“We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant

In a riveting interview on TruNews Radio, Wednesday, private investigator Doug Hagmann said high-level, reliable sources told him the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing for “massive civil war” in America.

“Folks, we’re getting ready for one massive economic collapse,” Hagmann told TruNews host Rick Wiles.

“We have problems . . . The federal government is preparing for civil uprising,” he added, “so every time you hear about troop movements, every time you hear about movements of military equipment, the militarization of the police, the buying of the ammunition, all of this is . . . they (DHS) are preparing for a massive uprising.”

Hagmann goes on to say that his sources tell him the concerns of the DHS stem from a collapse of the U.S. dollar and the hyperinflation a collapse in the value of the world’s primary reserve currency implies to a nation of 311 million Americans, who, for the significant portion of the population, is armed.

Uprisings in Greece is, indeed, a problem, but an uprising of armed Americans becomes a matter of serious national security, a point addressed in a recent report by the Pentagon and highlighted as a vulnerability and threat to the U.S. during war-game exercises at the Department of Defense last year, according to one of the DoD’s war-game participants, Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.

Through his sources, Hagmann confirmed Rickards’ ongoing thesis of a fear of a U.S. dollar collapse at the hands of the Chinese (U.S. treasury bond holders of approximately $1 trillion) and, possibly, the Russians (threatening to launch a gold-backed ruble as an attractive alternative to the U.S. dollar) in retaliation for aggressive U.S. foreign policy initiatives against China’s and Russia’s strategic allies Iran and Syria.

“The one source that we have I’ve known since 1979,” Hagmann continued.  “He started out as a patrol officer and currently he is now working for a federal agency under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security; he’s in a position to know what policies are being initiated, what policies are being planned at this point, and he’s telling us right now—look, what you’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.  We are preparing, we, meaning the government, we are preparing for a massive civil war in this country.”

“There’s no hyperbole here,” he added, echoing Trends Research Institute’s Founder Gerald Celente’s forecast of last year.  Celente expects a collapse of the U.S. dollar and riots in America some time this year.

Since Celente’s ‘Civil War’ prediction of last year, executive orders NDAA and National Defense Resources Preparedness were signed into law by President Obama, which are both politically damaging actions taken by a sitting president.

And most recently, requests made by the DHS for the procurement of 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition only fuels speculation of an upcoming tragic event expected on American soil.

These major events, as shocking to the American people as they are, have taken place during an election year.

Escalating preparatory activities by the executive branch and DHS throughout the last decade—from the Patriot Act, to countless executive orders drafted to suspend (or strip) American civil liberties  “are just the beginning” of the nightmare to come, Hagmann said.

He added, “It’s going to get so much worse toward the election, and I’m not even sure we’re going to have an election in this country.  It’s going to be that bad, and this, as well, is coming from my sources.  But one source in particular said, ‘look, you don’t understand how bad it is.’  This stuff is real; these people, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), they are ready to fight the American people.”

TruNews Wiles asked Hagmann: who does the DHS expect to fight, in particular?  Another North versus South, the Yankees against the Confederates?  Hagmann stated the situation is far worse than a struggle between any two factions within the U.S.; it’s an anticipated nationwide emergency event centered on the nation’s currency.

“What they [DHS] are expecting, and again, this is according to my sources, what they’re expecting is the un-sustainability of the American dollar,” Hagmann said.  “And we know for a fact that we can no longer service our debt.  There’s going to be a period of hyperinflation . . . the dollar will be worthless . . . The economic collapse will be so severe, people won’t be ready for this.”

Source: Full TruNews interview, May 2, 2012.

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  2. if this was true then why is the author of this story so involved with the stock market, wont stocks and penny stocks be worthless too? Why would anyone invest in the stock market if they thought there would be a civil war, get some gold or silver, morons

    •  Ever hear of selling short?
      That would give him plenty of money to buy gold at just the right time…

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  4. I find it fascinating that apparently DHS is prepared to do something that even the Russian military refused to do… and that is fire on their fellow citizens.  What scum of the Earth has been dredged up to staff this organization from Hell?

    • Protecting ill gotten gains looks to be a full time job, according to the crowd today at the water cooler.

      • Those in power have only one objective… Consolidate and protect power…

      • I have a friend, who shall go unnamed and you can’t go digging around my FB to find a conversation we had about this, who is in the army and he said to me that if his orders were to shoot fellow citizens, he’d do it. On top of the gang players you have their cronies who are apparently composed of very loose moral fiber.

    • Rifles aimed at the people can be easily turned around and pointed at TPTB

    • What time period are you referring to? Because the Russians killed their own people every day in WW2, and those people were citizens, and conscripted at that. They may not have gone around killing non-military citizens but they certainly fired on plenty of their own people, and killed more of their own people than Hitler killed.

    • Non-Christians are to be the new military.  The Christians are being driven out.

    •  Ed,
      What do you mean that the Russians refused to fire on their own people? You never heard of the Russian Revolution? All of the armies in that confrontation pillaged and murdered their own.

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  6. If you want to take America back, the first thing you must do is to get rid of the jooz who have taken over the media, finance and political machinery! If you look closely, jooz are behind most of the trends to destroy the country. Illegal immigration, gay rights and the continued assault on the family, etc… There is a reason jooz are the most hated group in the history of the planet!

    •  They are called communists, black panthers, muslim brotherhood, the Chicago thugs, unions, social organizers…  Not the joozs [Jews]… 
      For Gods sake man, spell it like a man….

      • They are not real Jews. They are Ashkenazi from Georga that converted. They are from Noahs other son, Japeth. Not all are bad, but the bad ones have a personal relationship with Lucifer (light bearer) and are Illuminati. They want you dead. They see this as their planet. You are a slave to them, and they want all your belonging and you to cease to exist.

        Now dont be argueing amongst your selves. There are 300 million Americans and 450 million hollow point rounds. Plenty to go around. One for each of you between ther eyes, and maybe a second if you need one. You dont have to go anywhere, they will come right to your home and service you there. Have a nice death!

