If U.S. Troops Fight WWIII, Who Fights the Coming American Civil War?

By Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul

U.S. troops available for deployment to fight a full-blown war is 1.4 million, with an additional 2.1 million, if all of NATO were to oblige.

On the other hand, if the Chinese commanded its people to deliver up every able 18-year-old male to fight a full-blown war, 6.5 million would need a uniform.  When all 18-year-old Chinese men are knocked off in first rounds of battle, another 6.5 million 19-year-old vengeful can step in, with another set of 17-year-old men coming of age at the rate of 500,000 per month.

With that back-of-the-napkin estimate of manpower available on both sides,  some group buried deeply within the true power structure out of reach of an American president must believe that the prize gained from winning a war with Iran is truly that large.

And what if a conventional ground invasion strategy turns into a nuclear one?  What prize is worth that?  With most of the Middle East and North Africa stirred into a frenzy of anti-American sentiment, how does that “snake pit” make it any easier on those wishing to control the region?

“What Washington has done, by destroying the secular governments that sat on these Islamist forces by destroying Saddam Hussein, by practically destroying Assad, by destroying Gaddafi, they’ve unleashed all of the virulent and extremist Islamist forces that are determined to throw off all forms of Western influence,” former Asst. Secretary of Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts told Infowars’ Alex Jones.

“So how can they control it now?  They can’t.  The way its was controlled was by the people we’ve overthrown.  So we’ve produced this snake pit for ourselves,” he adds.

Those behind the overthrows won’t admit they were wrong about suggesting a high-risk mission of complete control the Middle East was a good idea, according to Roberts, “so they’ll stick with the same stupid policy,” he says.

In the end, hubris “will destroy them”— the elitists.

The much-talked-about nuclear option is truly insane; a conventional war cannot be won; and the finances to pay for a WWII-like scenario aren’t there.

Living in a cave for years to escape nuclear fallout doesn’t sound like a worthwhile benefit to those behind today’s U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Fighting a conventional war necessitates the U.S. to bring back the draft, and by somehow forcing the growing percentage of ‘awaken’ men to put aside their differences with the state apparatchik to fight a national cause.  That’s highly unlikely.

Then, there is the matter of maintaining the value of the dollar while fighting an enemy that holds $2 trillion of U.S. Treasuries.

When the dollar collapses from a Chinese financial attack in the sovereign debt market, how does Washington pay for the troops?

“We have the fiscal cliff; it will be evaded, just like Congress evades the debt limit, the budget resolution,” says Roberts.  “They evade everything that’s a real problem, and they continue all of this pretense.  So in the end, there’s nothing but pretense.

“And so I think this is what brings down the empire and saves us from the police state.”

“It’s a culture and empire of delusion,” Roberts concludes.

“They’re building a wood chipper that they want to feed us into, but they’re the ones who end up going into it,” says Infowars’ Alex Jones.

“That’s right.  I think that’s a good way to put it,” says Roberts.

“They’ve taken away our civil liberties; they’ve built these interment camps; they’ve broken the Posse Comitatus law,” Roberts continues.  “So they’re preparing to use the same force and violence against American citizens that they used against the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Pakistanis, the Yemenis, the Libyans.

“So what’s happened is: persuasion and argument and convincing people is no longer the policy; it’s violence, force—force and violence.”

How much force China will tolerate is unclear.  An attack on Iran seriously jeopardizes China’s industrial machine and weapon against U.S. hegemony.  Without support of the dollar, “people abandon the stock market, the real estate market, the bond market, the currency itself, and all of sudden the dollar is no long the reserve currency and all of a sudden the United State can no longer pay for its imports [8 million barrels of oil per day, especially] . . .

“So it ends the power.  The empire crumbles overnight.  The wars stop, because there is no means of financing them. . . . and that’s when it all comes unglued.”

What Happened to the Anonymous London Trader’s Intel?

As the silver price breaks below $32, precious metals investors will soon see whether KWN’s mysterious London trader is correct, or not, about the Chinese exercising “massive accumulation” orders “on dips” below $33.

“The Chinese are doing the exact same thing in the silver market that they are doing in the gold market, massive accumulation on dips,” Anonymous told KWN’s Eric King in a Mar. 8 interview. Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

Whether the paper market holds somewhere near $33 isn’t relevant to the long-term holders of silver, it’s timing the purchases along with the elephant buyer in Beijing that has traders wondering about Anonymous.  It would, however, be nice to know that someone with access to the same internal data as JP Morgan could be indeed a blessing to the ‘good guys’ in the war to free the public from the tyranny of the banking cartel.

“The physical silver orders that were just filled have been waiting since February 16th,” Anonymous continued.  “Those orders near the $33 level were filled in huge size on Tuesday.  These long-term accumulators are buying every dip.  There were some fills at $34, but some very large orders were filled near $33.”

Below, is a chart of silver, using monthly data and Richard Russell’s favorite moving average parameters for the precious metals of 20 and 40 months.

According to the chart, silver’s 20-month MA stands at $32.71, a price consistent with expected levels of buy orders.  So, Anonymous’ intelligence appears to square with the charts.

Anonymous also pointed out in his Mar. 8 interview, as well as in previous interviews that, the Chinese have embarked on a substantial buying spree in both precious metals, gold and silver.  That, too, jibes with Leeb Capital Management’s Stephen Leeb’s contention.

Leeb, the author of Red Alert: How China’s Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life, has passionately advised silver investors to accumulate the white metal along with the Chinese, who view silver as vital to Beijing’s plans for transforming the People’s Republic into a heavy user of alternative energy in the post-Peak Oil era.

According to Leeb, the Chinese are “frantic” about stockpiling silver, as alternative energy products such as windmills and solar panels cannot be manufactured without it.  Silver is a “vital” commodity to the Chinese (and others seeking to wean off fossil fuels), according to Leeb.

There is no economically viable substitute for silver in applications that require the most efficient electrical conductivity and heat transfer properties.

Back to Anonymous, who said in the KWN Mar. 8 interview, “The Chinese are doing the exact same thing in the silver market that they are doing in the gold market, massive accumulation on dips.”

Whether the Chinese have suddenly pulled their buy orders below the $33 level (presumably to seek successful buy orders at lower prices), or not, Anonymous puts the silver trade into prospective for the long-term investor.

“As long as we stay under $34, there is going to be constant accumulation,”  Anonymous continued.  “What does it matter if you buy silver at $32 or $38, when it is going to go multiples higher from these levels?  The Chinese know this and that is why they are accumulating in size.”

Leeb agreed, and stated in a Jan. 31 interview on KWN, “I think the outlook for silver, both as an industrial metal and certainly as a monetary metal, is as bright as it can possibly be.  I’m sticking with my target of at least $100.  But I tell you, Eric, it will happen this year.  We are definitely headed for triple-digit silver in the not-too-distant future.”

Both Anonymous and Leeb recommend buying silver, monthly, weekly, or anytime cash becomes available.  But the point is: keep buying on significant pullbacks. Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts