Max Keiser Takes Hit from UK Censorship of Iran

It was Black Friday last week for UK fans of Max Keiser’s On the Edge.  Iranian-based Press TV, the channel which carries On the Edge, lost its license to air programming in the United Kingdom.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Stock Alerts

The ‘official’ reasons cited by UK government’s Central Office of Information (OIC) include improper jurisdiction in which Press TV holds a license to air in the UK in addition to Press TV’s unpaid ‘ticket’ for an ‘infraction’ OIC claims Press TV made for the broadcaster’s interview with an imprisoned journalist in 2009.

Of course, the timing of the OIC decree against Press TV, as well as the hit piece  which ran soon afterward by UK’s The Register, not only wreaks of a clumsy attempt to spin a highly questionable ban of free speech, it’s an obvious ploy by The Register to spew good ol’ fashion jingoism against the Iranian government.

“Iranian government-backed broadcaster Press TV has finally got its fondest wish and lost its UK broadcast licence,” stated The Register, “but its martyrdom is self-inflicted rather than the result of any government conspiracy.”

Taking into consideration that the OIC is the sixth-largest advertiser in the UK, down from last year’s no.1 slot, The Register has no credibility to close its shameful article with, “So after tonight we’ll have to stick with China Central TV, Russia Today and Fox News for our ideologically-motivated news coverage.” [Emphasis added]

On the other hand, not all is loss in UK media.  In 2007, the UK-based The Guardian London bureau journalist Yvonne Ridley thought Press TV was a splendid idea as a means of keeping some of the radical right wing programming of Fox TV in check.

“I see it as an antidote to Fox TV that will give a different perspective to the coverage that you get from the mainstream media. It’s not shock TV, tabloid TV or propaganda promoting reactionaryism.”

Friday’s article from The Guardian about the ruling of the OIC is much more professional and balanced, and includes a quote from the outspoken George Galloway.

From Friday’s The Guardian:

George Galloway, the former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, is Press TV’s best-known UK presenter. Galloway has previously been sanctioned by Ofcom for anti-Israeli bias in one of his Press TV shows.

Galloway, who infamously performed as a cat on Celebrity Big Brother, tweeted: “Champions of liberty the British govt have now taken Press TV off Sky. “Follow us at and other platforms.”

Could Press TV have helped prevent more than a million Iraq killings in addition to the thousands of western forces lost if the truth behind the Iraq invasion was made clear to the public in 2003?  How many are unaware of a Zionist plot to expend American and British soldiers via the creation of bogeyman of ‘gooks’, ‘towelheads’ and ‘commies’?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the goal of Press TV was to counter “propaganda” by western governments, according to a 2007 The Guardian article. “Knowing the truth is the right of all human beings but the media today is the number one means used by the authorities to keep control,’ the Iranian president said. ‘We scarcely know a media that does its duty correctly. Our media should be a standard bearer of peace and stability.”

While a cleverly disguised feudalism-based United Kingdom spats with theocracy-based Iran, Max Keiser’s superlative programming becomes collateral damage in the fray.  Or, maybe, Keiser was a target of the hit as well—a two-for bonus.

In 2007, Keiser reported that CIA agent Robert Seldon Lady led a team of U.S. operatives who illegally abducted an Egyptian citizen who had been granted asylum on Italian soil, then transported him back to Egypt in a procedure the U.S. called in its usual 1984-style vernacular, extraordinary rendition.

Italian courts later found Lady guilty in absentia for the kidnapping of the Egyptian and ordered the U.S. government to return Lady to serve nine years in an Italian prison.  The U.S. government has refused to extradite Lady.

Moreover, Keiser’s well-delivered, easy-to-understand and entertaining play-by-play accounts of banker fraud and the fascist overthrow in progress of the U.S., UK and European governments don’t play well with a criminal cabal who seek to escape justice when the time for adjudication of the Bush and Obama Administration crimes finally arrives.  In fact, Keiser’s work of exposing the heinous financial crimes of the cabal since he began his show On the Edge in 2009 is no less inspiring to viewers than the yeoman’s work of Alex Jones of, among others.

Though Keiser’s programming is riddled with amusing commentary, the work he does is very serious.

According to the co-author of Reagonomics and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Paul Craig Roberts under President Ronald Reagan, the incremental fascist overthrow of the U.S. (UK and Europe) will end in some form of confrontation, either political or otherwise.

“There is probably more democracy in China than there is in the west. Revolution is the only answer … We are confronted with a curious situation,” Roberts was quoted.  “Throughout the west we think we have democracy, we hold ourselves up high, we demonize China, we talk about the mafia state of Russia, we talk about the Arabs and so on, but where is the democracy here?

“The militarism of the U.S. and Israeli states, and Wall Street and corporate greed, will now run their course. As the pen is censored and its might extinguished, I am signing off.”

The 72-year-old Roberts is now retired, leaving Ron Paul as the only bastion of freedom on the official political front in the U.S.  In the UK, the Leader of the UK Independent Party Nigel Farage serves as the ‘tip of the spear’, politically.

As broadcasters, Keiser and Jones have also picked up the baton in the continuous fight for liberty, doing their part as high-profile icons of the freedom movement, worldwide.  Keiser’s specialty centers on the financial intricacies of the crimes committed, a job he performs quite well.

Max Keiser has taken a hit by the ‘establishment’ in this latest assault on freedom of speech perpetrated by the UK government.  However, UK viewers can still watch Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert at the following Internet addresses:

Max Keiser Channel on

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