      • Thank you, JB, you’re right. Also, people with Jewish surnames make
        up one third of those who have received the Nobel prize for achievements
        in various fields in spite of being just a small minority of Americans.  
        As Dr. Walter E. Williams said: “Do you think they hid the books
        from the rest of us ?”  Beware of envy; it is more widespread than you

    • The non-Jewish Khazarian Zionists, illumiNazi banksters are responsible for instituting all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto in America and most of the so-called free world. They ran Hitler’s concentration camps and were the first to practice water fluoridation (rat poisoning) to pacify the prisoners.  They started all our wars with lies to fund, supply and prey on all involved.  They see us as rats.  They’ve covertly divided, fraudulently indebted, sickened and diseased, confused, unemployed, empoverished, dumbed-down and  disenfranchised and dilluded Us in their multi-generational covert War on the Mind of Mankind.  And, they fully intend to kill 90% of us and then openly enslave Our survivors in their new world order nightmare.  They are Humanity’s only real threat and Mankind’s only true (declared) enemy.  Without these few predators, life on Earth would be a virtual paradise.

      • @StopDemockery… nice to see someone actually knows who the enemy really is! They have infiltrated and control all our major power centers… including DHS. Their own motto “By deception thou shalt do war” sums it up nicely.

      • Ya! That’s it in a nutshell! You forgot to mention the bankers and centralized banking though…But really PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE F*CK UP! WE THE PEOPLE…WE ARE ONE! Now quit fighting amongst eachother like a bunch of immature dumbasses…forget about race, religion, and color of skin…gay rights…who cares!? It’s the power elite that we need to worry about and resist the NWO!

      • Ya! That’s it in a nutshell! You forgot to mention the bankers and centralized banking though…But really PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE F*CK UP! WE THE PEOPLE…WE ARE ONE! Now quit fighting amongst eachother like a bunch of immature dumbasses…forget about race, religion, and color of skin…gay rights…who cares!? It’s the power elite that we need to worry about and resist the NWO!

      • Zeitgeist the documentary has gone a long way to proving Judaism and Christianity are frauds, Jesus Christ never existed and religion is a tool for the rich to control the masses. We need to cull the herd, there are only 300,000 rich people in America our army could wipe them out in two weeks, heck if we round them up and use gas chambers even faster maybe. It is absurd that 7 billion people live at the mercy of 29,000 worldwide who are only wealthy because of corruption and fraud. There are no wealthy families whose patriarchs did not steal their money and that is a fact.

      • To David Mowers:
        There are no wealthy families whose patriarchs did not steal their money and that is a fact.I have never heard heard such BS. My father opened a corner grocery store in 1938. When he got home from the war in 1946, he opened a second store. By 2000, there were 75 stores and 5,000 employees. He had retired and I – who started out bagging groceries – had become President and CEO. Both my father and I were part of the 1%. Yes, we were – and are – wealthy. But we provided 5,000 union (Teamster, UFCW) jobs in our area. Those were damn good jobs and we had two and three generations working at our company.  You are a moron.  If we were not successful (profitable), we would have still only employed 50 – not 5,000 – people. You are an idiot who wants everything handed to you and your are not willing to put your ass and your fotune on the line to be successful; you want it handed to you. You are lower than pond scum.  If you can’t create a job, then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

      • Okay, now we are talking.  The Jewish people, as we know, are basically good people.  However the Zionist Jews are following a protocol which was written a century ago.  Inherently greedy, dishonest businessmen, regulation is the only way to keep them into place but they’ve infiltrated the very institutions what can do this and deregulated themselves.

    • All jews?  Like Stop Demockery had said, it is an elite few Zionist “jooz” who are pulling the strings and dirtying up the planet.  Leave the little guys out of this.  Furthermore, gay rights aren’t butthurting anyone except the religious nutbags and the extreme conservative minded idiots.  Immigration isn’t the problem.  It all falls back on the worthless dollar.  Nevermind America, the entire world should have economic stability.  Borders are illusion.  Patriotism is blind allegiance.  If you’re a poor American why are you hating on an even poorer Mexican?  Address the real issue here.  Take it up with the “joo” bankers who’ve bankrupted the entire human population, not the less fortunate who just happened to be born on a different side of an imaginary line who are fighting even harder than “American taxpayers” to feed their kids.

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  8. You know, survivalists prepare. That doesn’t mean they are going to go out shooting people tomorrow.

    IF the dollar collapses, you and I both know there will be riots, shouldn’t the government prepare for the worst as well?

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  10.  WTH.. The government thinks they own our Country… We are just slaves that pay taxes and they are afraid the slaves might revolt…Wow…

    •  The I.R.S. is saying 86 million people are not working so one third of the country is paying no income taxes. The major corporations are cheating on their taxes and paying next to nothing, billionaires and the 1% pay virtually nothing. We now hear medicare and medicaid will no longer be funded within five years and social security fails by 2024-2034. America has been ruined by greed it is high time to march on Wall Street and start hanging investment bankers in public to let our government know real Americans are not going to be robbed by these scumbags anymore. That’s my opinion!

      • THE 1 % is the elite getting a “Gubment” paycheck. We working people have to support Marxist colleges so that the 1% will grow more government handouts for them to siphon off.

      • Of course, the IRS lies. I was dis-employed in February. I still had to pay taxes. I’m now on unemployment. Guess what? Next year, I have to pay taxes on that, too. If I get another job this year, it won’t be because of the government, that’s for sure.

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  14. you know this is only a problem because they allowed all manufacturing and other businesses to get tax breaks for taking work outside the country, causing people to be jobless and they are making it worse by not allowing people to farm and not getting off their asses and creating work here. this country used to be totally self sustaining and the assholes took that way, no wonder we are in this position. 

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  16. So they are just going to open fire on us civilians? Throw us all in prison camps? WTH

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  18. Interesting , the one item that seems to be overlooked is the purchase of “hollowpoints)  specifically outlawed by the geneva Convention on rules of warfare  ,

    •  Hollowpoints ARE NOT outlawed by the Geneva Convention. GLASS bullets, and bullets designed to MAIM without intent to kill, are outlawed. Hollowpoints are designed for mass trauma with the INTENT to kill.

