MF Global Case Exposes JP Morgan COMEX Fraud

With 19 days left in the year 2011, one would think that the famous Ann Barnhardt interview, posted Dec. 1, on the FinancialSense Newshour website was a shoo-in for the most important interview about your money this year.  Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

But, it appears that Jim Willie of The Hat Trick Letter takes Barnhardt’s gruesome assessment of the financial industry several steps forward in classic Jim Willie style.  Marc Faber, Jim Rogers and, even Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff and Max Keiser, don’t do quite the justice to the topic of: the tag team effort by the bankers, regulators and politicians who conspire to fleece the American people, like Jim Willie can do.

For those already familiar with Jim Willie, go right to a most fascinating interview with the man, who, prior to the Lehman collapse, was unfairly referred to as ‘Crazy Jim’ for his ‘ridiculous’ prediction for systemic financial collapse at a time when the compelling evidence for such an event could only be appreciated by those few among us steeped in all the academic disciplines of money, history and of human behavior, rolled up into one.

Jim Willie interview, click here.

For those unfamiliar ears to the Willie experience, his presentations sound no less crazy than they’ve sounded of the past.  His presentation of the facts, the events of past and present, as well as the conclusions he draws, appear ‘nutty’ to the layperson.

But no one can ever say that the man has ever been wrong about what he has for many years envisioned—and expressed in no uncertain terms, proving once again the adage: It’s not, what a man says; it’s the posture in which the man says it, that appeals to the man-on-the street.  See Milgrim Experiment.

Though Willie earned a Ph.D. in inferential statistics, he won’t wear a suit and tie or a lab coat.  You’ll have to take in the data and draw your own conclusions, because he sounds exasperated from those around him who won’t listen—even his own family members.

Jim Willie, PhD., now, presumably, lives a peaceful life in Costa Rica, where he publishes his famous Hat Trick Letter.

Jim Rogers, “You Should Own Silver”

Fence sitters of the silver market are forewarned: buy more silver.   That advice, according to Jim Rogers of Rogers Holdings, is the heads-you-win-tails-you-win investment proposition in the years ahead.

In a Nov. 23 CNBC interview, Rogers has little doubt of more central bank intervention planned in the wake of a global economic slowdown, but if he’s off the mark, silver (and commodities, generally) investors will win anyway, as Asia’s production-export model gears to supply what the world needs—including lots of existing and new products containing silver. Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

“I’m long commodities and currencies, because if the world gets better, the shortages in commodities will make sure I make money,” the 69-year-old Rogers told CNBC.  “If the world economy doesn’t get better, I’d rather own commodities because they’re [central banks] going to print money.”

It’s interesting to note that of all commodities investors of which investors can buy, Rogers singles out the ‘commodities’ silver and rice, with the latter, a staple of the Asian diet, and the former, a critical metal used in the manufacturing of alternative energy products—a sector, in which, China has taken an enormous interest and investment due to long-term strategic reasons, according to researcher and author of Red Alert: How China’s Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life, Dr. Steven Leeb.

Leeb points out in his book that China has invested more $500 billion per year in windmills, solar and other forms of clean energy, not because Beijing is necessarily concerned about the environment as a principal objective use of its $3 trillion reserves, but because it seeks to ween the Peoples Republic off rapidly rising fossil fuels prices while at the same time reducing the odds of a military confrontation with the West over remaining accessible global oil reserves.

“I mean, once the Chinese build out their solar energy, and they haven’t up to this point, but they will, they’ll start accumulating silver,” Leeb said in a September interview with Goldseek Radio. “In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised right now if they weren’t accumulating a lot of silver.”

“And my prediction is that silver will go high enough, and if we recognize it’s so critical, that the government may even ban public ownership of it, like the government banned public ownership of gold during the Depression,” Leeb continued.  “I think, well, silver over $100 per ounce—I almost think it’s inevitable, that silver hits three digits to be honest with you.”

Apparently, agreeing wholeheartedly with the Leeb thesis about the future value of silver as a vital metal to alternative energies, Rogers said at a RBS conference on Nov. 22 that he expects wind and solar to be among the leading forms of alternative energy in the 21st century and recommends investing in the sector for its long-term potential.

Given the assumption of China’s planned strategic initiatives in the area of alternative energies, the demand for silver to achieve a China-wide roll out of alternative energy is projected to surpass available silver mine production by as late as 2020, according to Leeb.  Rogers sees a similar potential of China’s demand for critical metals.

