MF Global Case Exposes JP Morgan COMEX Fraud

With 19 days left in the year 2011, one would think that the famous Ann Barnhardt interview, posted Dec. 1, on the FinancialSense Newshour website was a shoo-in for the most important interview about your money this year.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

But, it appears that Jim Willie of The Hat Trick Letter takes Barnhardt’s gruesome assessment of the financial industry several steps forward in classic Jim Willie style.  Marc Faber, Jim Rogers and, even Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff and Max Keiser, don’t do quite the justice to the topic of: the tag team effort by the bankers, regulators and politicians who conspire to fleece the American people, like Jim Willie can do.

For those already familiar with Jim Willie, go right to a most fascinating interview with the man, who, prior to the Lehman collapse, was unfairly referred to as ‘Crazy Jim’ for his ‘ridiculous’ prediction for systemic financial collapse at a time when the compelling evidence for such an event could only be appreciated by those few among us steeped in all the academic disciplines of money, history and of human behavior, rolled up into one.

Jim Willie interview, click here.

For those unfamiliar ears to the Willie experience, his presentations sound no less crazy than they’ve sounded of the past.  His presentation of the facts, the events of past and present, as well as the conclusions he draws, appear ‘nutty’ to the layperson.

But no one can ever say that the man has ever been wrong about what he has for many years envisioned—and expressed in no uncertain terms, proving once again the adage: It’s not, what a man says; it’s the posture in which the man says it, that appeals to the man-on-the street.  See Milgrim Experiment.

Though Willie earned a Ph.D. in inferential statistics, he won’t wear a suit and tie or a lab coat.  You’ll have to take in the data and draw your own conclusions, because he sounds exasperated from those around him who won’t listen—even his own family members.

Jim Willie, PhD., now, presumably, lives a peaceful life in Costa Rica, where he publishes his famous Hat Trick Letter.

4 thoughts on “MF Global Case Exposes JP Morgan COMEX Fraud

  1. The few
    major MF Global controlling shareholders are obviously minor mafia dons of the
    controlling financial elite, who knows, they may even be some of the richest
    men on the planet hiding behind visible, highly paid proxies.  Of course
    the likes of Celente and thousands of others will lose money, even get wiped
    out.  As with all mafia, and especially this the strongest mafia ever,
    judges are offered huge bribes and threatened simultaneously death, torture,


    So when
    it comes the trial will play out, dragging along, a few scared scape goats
    (Usually the senior managers) will take the wrap, for the sake of their
    children’s futures.  The media, will of course play along, especially the
    Sunday Broadsheets, making it sound as if justice has been done.  MF
    Global senior management, off to rot in jail, for a thousand years.  So
    who gives a flying fuck, what about the money of the investors, oh yer we sold
    a few pieces of artwork and some houses, just enough to pay the lawyers, who
    like many high flying lawyers, take from both sides, though in the end always
    doing what financial mafia wants.  Which
    is the destruction of the Middle Classes; from low to high and all in-between,
    to become one controlled working blue collar class, in overpopulated 3rd
    World cities, Globally.

    And on
    and on the cycles go.

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