      • Not just glass but better described as gas bullets described as small arms bullets containing chemical warfare payloads (example-mustard gas, cholorine gas, ect…)

      •  Geneva Conventions refer to Military applications.  Hollow Point Ammunition is prohibited for military use because of the enhanced terminal ballistics.  But then again, the current Marxist administration doesn’t respect our laws much less international law;  Eric Holder directly, and B.Obama indirectly have violated our own ITAR’s (International Trade in Arms  Regulations) by shipping guns to Mexico without State Department or Mexican Government approval.  They are both liable to U.S. prosecution and extradition to Mexico for prosecution there.  I’m all for giving them to Mexico as a gift.

    •  I believe the need to follow the Geneva convention rules is only applicable when engaged with other countries. Internal civil wars I don’t believe are covered under GC so anything goes.

    • The Geneva Convention is only “binding” for actions between nations and only by and between those nations who signed the Convention.  There are no restrictions when actions are taken against residents by thier government.  Also its ‘Dum-dum” bullets that are outlawed ie. those specifically designed to expand to maim.  The US military uses several “hollowpoint” type bullets but the bullet was not ‘designed’ to expand with the hollowpont being a result of the manufacturing process or for increased accuracy.

      • Hollowpoints just ’cause they’re made that way? Or that are not designed to expand? After 28 years in the Army I can’t say that I have ever seen a hollowpoint in the military inventory (unless it was black ops stuff..). I think you’ve bee talking to your Kimber too much…

    •  I don’t believe Geneva Convention rules apply to rebellions. Rebels are classified as “unlawful combatants”

    • Like the US government follows the Geneva Convention anymore.  They don’t even follow their own constitution.

      • It’s actually the Hague Convention, not the Geneva Convention that speaks to the use of dum-dum bullets which are designed to injure and not kill, which are interpreted to be modern day hollowpoints, which are not the same.  Modern hollowpoints are designed for maximum incapacitation compared to FMJ rounds which just go straight through a body without stopping.

    • Agreed entirely though if you look at the past 71 years, America has not formally declared war. The Geneva Convention rules apply to formal, real wars. If you conduct your war as a bullshit police action fake, Democracy-delivering/protecting, or [insert any other fabricated rationale here] war, you apparently don’t have to follow the rules. There is no conceivable defense for them to purchase hollow points on any scale, for official supposed non-evil purposes (not that shooting people isn’t somewhat evil according to the religious) – there is only the intent to destroy as horrfically and efficiently as possible.

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    • Oh wow! I am so much more likely to believe you because you are using all caps… 

      Get out a few books and educate yourself a little.  Then perhaps you will not seem so completely ignorant. 

      It’s not the immigrants, it is the Government. It has been like this for all of recorded history. Welcome to Babylon!

      • Right about the government. It’s Cloward & Piven in action use all the bad policy to cause the economy to collapse in on itself. The Planned destruction of America starring Barack Obama the fascist dictator in charge.

      • Not the  immigrants…wow.  I agree with Ciaran, they are part of the problem among other things.  America needs to repent to the God of the Holy Bible for judgment is coming , no doubt about it. 

      • Leave Blonde Fox alone.  S/He is just blonde.  Like me.   Blondes don’t really pay attention to the small things like our computers being totally stuck in caps and the whatever-virus causing it isn’t one we can figure out how to rid ourselves of.  WE are more attuned to the content of the message instead of the appearance, OK?  Lighten up.  THAT is why blondes have more fun.  Have a little fun, man!  (it may be the last fun you have!)

    • inbred fool… illegals are the ones working the really hard labor here. Get rid of them, and you have no food, no building to sleep in, and none of your cheap ass Walmart products…I’ll assume you are a white bred southern uneducated conservative christian. All Caps? You prolly just learnt how to turn on that computer right? or Are you posting from your “smart” phone? I hope you have a good one judging from how stupid you sound.

      • Assumptions and sterotypes, typical and useless.  I don’t agree with him that all of our problems are caused by ”illegals”, nor will they go away by getting rid of them, and I am a Christian. 

        I AM A CHRISTIAN.  PRAISE JESUS!!!!!   Gotta love those caps!  :D ~~

      • Judging by your insults and foul language on this page, and others, I think it is time your parents take away your computer privileges

      • Racial ALIEN – illegals TAKE a lot more than they give. The USA did fine prior to the Kosher 1965 immigration Abomination Act. 90% White and Christian. Now? CA is broke – and its’ directly related to the transformation into Mexifornia.

      •  hmmm…I work in the building industry and don’t work with directly or indirectly any illegal aliens…There are a lot of very skilled laborers from all over the world, and here in this country as well.  However, when many people can earn just as good a living by collecting welfare, why work 50 hours a week doing construction etc?

      •  Well said and I love that picture. People tend to forget that the country was founded on “immigrants” wiping out the original inhabitants. Unless you’re Native American, this isn’t your country. Your relatives came here and fought the same oppression that today’s immigrants go through. The reason you have a large illegal population is because there are too many government restrictions that would prevent a lot of current Americans from gaining citizenship. Immigrants are the hope for rebuilding this country.

      • Really..you are uninformed. I work with illegals daily and I know for a fact they are robbing us blind. I work in the welfare dept, the majority of clients are illegals and have an attitude that is absolutely unbelievable. Demanding, lying and entitled is putting it mildly. Not uncommon to have ten plus anchor babies all sucking us dry. I guarantee if they are working it is either under the table and not reporting it to us. What they may pay in taxes is fall less than what they suck from us.

      •  ”Prolly?” “learnt”?  Wuuuu . . . you are sooo smart!
        And you call others ignorant?
        You, like the useful idiots that supported Lenin’s takeover of Russia, “prolly” think you’ll be in the gravy after the 2017 Revolution — in all likelihood (as in Russia) you will be put up against the wall because tyrants do not like dissidents.

      • Agreed…. They talk about aliens when the real eliens are the whiteman. LOL!!!