“I am very optimistic about energy sources, yes wind power, solar power and all alternative energy sources have a good future.” Rogers told the RBS conference attendees.  “ . . . the politicians love wind power, they love solar power for many reasons so they would subsidize it.”

And if the global economy takes a turn for the worse, which Rogers said, recently, is inevitable in 2012, central banks will print money to prevent a collapse of the global financial system—a system much too leveraged to weather another slowdown so soon following the Lehman crisis.

In that case, silver’s role as hard money could get another big boost, as previous so-called QEs from the Fed, and now from a Draghi-led ECB, may cause another flee out of paper currencies and into the tiny market of the white monetary metal.

“Throughout history, when things have gone wrong, they print money…when they print money, you should own silver, you should own rice, you should own real assets,” Rogers said, noting previously in the interview that the collapse in MF Global has created some forced selling in all commodities and precious metals.

While the MF Global liquidation plays itself out, how much lower silver and gold will continue to drop in prices is unclear, according to Rogers, but he will be ready with his checkbook if the metals fall further from here.  He said the liquidations of gold and silver contracts provide an opportunity for accumulators of the metals to catch better prices.

Roger concluded, “Gold could go down a fair bit more…but I’m certainly going to buy more gold if it goes down and silver.”


Gerald Celente: Run, “Entire System is Collapsing”

Many have long predicted a time to run for cover would come, but the notion that the reason for selling your paper assets to move into plain ol’ cash, or better yet, physical gold and silver, would be triggered by a fear of becoming victim of fraud by the U.S. government is beyond newsworthy; it’s perverse.

The theft of Gerald Celente’s “six figures” futures account in the wake of the MF Global collapse has gone viral on the web within the financial community—and for very good reason, too.  The Trends Research Institute founder and director Gerald Celente, a big advocate of gold, told King World News it is now definitely the time to close your futures accounts.  Your money isn’t safe.  Under the smiling facade of Uncle Sam, this psychopath has gone off the rails, ‘Bernie Maddoff’ style. Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts

With plenty of cash in his account and the December delivery month approaching, Celente was less than 60 days from taking physical possession of two contracts worth of gold bullion when he got the news of the swindle.

“And I get this call that I have a margin call and I said, ‘What, are you out of your mind?” Celente told King World News.  “I have enough money to take possession.’  (A voice on the other end of the line said) ‘Well you don’t anymore, they’ve decided to put the money with a Trustee.’ They closed out a couple of my positions because I refused to send more money.”

More than two weeks later, with no resolution, no communication and no respect for a man whose only crime is that he’s not ‘connected’, Celente feels the complete impact of what he has warned of for some time now—a U.S. government gone completely rogue.

And it’s unlikely Jon Corzine will be punished for damaging innocent victims such as Celente and the reported 33,000 other account holders of MF Global.  In fact, Corzine is rumored to be the replacement for another Washington/Fed crime syndicate member, Tim Geithner, at Treasury.

Anyone following Celente knows that he has been totally aware of the criminal takeover of the United States.  Surely, the theft of his account has reignited his belief—in spades!—that some form of tyrannical cabal has seeped in through the years which reeks of tyranny.

Just as reports of Cambodians laughing at those warning of Cambodia’s Pol Pot takeover during the Khmer Rouge regime, Americans still remain divided between the ‘rational’ thinkers and the so-called ‘tin-foil hat’ crazies to whom insult has added to the psychological injury they suffer from knowing.

“What I’ve been warning everybody about, and I’ve been playing it safe, I had a contract to take delivery (of gold),” Celente, the 33-year veteran of the futures markets explained.  “You can’t trust anybody and the entire system is collapsing.  What’s the takeaway from this?  It’s to make sure you have every penny in your pocket.”

What the people of Chile, Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, along with a long list of other nations touched by tyranny has no doubt come to the U.S.—high tech style, and we’ve only just begun, too.  Celente’s case may be looked back at as a time of the good ol’ days.

Oh, it could never happen in the US, many say.  But imagine if we could pit the wits of a typical circa 1935 German against a typical American of today, we may be able to reassess this ‘tin-foil-hat’ proposition offered here in a better and fuller context, keeping in mind, too, that denial is a very strong defense mechanism of the human psyche—giving yet another retread to the famous line, “You can’t handle the truth.”

It’s become increasing clear to anyone who cares to investigate the events leading up to the radical change of the political and social psyche of the U.S. at the point of the 9/11 attacks that the U.S. has noticeably degenerated into a society dominated by a tiny political-banking class of psychopaths.

