Billionaire George Soros Spikes Gold Position; Yahoo Says Gold in Bear Market

On the day GoldCore reports George Soros’ nearly quadrupled his holdings of the SPDR Gold Trust GLD in his latest SEC filing, Yahoo posts a front page article titled, Gold Tumbles Into Bear Market on Concern Greece May Leave Euro.

As the latest example of media working with Washington to bamboozle the public, the reader of the Yahoo piece won’t find an amplification of its salacious headline.  On the other hand, gold specialist firm GoldCore reports on the same day that global insider George Soros told the SEC he raised his stake in GLD, dramatically.

“Billionaire investor George Soros significantly increased his shares in the SPDR Gold Trust in the first quarter. Soros Fund Management nearly quadrupled its investment in the largest exchange-traded gold fund (GLD) to 319,550 shares – compared with 85,450 shares at the end of the fourth quarter,” stated gold market consulting firm GoldCore in an open letter to the public.

In addition to its hit-and-run article title, Yahoo slyly touches on a significant talking point of the Fed’s tactic of conditioning the uninformed investor into eschewing the only lifeboat available to most middle class investors during the global financial crisis—gold—by seducing the reader into believing that the U.S. dollar is a safe haven and that gold is merely another commodity vulnerable to terrible economic prospects.

Yahoo quotes a Fed primary dealer UBS in an interview with a primary outlet for Fed propaganda—Bloomberg Television:

“It’s a risk-off environment,” Peter Hickson, head of commodities research at UBS AG, said in a Bloomberg Television interview. “People are concerned about liquidity and they’re going to take security in the U.S. dollar.”

Former George Soros partner of the famed Quantum Fund, Jim Rogers, has repeated stated that the knee-jerk reaction by institutions and amateur investors to run to the dollar during this particular and protracted crisis is “the wrong thing to do”, as running away from the euro into another “flawed currency”, the dollar, will turn out to be financial suicide when the trade is over.  Rogers is staunch gold bull.

But speculators will take the trade for a short-term profit, according to Rogers, while long-term investors should view the quirk of madness in the gold market as an opportunity to buy gold at lower prices.  The Chinese and other Asian investors certainly have been, scaling into gold all the way down during the correction in the yellow metal.

“Right now, the gold market is in the middle of a battle between the paper traders and the holders of physical metal,” Goldmoney’s James Turk told King World News (KWN), Tuesday.  “We are seeing huge Chinese import stats for physical gold and robust demand elsewhere for physical metal.”

But Yahoo won’t lead with a headline about massive Chinese buying of gold or that gold futures (and silver futures) have slipped once again into backwardation, a market condition which implies heavy physical buying of the metal as the virtual paper market sells off.

“Do not listen to the propaganda and the mainstream media, and do not be spooked by market action because the manipulative activity in the markets right now is so extreme that the market prices are telling nothing about reality,” Sprott Asset Management’s Chief Investment Strategist John Embry told KWN on the same day as the Turk interview.

“I think it’s important at this time that people who’ve been around a long time and have a pretty good grasp of what’s unfolding should express their views to the public, just to counteract the propaganda that they’re receiving from mainstream media.  It’s tough enough without being lied to all the time,” he added.

With more than four decades of working the markets under his belt, Embry closes the KWN interview by advising nervous gold investors to “stick with your positions and you’ll be fine” in the end.  Stop reading comments by media and financial institution surrogates of the Fed, and stay the course.