      • That’s a complete fallacy.  Illegal aliens (the correct term) are part of the problem, not the complete problem, but a part of the problem.  They consume way more in resources than they produce.  The low cost of their labor does not make up for the social costs we have to pay out in terms of welfare, health care, crime, etc.

      • I thought Walmart products were from China. Mr. Wu, you appear to be bigoted and racist against Whites, Christians, Southerners and conservatives. Why so narrow minded and ignorant? Go see the world or something.

      • You should go back to your country of origin. This is America, not a place for people to take advantage of and guess what? Who do you think did all those jobs before the illegals took over? My husband is in the construction industry as a laborer, he works for himself but a laborer none the less and he is 61 years old, been doing it since he was 20 and cannot find workers on the job that can or refuse to spead english and he also gets hired to re do alot of the work that they do because after all, you get what you pay for. Inbred fool, I don’t think so, but my husbands family came here generations ago legally and you guessed it he is mexican and dislikes the illegals as much as the next person.

      • David Wu is a fu’, showin’ so much hate as all libs do these days.

      • I’ve worked
        in Wal-Mart distribution centers and there are no illegals working there. Wally
        is very careful and anal about that. I worked with the receiving paperwork and
        know for a fact that most of the merchandise comes from China and the far east.
          It is not produced by illegals in this

        products have nothing to do with illegals. I am not in favor of kicking all the
        illegals out of this country but they have nothing to do with wal mart’s
        logistical system of merchandise. The truth is still the truth.


      • Wait, really….you call some one else uneducated and then say prolly? Uhm….yeah….who sounds stupid? By the way….many illegals do work hard sure…however, I could use that free medical they have. I have been here my whole life….working my ass off. Cannot afford insurance! Why? I am diabetic (type 1) and I have Lupus…so….maybe you should get educated!

      • In 2010 the cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States was a staggering $113 billion a year — an average of $1,117 for every “native-headed” household in America — according to a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  That does not include welfare, health, Dental and the list goes on and on… 
        In 2011 the IRS Refunded 4.2 Billion dollars to Illegals and they boast that they are claiming children who live in mexico and never been to the USA!! Average of 10 children, nieces and nephews Gross income of $15,000 and they got a refund of $10,000+!!  

        The majority of us have survived without Illegals all our lives and we work, pay our taxes grow our own food and meats, and don’t sponge off the Government substidies!! So Yes Illegal Immigrants are a very burdonsome cancer to our economy!! Sources cited below!!

        Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/07/02/immigration-costs-fair-amnesty-educations-costs-reform/#ixzz1tzWXAD5R 


      • Your comment is just as dumb fellow rice head.So you mean to tell me that illegals are making cheap goods for wal-mart right here in the U.S.Go back to your comic books and computer games,while visions of kumbya dance in your head.

      • I’ll give you facts that you van verify yourself.
        The cost of deporting all illegal aliens has been estimated to be about 340 billion dollars, an amount many politicians claim makes deportation cost prohibitive. However, the cost for education, medical services, and social services costs US taxpayers $22,000 per illegal, PER YEAR. Multiply that by the 12,000,000 illegals the government will admit are in the country, not the 20,000,00 actually known to be here, and the total ANNUAL cost to taxpayers is 264 billion dollars. In addition, many hospitals nationwide have closed their doors because they did not receive payment for all the “free” medical care received by illegals. Now let’s compare.
        A one time cost of 340 billion dollars vs. an ANNUAL cost of 264 billion. Over 10 years, Congress’ favorite comparison time, the total savings to US taxpayers is over 2.3 TRILLION dollars.
        The truth is we cannot afford to NOT deport illegal aliens.
        Here’s a free English lesson for you. The words Conservative and Christian should be capitalized because each names a specific group. The word southern could be capitalized or not; as used in this context it would be author’s choice. “Prolly” should be probably. “Learnt” should be learned. Perhaps those last two were deliberate on your part to emphasize your position.
        BTW. I am a White Conservation Christian born and raised in the South. I have lived here all my life, except when I was in the US military and stationed in Viet Nam during the Viet Nam War (not Conflict). I am currently 50% disabled due to that military service. I have an MS degree from an accredited university. As far as “white bred,” you’ll have to discuss that with my parents.

      • Sorry about the TYPO. The first line should read “…facts you CAN verify yourself,” not van verify. Since the letters c and v are next to each other on the keyboard, it’s an easy mistake for an uneducated southern christian conservative white boy to make. 

      •  Why get rid of them? They would be a valuable resource as forced labor and as cattle for food since they breed like rabbits.

        It was their choice to come here illegally, they have no rights.

      •  Learnt is not a mistake, it’s the British form and perfectly correct.

      •  See response to Jean Ditz, above – this applies perfectly to you too – liberal socialist moron. What you gonna do when they come for YOU…idiot

      • The cheap Walmart stuff comes from China not illegals. Speaking of illegals impeach the illegal alien communist muslim dictator BO!

      • No, illegals do come here with their women, have babies, get on foodstamps and subsidized housing, their kids get an education, and the medical care is given to them.  But this is not the time to deal with it.  Many Mexicans are turning to Mexico now.  The cuts in education, welfare in Calif. are taking place in California.  You should see the prices of your produce go up because of it. 

    • all caps, what an ass.
      your statement….what an ass

      you have been outed…..an ass

      • That is your response, “all caps.”  Such deep thought you have shared with  us.  No facts, figures or theories, just “all caps.”  Libtards are so predictable.  

    • I know.  Here in Sanctuary City, AKA San Francisco, it is out of control.  the illegals come here because they cannot be sent back to their country of origin under any circumstances.  They claim that they can be if they commit under any criminal act, but that has not beenthe case.  the illegal from south america that killed a defenseless father and his two kids while they were in their car went un punished.  it seems that this father was out and about with his two teenage sons.  they took a wrong turn and decided to cut through an alley way to get back on track and that is when this illegal opened fire on them, killing all three of them.  later, after much deliberation- the mayor finally came out and said that the jury was right in the acquittal.  he said said that basically the traveling family had “startled” the illegal in the alley and in so doing the it resulted in the gunfire against the lost family.  read it for yourself at sfgate.com

      •  To Jean Ditz – typical liberal ignorance…you can’t dispute the facts and/or truth of the message, so you attack the messenger – “…learn to spell…” – dumbmass liberal socialists, such as yourself, are this country’s biggest problem, by far!

