Defiant Christian Radio Host Under High Tech Attack, FBI Suspected

By Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul

The man, who broke the bombshell interview about private detective Doug Hagmann’s informant’s warning that DHS was planning for “massive civil war” in America, has recently suffered several suspicious and serious technical problems disrupting the distribution of his weekday programming.

At the opening of his Friday broadcast, Rick Wiles of TruNews Radio told listeners that suddenly his staff has had to confront a series of unusual technical difficulties at his Vero Beach studio.

“A week or two ago, it was taking us . . . for an entire week . . . it was taking two to three hours to send the audio file to the satellite company, which then feeds the program to the radio station,” Wiles says.

“We contacted the Internet company; they said there was no problem.  They didn’t know what was causing it.

“We had a technician trace the Internet feed, and he got back to us and said your audio file is doing fine when it leaves your place in Vero Beach.  But the audio file is being held up outside of Washington D.C., just sitting there, not going past Washington D.C.

“Imagine that,” Wiles says facetiously.  “Maybe [it's] something I said on the radio.”

Though the tone of Wiles’ commentary of the ongoing and progressively worsening outrages perpetrated by the DHS, TSA and the Obama Administration doesn’t pack quite the punch of host Alex Jones’ scathing characterizations of the people behind the Nazi-fication of America, or Gerald Celente’s nasty uppercuts at the chins of the ‘elites’, his delivery of the latest and outrageous developments on the fed’s war on the American people nevertheless carries a stings quite well.

Referring to DHS head Janet Napolitano as “Butch Napolitano,” President Obama as “The Mack Daddy,” and “TSA goons,” Wiles doesn’t miss a trick reporting daily events related to, what he routinely says is: a Communist takeover of the United States.

Wiles insists there is a high possibility that the “Mack Daddy” will somehow manufacture a reason—an event—to usher in martial law, as Adolf Hitler once did in the early 1930s following the burning of the Reichstag.

As in the case of Alex Jones, new listeners may initially hear a Wiles rant and mistaken him for a lunatic “conspiracy theorist” until they come to realize that the 59-year old ‘Watchman’ is just a 13-year veteran broadcaster who tells it as he has come to see it, with guests and contacts ranging from former U.S. generals, a Soviet spy and a Castro revolutionary to back his analysis.

Since the May 2 broadcast with P.I Hagmann, Trunews Radio has nearly trebled an already-healthy number of loyal listeners across the globe through the World Wide Christian Radio short wave signal and Internet audio downloads.

As happens regularly to Alex Jones and staff at Infowars, Wiles senses the feds, finally, may be shifting their sights on him, too.  He expects the harassment to continue and possibly escalate.

“Well, that kind of stuff has been happening,” he says.  “I mean, passwords to our accounts have been changed without our knowledge.  There’s all kinds of stuff going on.  It’s some people messing with us.  You know, this is the light stuff now; it will get heavier later.  We know that.”