Celente is the latest high-profile example of when push comes to shove, that is, Americans no longer really have rights if you wander too close to the syndicate.  And it’s not particularly necessary to make a formal announcement, with Army issued uniforms worn by men sporting funny mustaches.  That would be too in-your-face for a population that stores more guns than there are citizens.

How can a rational person deny when pressed for the explanations for the sudden myriad of strange happenings in Washington, the Fed, and the bankers, who loot to finance the takeover?  Would anyone go through what Celente and the other account holders of MF Global have gone through, say, 20 years ago?  Would Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan, George Bush, Dick Cheney and a raft of other syndicate criminals not stand trail or at least be indicted in year 1985?

Can you imagine Obama taking the stand during another Iran-Contra investigation, which, today, is mere child’s play compared with the criminal activity by the U.S. government today?  Nixon resigned for lying?  Can you believe it?

“I heard this guy, this Terrance Duffy and I went back and looked him up,” Celente continued.  “He was saying, ‘In the history of the CME, going back to the days of the Depression, nobody ever lost a penny.’ Well I have and so have a lot of other people.  And he also said, ‘We are the guarantors.’ Well where are you now bigmouth Duffy? ….

“Where’s my money now Terry Boy?  How about guaranteeing me my money?  How come nobody is putting these people on perp walks?  You have to be a fool to have your money in there now.  I’ll never do it again.  This whole thing is a cooked game, Eric.”

A great read on the subject of today’s insane American, which explains a lot of what has taken place since 9/11, can be found in the book, ‘Political Ponerology’, a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes—Andrew M. Lobaczewski.

Lobaczewski performs a brilliant job explaining the process of political tyranny, how and why it happens, as well as the lasting damage it creates at the individual level of society.  Have you ever wondered why approximately 10 percent of Americans are prescribed psychotropic ‘medications’?  Lobaczewski explains so much of today’s bizarre reality.  It appears that over time psychopaths rise to the top of power, make friends with other psychopaths and move on from there.

I really don’t think a psychopath such as Lloyd Blankfein understood how revealing his line to Congress earlier this year was, when he said, “I’m doing God’s work.”

In his book, Political Ponerology, on page 98, Lobaczewski writes:

One of the most disturbing things about psychopaths that normal people must deal with is the fact that they very early learn how their personalities can have traumatizing effects on the personalities of those normal people, and how to take advantage of this root of terror for purposes of reaching their goals. This dichotomy of worlds is permanent and does not disappear even if they succeed in realizing their youthful dream of gaining power over the society of normal people.  This strongly suggests that the separation is biologically conditioned.

In the psychopath, a dream emerges like some Utopia of a “happy” world and a social system which does not reject them or force them to submit to laws and customs whose meaning is incomprehensible to them. They dream of a world in which their simple and radical way of experiencing and perceiving reality would dominate, where they would, of course, be assured safety and prosperity.

In this Utopian dream, they imagine that those “others”, different, but also more technically skillful than they are, should be put to work to achieve this goal for the psychopaths and others of their kin.

“We”, they say, “after all, will create a new government, one of justice.”

They are prepared to fight and to suffer for the sake of such a brave new world, and also, of course, to inflict suffering upon others. Such a vision justifies killing people, whose suffering does not move them to compassion because “they” are not quite con-specific. They do not realize that they will consequently meet with opposition which can last for generations.

Subordinating a normal person to psychologically abnormal individuals has severe and deforming effects on his or her personality: it engenders trauma and neurosis. This is accomplished in a manner which generally evades conscious controls. Such a situation deprives the person of his natural rights: to practice his own mental hygiene, develop a sufficiently autonomous personality, and utilize his common sense.

Hasn’t Alex Jones warns us of this each day?  Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, has warned us.  Jim Rogers surely knows about it. Could it be one of the real reasons why he moved to Singapore?  He’s a 69-year-old commodities trader.

Marc Faber chuckles as he waits for the inevitable US collapse and the deployment of the TSA and FEMA stooges.

Peter Schiff must know about all of this.  His father, Irwin Schiff, the famous IRS protestor must have had a strong influence on Peter—and rightful so.

#OWS marches know the score, though 57 percent of Americans don’t see it yet, according to a recent CBS poll.  They will.

It’s time for Americans do whatever they can to fight these psychopaths.  It could be as small as the simple spreading of the word—not matter what is said about you.  You’re planting a seed.

Others have the capacity to do more, and they will.  If you haven’t been touched by tyranny as Gerald Celente has just been touched, you will, then you’ll really know that it’s time to put these psychopaths in cages for the sake of their protection and of ours.