    • The only thing i can disagree with is, while it would create millions of jobs, with 50% on government teat, they certainly wont take them. But illegals (mexican, mid-east etc) have put a legitimate burden on taxpayer, closed down hospitals, schools & certainly INCREASED crime, afterall they are criminals and many are gang members at night & labors during the day.

      • The burden from “illegals” was illegitimate from the start. If there were no welfare state, neither corporate welfare to subsidize demand nor public welfare to dubsidize supply, there would be no illegal immigration “problem”. More subsidies and welfare means more taxes, more taxes means less money earned and available for things like food, clothing and rent. On top of that they pay us these worthless monopoly “notes” that lose their “value” over time so we can’t even save some for later. Check out the change of value of the Dollar in comparison to oil and gold since the 1920s! You still get as much oil for gold now as then, but the Dollar lost 93% of its’ purchasing power! It’s been especially bad this decade (and it will only get worse) but wages haven’t been raised significantly to counteract inflation. No wonder the government-backed corporations are making huge profits! (and are socializing the losses -see the bailouts) You see the root of the problem lies not with people wanting to work, but with a system rigged to re-distribute wealth from the bottom to the top.

      • You Americans are really something else.  It’s mind blowing to realize you are sitting at your keyboard, while your country is losing its soveriegnty, thanks to elite bankers and Wall Street financiers, and you are complaing about the goddam immigrants.  This is what is going to take your country DOWN. 

      • Lcat is who I am addressing since there was no reply listed…This may be the real cause of the altercation in this nation when all is found out about Obama and all the congress members and Soros and others who put this man in the whitehouse illegally and which will change everything he’s signed into law up to this point and all the money wasted, etc. I do know we are in a mess financially but our economy will come back with getting control of the EPA and gov. controls and regulations written by Obama’s czars, etc. We do need to stick together, pray harder than ever, call or write your representatives, vote..vote..vote..and educate your neighbors-always help someone else come up as you raise your own standard of living because it’s ignorance that will kill the most people…God bless America.

      • I was born here and I work hard for what I have. I am a political science major as well and very much involved with politics in my state. 


      Anyways… I seriously recommend for everyone to get at least 3 months supply of food and water per person for your family and loved ones. Any income after that should go towards silver or gold. Move out of major urban areas if possible. Don’t feed into the hate that the NWO is trying to create. Spread love and awareness. The People must stand united because this is our country and the government only has power because of us. Divided we are conquered. Vote for Ron Paul but also strive to be the change that you hope to see in the future. Peace.

      •  In all reality, the “silver and gold” thing won’t work in the short term, meaning 3 to 5 years of an emergency. It will be all too easy… set up a person selling food, medical supplies, whatever… they offer to sell you at a better deal for gold or silver, you bite at the deal… BLAM!! You’ve been caught by a government agent with a bunch of other “hoarders” and sent to re-education slave camps.
        Out of urban areas? That’s where many people will be, and will be allowed to continue as they are, as opposed to paramilitaries searching rural areas for “militants,” revenue avoiders, and pillaging those who aren’t… all while manning roadblocks and “guarding” bridges. It’s easier to “eliminate” rural populations than urban ones, fewer witnesses, smaller crowds. At least if we take a note from Soviet and Nazi atrocities during WW2.

      • Yelling, are you serious, from such an important subject, and all you can do it complain about BIG letters?  Grow up!  You need to develop more tolerance.  For cripe sakes its only Capital letters. 

      • HOH?   (sigh) Blonde has a point.  Yeah. Illegals are a bane to us, but they’re gold to the Barry Slick administration.  Malleable people who don’t care one whit for their “American Rights”- they dont even know what those rights are for REAL Americans.  These are also people who likely are very willing to grab up a gun and go hunting for US citizen farmers, locals, and ruralites, and oh!  Maybe Barry Slick will say they can live on the land (on loan) that they clear of “dissidents”, a gift from the USG.   Stopping the illegal flow will never happen.  “Hoarding” according to one of Obama’s new ‘updated’ laws from the past, will be confiscated and used to feed their UN troops – feed the people from other countries who hate us.  Actually, anything the gov wants of yours is now confiscatable.(word?)   So, make sure you get redundant invisibly.  Make sure you have the ability to get invisible, should you need to. 

      •  I suggest to everyone, canned goods, canned meat, ammo, guns, powder, primers, and know how to use the tools.  There are a lot of us ex military here and many more that are coming home every day.  Stock up on fuel so you can run your generator for 3 months.  Just run it long enough to get water and make sure you can heat that water to boiling point.  Learn how to do this because if you come to the folks in the country and try to take what we have you will die. Guaranteed.  I have 2 freezers full of food and many jars of canned meat.  It is not if it is coming but WHEN !!

      • Sorry….you need to read obama’s new law….Under Martial Law, that alll will be taken from you as well as guns ammo, extra fuel and anything else they can use to hold off those who didn’t prepare. Why do you think FEMA has the biggest budget?  They can easily support the DHS just as support units keep the front line military troops supplied.

      • Maybe more are going than coming… But don’t bet on the Washington Post IF you have any sense .   I don’t think the 12 -20 Million that are here are leaving all at once.  The Emergency Rooms can’t turn them down, driving some hospitals out of business and making healthcare skyrocket.  Key Word ILLEGAL. Almost all Big cities are Sancturary and that is ridiculous !!

      • If more are leaving, that is a good start.  Maybe you read how the illegals are getting child credit payments from the IRS using a TIN number because they can’t have an SS number that is totally fraudulent and costs billions of dollars annually.  Two guys claimed 29 kids between them that did not live here and got a check for over $20K.  Google it if you have doubts.

      • Why do people believe the lies put in the media. I live in Az and we still find drophouse after drop house here filled with incoming illegals. Along with that while Az lost many illegals because of 1070 the bulk of them do not return to their real countries…they headed east where they can continue to collect benefits!

