the alternative, a collapsed dollar in a country that sports more firearms than it calls citizens, with no enemy outside of the pathocracy to blame for the economic collapse.  The trials and imprisonments would begin very shortly.

A strong presidency during wartime could be the rouse to take the bite out of a dollar free-fall, keeping the illusion of ‘normalcy’ of perpetual war intact for a while longer.

Lobaczewski explains:

If the laws of normal man were to be reinstated, they and theirs could be subjected to judgment, including a moralizing interpretation of their psychological deviations; they would be threatened by a loss of freedom and life, not merely a loss of position and privilege.

Comment: Wouldn’t a Ron Paul win threaten the pathocracy?  Auditing the Fed and the NY Fed’s Exchange Stability Fund (ESF) would blow the 75-year fraud of the dollar wide open.  There would be no recovery from that.

Since they [pathocrats] are incapable of this kind of sacrifice, the survival of a system which is the best for them becomes a moral imperative. Such a threat must be battled by means of any and all psychological and political cunning implemented with a lack of scruples with regard to those other ‘inferior-quality’ people that can be shocking in its depravity.

Comment: After killing one million-plus Iraqis, Bush makes jokes at a roast about not finding weapons of mass destruction.  Cheney openly states torture is okay, knowing the practice is against the Geneva Convention and is a war crime.  The course for a totalitarian regime had already been planned.

This should be kept firmly in mind by those who think that getting rid of George W. Bush and the Neocons will change anything. [Editor's note.]

Comment: Isn’t that what Alex Jones of and former Assistant Secretary to the Treasury and father of Reagonomics Paul Craig Roberts have said for some years now?  Some have characterized the U.S. as an inverted totalitarian state.  Democrats and Republicans work for the pathocrats. 

In general, this new class is in the position to purge its leaders should their behavior jeopardize the existence of such a system. This could occur particularly if the leadership wished to go too far in compromising with the society of normal people, since their qualifications make them essential for production. The latter is more a direct threat to the lower echelons of the pathocratic elite than to the leaders 

Comment: Doesn’t that explain the actions of Greenspan, Rubin, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson and a list of Washington and Wall Street minions too long to list here?  Isn’t that what Ron Paul has been talking about for several decades now?  And if Ron Paul doesn’t float your boat, hasn’t the emerging leader of Generation X age group, Max Keiser of the Keiser Report, already exposed enough of these criminals?  Who would have thought the CEO of a stodgy bank like JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon would be as well-known as Max Keiser.

Pathocracy survives thanks to the feeling of being threatened by the society of normal people, as well as by other countries wherein various forms of the system of normal man persist. For the rulers, staying on the top is therefore the classic problem of ‘to be or not to be.’

Comment: That last line, in other words, means, roll the dice and go for broke.  The victors are never tried for their crimes.   Therefore, go to war with Iran (U.S. citizens are accustomed to wars), bring Russia and China into it, watch oil soar to at least $200 per barrel during the closing of the Strait of Hormuz, resulting in a further and accelerated collapse of the U.S. economy and dollar, which is on the brink of caving in, anyway.

After the shock and awe—and boos, the dialogue, then, becomes quite predictable, especially with a U.S. media already complicit with the wishes of a corporatist State turned pathocratic and anti-Arab-Persian-Muslim (helping a foreign nation that really has a motive for stirring up war with its neighbors in the region, Israel).  The world will blame Iran (no.2 of the axis of evil) for $200 oil and a collapsing dollar.  Anyone not on the same page is branded a domestic terrorist.

It’s 9-11, part II.   But instead of a falling buildings and stock market, it’s going to be far worse, and global, including a dollar fiasco, bank holidays, TSA everywhere, severe social unrest, and a raft of further, now ‘codified’, un-Constitutional responses to the crisis, according to Gerald Celente.

Therefore, the U.S. loses all remaining credibility of every paying back its debt, instead, acting more like a CIA-installed Pinochet regime on steroids.  Internal false flag attacks from ‘extremest’, played by FBI stooges, will have U.S. citizens debating whether the other stooges at the TSA should be deployed for protection anywhere two or more individuals gather.

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