Today’s Silver Price Critical, says James Turk

With silver hanging ruggedly firm above the $40 battlefield, the naked silver short cartel could completely lose control this time, James Turk told King World News  (KWN).  But today is a critical day, as the cartel typically throws everything they’ve got at the paper market before the August options expiration of July 26.

The result of that expected struggle will be telling, he said.

“The fact that we are breaking through $40 [for silver], which has provided overhead resistance for so long, is a clear sign that the shorts are losing control,” Turk told Eric King of KWN.  “The upper hand is shifting to the buyers of physical silver.”

Coincidentally, signs of another break from the correlated moves up and down in the Dow and the precious metals market are evident in the Dow-to-gold ratio, which has been teetering on collapsing below the 7.8 mark this week.  If broken, as it was in the panic month of March 2009, the precious metals could attract buyers of the metals this time around and trigger another short squeeze, especially in the razor-thin silver market.  In 2009, the rush to liquidity took the gold price down.  Today, the problem in the global financial system is solvency—not liquidity.

“My near-term target is still something in the mid $40s, but if gold starts moving higher, as I expect, silver will be testing that $50 level by next month,” said Turk, who has warned of that scenario nearing reality all year.  “That is going to spoil the summer vacations of many of the silver shorts who will be left shocked and in disbelief as they buy hand over fist to limit their losses.”

Several bullion experts have expressed disbelief that the Commitment of Traders report (COT) indicates subdued bullish sentiment in silver under the circumstances in Europe and the U.S.  It appears that possibly the large speculators (specs) have mistaken the summer of 2011 as any other summer of the past 29 years, according to Turk, and may not fully appreciate why this summer could be one for the record books.

“I’m surprised by all of the bearish sentiment, particularly in view of the fact that both metals look ready to rocket higher,” Turk continued in the interview.  “The summer is just getting started and this is already looking more and more like the summer of 1982 when gold was up 50% in three and a half months.”

The continuing crisis in Europe and renewed weakness in the U.S. dollar against the commodities producing nations of Australia and Canada, as well as the record print against the Swiss franc, could indicate the dollar’s morphing status from safe haven to one of just another currency in line for trouble after the euro and sterling.  With the euro under threat of unraveling, the dollar, remarkably, still trades at near 1.44 against the dollar, or only $0.16 off its all-time high before the crisis began.  At this time last year, the dollar traded at near parity, and has lost approximately 25% against the Swiss franc within those 12 months.

Is the Swiss franc’s strength foreshadowing the summer rally in the metals?  Today’s silver price action could give traders a clue as to the possibility of such a rally.  If the price of silver can struggle to trade above $40 amid the expected cartel onslaught, Turk could be spot on with his analysis of a breakout and test of the $50 mark.

“So tomorrow [July 26] is shaping up to be an interesting battle between the option sellers and the physical buyers,” he said.

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