    • Obama doesn’t want to get rid of the illegals.   Obama is and always has been a detriment to this country……and NO ONE EVER STOPPED HIM BY DOING ANYTHING!

      • Obama is the illegal squatter in the WH. Sheriff Joe is going to expose him and he will crawl away dragging Holder and Naps with him!

    •  I use to be seriously outspoken about illegals….
      but it is our gov’t officials pissing away more of our money than AnyOne and All combined…. they are the enemy… destroy them and this country and it’s people got a chance.

    • Sorry Blonde Fox…. Are you an native american Indian or a white man? Becouse you talk about aliens. The real immigrants are the white man. I live in a island of the west Indies and I can say that I’m a truly american citizen. And I’m not a white man.

    • hick. it’s the global monetary/market economic system and stateists (nation state lovers) like you ya flag humping douche bag. lemme guess… you are a “patriot” right? pfft!

    • someones panties in a wad!? If it were not for the immigrants, you would not have food on your table, because i am darn sure your not going to pick it! You moron, if you would read your history books, you would find out the native hispanics were here way before you illegals sailed across in your fancy boats and betrayed, and  killed the original natives of america. And how dare you say they brought crime, when they lived peacefully before you came. As far as taxes, they pay taxes, probably, so that you can sit on your ass and collect welfare or unemployment, courtesy of the hispanics. I Say, Get Rid of Like Minded People, And Ship Them Back! Oh, Who built the rail roads, thats right!, not you guys, we had to get the chinese to do it, you didn’t get off your ass then, you sure as hell won’t do it now! PULL YOUR PANTIES OUT BEFORE THEY GET HARD AND CHAFF YOUR ASS!

      • Actually, if it were not for the immigrants, the unemployable like felons and homeless would be happily picking the produce and they would make anywhere from 10 to 18 dollars an hour. Ever read Of Mice and Men? A slight cut in wages, and these farms would have bunkhouses and cookhouses, thereby providing food and housing for the produce workers, however illegals live 20 to 30 to a house so they just carpool and bring their own food.
        And if it weren’t for the Europeans, no Chinese would be building railroads except for maybe in China, not in America.
        Thirdly, White Europeans were here even before the Indians, thereby totally negating your assertions that hispanics, which are not native, were here first. Search engines are your friend.
        And it’s you’re, not your.

      • Not everyone is reliant upon immigrants to provide for them. They don’t cook my food, clean my house, or watch my kid. I pick my own food, from my own garden, just like my ancestors who intermarried with the Delaware Tribe. The areas they settled were never contended areas during the native uprisings during and after the French and Indian War…meaning, my ancestors were welcomed here, so don’t call me the illegal. As far as sitting on my ass courtesy of Hispanics, I work 3 jobs, am a full time father, and do the work illegals can’t and won’t do. Take your misguided bigotry and shove it up your ass. It’s not about skin color or culture…I grew up with natives, Hispanics, and blacks eating dinner at our table with us. It’s about the rule of law. We can’t support them and their children any longer. Facts are facts.
         By the way, your obvious racism is rather unbecoming of someone in your position. You and your ilk will not succeed by pissing off all those “gringos” who want to find a reasonable solution. You will shoot yourselves in the foot, if you aren”t careful. Realistically, there are at least 80 million gun owners in the USA. The hispanic population is roughly 50 million, of which approx. half are children. You’re outgunned and outnumbered, and not all whites are stupid idiots who can’t survive. I’ve never met a Hispanic that can hit the bullseye, including my Puerto Rican step grandfather. Don’t start a war you can’t win. Peace is a much better option, but we Americans (of every race and creed) will defend ourselves if needed. Keep that in mind next time you start ranting and raving about getting rid of whites.

      •  Need to work on your reading comprehension, the OP was discussing ILLEGAL immigrants, not legal ones.

        Illegal ones need to be eradicated. They are criminals. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • to ken, you say you were invited, that the land your ancestors settled wasn’t used, native americans were not settled but moved around and used all of america, they were assasinated by genocide, I don’t think your ancestors were “welcome”

      • Finally someone with a brain on this good forsaken website, talk about a snake pit and these conservatives have the balls to call liberals haters – just look at the marksman who has no clue about the teachings of God or his son. I am out of here the conservative hate and lie machine is why I fled the republican party that and the likes of Rove and Cheney the biggest criminals in the country, who have conned the idiots on here.


    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Good post. Right on the money. We lso don’t need thir illegal votes. I don’t cre who comes here. Just come legal, obey our laws, become real citizens, speak english. If you want Sharia Law, stay where you re, we have a constitution and our own laws.

    •  You are an idiot, that is exactly what they want you to think and say. They want you to blame some poor people that came here, just hop and skipped over a river. You so called blond out of a bottle came over a huge ocean to get here. You are the reason we are screwed in this country. Those so called illegals are working because your lazy ass is on welfare and you don’t like to get your hands dirty. That they don’t have documentation doesn’t make them any less human. You dam fool! If you don’t have any thing nice to say to people you should shut your filthy mouth. If you want someone to blame. Put blame where it belongs. On the corporations the politicians and the banksters and those in high positions who just so happened to mostly be of Caucasian heritage. People like you are useful idiots that are always used by the intelligentsia in our nation that wields it’s power stick all over the place. Don’t be a bigot hillbilly know nothing open your dam eyes you fool.

    • Illegal aliens are the people who are picking the fruits and vegetables.  do you want them to rot on the tree?  Are you willing to pay 50 dollars for an apple?  Rather than kick them all out, the solution would be to create a way for them to do the labor that is back breaking, in 100 degree weather, for about 20.00 a day via a system that montors them. 

      •  Try getting your facts straight!  Most of the farm workers come here under a VISA program that admits them.  Illegals are taking construction jobs and other similar jobs and taking them away from AMERICANS that ARE WILLING to work for $10 to $15 an hour.  So before you go running off at the mouth make sure your facts line up with reality!!

    •  yeah why don’t all the illegal immigrants go home and leave america to the natives, apart from the fact that illegal immigrants help keep the economy in shape and pay taxes despite not getting benefits, you haven’t got a clue to the reality blonde fox, stop creating hate

    •  Here goes the typical elementary school backwards mentality that thwarts progress in our country while simultaneously harming innocent Americans who are married to spouses from outside the US or family of those illegal immigrants. The immigration laws DO NOT punish illegal immigrants alone. It has gotten so awful because of rampant xenophobic idiots as BLONDE FOX!! How about pulling ALL that aid from Israel!! How about us stop going to wars EVERY 20 years? How about us stop creating so many DAMN laws creating taxes which take more of the money we Americans could spend on the economy and investment? Our foreign policy angers others outside of America, they attack us, we create new extrajudicial laws out of fear and hate and paranoia. THEN we make more enemies with collective punishment of illegal and legal immigrants or suspected and real terrorists, THEN in the process of creating these laws we make more taxes to enforce these tactics which are meant to protect and thereby styming investment and spending on the economy while simultaneously creating more enemies for us by invading countries and making MORE enemies for us and AGAIN more laws to protect us. When are we going to realize this cyclical process of ignorance is vain if not inhumane!!? FINALLY we blame immigrants! WTH!!!?? I am a pragmatist who balked and was disgusted with HR 4321′s section 4 proposed by Congressman Gutierrez of Illionois which stated all illegal immigrants that entered illegally into the US before Dec. 2009 would be given a path to citizenship. To be more accurate, I felt insulted and disgusted!! However, what you are preaching is just HATE and STUPIDITY and I swear it is destroying our country from the inside!!! This atmosphere of reckless and callous decision making based on a similar policy of Kenna’s containment and McCarthy type Red Scare of terrorism needs to be put back into control before we waste all the money that should be going to our posterity and the future of our country. We need another Declaration of Conscience as Margaret Chase Smith desired, we are in desperate need of it and exigent is the only adjective I may think of to void the massive amount we are spending on defense, wars, and reconciliating with those innocent we have harmed in our witch hunt!!   Sincerely – Collective Conscience

      • The illegal problem is serious but what is worse is the socialist/Marxist path Obama has put in place with the backing of many in Congress.
        The two Executive Orders he wrote May 1st and 2nd gives power to the U.N.  over America.  He is a traitor in office.  His goal is his father’s dream – the demise of America as we knew it.

        He is not the only president to have worked for this – Every one since Calvin Coolidge has had a part in it.  It is time we put a true American in office to lead us back to  the Republic that made America great.

        It is true the government is arming themselves with ammunition and food supplies.  You can bet they won’t care what happens to us – they don’t now.  The entitlement programs are just a tool to get votes as is the Agenda 21 and other programs to suck in those on the left.

        Use your money wisely – stock up on food and supplies.  Don’t let others know you have them.  If this breaks down robberies will increase.  Make sure your family has an emergency exit plan or plan of survival to stay where you are.  Get something solid to cover your windows and secure your doors.  It could be rougher than you can imagine especially in large cities.  Better over prepared than not.  Good luck my fellow citizens and don’t forget to pray in faith that you will receive the wisdom needed to get through this.

    •  This will be are only “CHANCE” to truly “CLEAN” the Country of “ENEMIES” !!

    •  You are an idiot to think that this is the sole problem in the dehydration and crumbling of this nation’s framework.
      Please, go look at the world objectively and look to history and philosophy to un-mesh the confusion you see before you.

      Or just become a nationalist fascist like you have made yourself out to be here for everyone to see.

    • You go blonde fox. We are right with you. Illegals go home. VIVA ARIZONA.

    •  …and add to this that illegals are filing tax returns and claiming a bunch of kids, who, get this DON’T even LIVE in this country! This was uncovered by a tax preparer in Indiana, and BILLIONS of OUR money is going to them! The IRS says they can’t do anything about it? Yeah, right…well, if that’s the case, we do the same thing and get our $10K refunds…and they’ll find a solution REAL quick to remedy this problem.

    • FAIR, is a conservative organization that seeks to end almost all immigration to the U.S. FAIR’s
      opponents in the bitter immigration debate describe the organization as
      “extremist,” though it is regularly called upon to testify before
      Groups that support immigration reform immediately
      attacked FAIR’s report and pointed out that it is the polar opposite of
      the Perryman Report, a 2008 study that found illegal immigration was
      actually a boon to the American economy. It estimated that illegal
      immigrants add $245 billion in Gross Domestic Product to the economy and
      account for 2.8 million jobs.ut FAIR’s critics said the report wrongly included American-born children of undocumented workers in its study.
      single biggest ‘expense’ it attributes to unauthorized immigrants is
      the education of their children, yet most of these children are
      native-born, U.S. citizens who will grow up to be taxpaying adults,”
      said Walter Ewing, a senior researcher at the American Immigration
      Council. “It is disingenuous to count the cost of investing in the
      education of these children, so that they will earn higher incomes and
      pay more in taxes when they are adults, as if it were nothing more than a
      cost incurred by their parents.”
      He added that “the report fails
      to account for the purchasing power of unauthorized consumers, which
      supports U.S. businesses and U.S. jobs” and that it “ignores the value
      added to the U.S. economy by unauthorized workers, particularly in the
      service sector.”
      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/07/02/immigration-costs-fair-amnesty-educations-costs-reform/#ixzz1u3X7Q9eH
      Also many forget the kids born in america are american citizens by definition like everybody else ,  this country was built up on “legal”immigration , is it really so? people from the other side of the sea came and took land under what “legal” purchase? ha , everybody seems to forget was no any kind of agreement to take this land, was a process of conquer, lies, battles, politic, religious interests, etc, and thanks to that process now called “legal”-ha,ha, ha – the most of americans born in here are called americans, -by the way America is the whole entire continent from Canada till down Argentina named in honor of Americo Bespucio who did the map of the whole continent- but actually is just by definition, after the rules were established under the crowns of other European Emperies but was totally under this governments,never actually has been right take the land of others DONT STEAL, DONT LIE, DONT KILL all that is illegal in GOD’s law but is like that how was built this country so…is not a surprise “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for
      burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe”. (King James Version) is happening. what goes around comes around.

    • As long as we act as if we really OWE the debt that has been FORCED upon us as a People by thieves who have done nothing but rob us as a nation, then I guess we deserve to have a collapse. We can PRINT our OWN money without the Federal Reserve and their THIEVES. No difference. Their money isn’t worth any more than what OUR money would be worth. Are they gonna send RUSSIA to collect? Or CHINA? Is this the scheme? To make us believe we really owe somebody something?. WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED and owe nobody nothing. NOTHING! Come and collect. We can do exactly what they killed Abraham Lincoln for. We can forget them and their NEW WORLD ORDER and PRINT OUR OWN! STOP US!  DIE TRYING SCUMBAGS. Lincoln created the GREENBACKS. That is WHY he was killed. Same reason Kennedy was. UNITE and kick them down the sewer where they crawled out of. OR BE SLAVES to a One World Govt. Easy choice. 

    • Your comment shows how totally disconnected  you are from yourself…….Your truth is what you create it to be…stop complaining and be the CHANGE you want to see.


    • We got alot bigger problems than illegals, jezz. Our governement is planning an attack on Americans I’d hope to see more intelligent comments than this

    •  lols, its a fantasy that you bigots will never stop having. 11 million are here, 11 million have had children, those are legal or perhaps in legal limbo, still, theres plenty of legal old timers as well and those have had children as well. they are not going anywhere.

      You wish to fix this issue like as if we are just dealing with a product that can be simply rounded up and disposed. The GOvt, or feds will never attempt it. Funny side note, if you know your immigration history, it was US OFFICIALS that asked local police/sherifs to look the other way for several days after the bracero program was ended/banned. Stop making it seem as if they simply cross, for a good while US corporate entities would hire guys to go to mexico to recruit. The reality is that its corporations looking after themselves. Cheap labor is like crack to them.

      IF you think they are the biggest burden on the economy it only goes to show how ignorant you are of the overall situation, reasoning out of hate only makes you look like an idiot lady.

    • Blonde Fox

      Our elected leaders, on both sides of the isle, including the President of The United States, took a oath, to up hold the constitution and protect it, and obey and enforce the laws we have, when they were sworn into office. How many are actually honoring that oath? Rhino Republicans? No. Progressive Democrats? No. The President? No. And the elected officials, both parties, that try to, are intimidated, threatened, even eliminated. This what I see. We need e-verify, for all employment, all wellfare programs, to get a drivers licence, to vote, basicly everytthing. But of course if we started doing that, one of the first to get caught woud be Obama himself. Phone social security card, phony selective service card, phony birth certificate.

      I don’t wan to shoot at another American just because he or she has a different ideas than I do. But, I will defend my family. The problem with a general up-rising and civil war, the general population has no leaders, or orginization. Hunting rifles are no match for combat weapons. I am a vet. Have been in combat many years ago. When my boys were growing up, I never bought them toy guns to play cops nd robbers, or cowboy and indians. I taught them how to shoot, track nimals, hunt, and even trap. I taught them that a weapon was a tool, just like a screwdriver, a hammer, or cresent wrench. I also tught them never to point a gun t nother human being, unless you were mentally prepared to shoot them. And then only in self defense.

      For a civil war to start, there would have to be leadership. The best way, vote out the incumbant. No matter what party. Get rid ofthe Democrats who twist the laws with flowery peeches, get rid of the Rhino Republicans. We all know who they are. Get rid of thee peopl who swore to up-hold the constitution, then don’t. Get rid of these people who will not e-verify, get rid of these people who think they are above the law. get rid of these people who are trying to imose Sharia Law on us. Deport them to a country that practices Sharia law. Get elected official who still believe in America.

  21. I think the people who will fare the best in this country if the dollar becomes worthless are the Amish. They own all their land, grow their own fruits, veggies, livestock, build their own homes…etc
    Unless the gubment decides to forcibly remove the Amish from their vast amounts of land and throw them into the fema camps.

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  23. Bottom line, our lawmakers (If you want to call them that) failed us.  They misappropriated funds, and allowed the Federal Reserve to rape our economy.  They didn’t listen to us when we were against bailouts, they provided welfare to portions of the population as if welfare was a career, allowed this massive war machine, and now they want to arm up against us.  Looks like DHS is on the wrong side.  WE THE PEOPLE are the Homeland that they should be securing.  Not corporations. 

    •  just to add a little to this Lawyers SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO WRITE LAWS

  24. According to what I just read there’s already an US against THEM mentality floating around DC. We the people against whoever works for the government……Is that what I’m reading? You have a bunch of DHS clowns planning and preparing to fight their own countrymen? Where in the hell did they come from? Kenya? That’s where the other fake American is from. Obama’s actions in the last three years and the failure and inaction of our congress has created this situation. Now we’re going to pay for millions of rounds of ammunition so our own government can shoot us……Sounds like a plan to me! 

    • The ADL is now training “american” police forces in Them against US.

    • This started LONG before Obama, sir. If you just want to talk about recent times, this started in the Bush times with thinngs like the Patriot Act – you remember that, right? Unfortunately, that wasn’t the beginning. Read Venturas “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want you to Read”.

      This shit started in the 50s and 60s, and it probably even started before then.

  25. Yes, The Re-Education Camp Manual Does Apply Domestically to U.S. Citizens

    The time for denial is over
    Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comFriday, May 4, 2012

    RELATED: Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America
    A shocking U.S. Army manual that describes how political activists in prison camps will be indoctrinated by specially assigned psychological operations officers contains numerous clear references to the fact that the policies do apply domestically to U.S. citizens.
    Despite the fact that the manual is well over 300 pages long and would take hours to read properly, within minutes of posting our story yesterday a minority of commenters were claiming that the policies outlined in the document only pertained to foreign combat operations and did not apply domestically to U.S. citizens.
    This is similar to the denial witnessed prior to the passage of the NDAA when some argued that the indefinite detention provisions did not apply to American citizens despite numerous legal analysts asserting they did and President Barack Obama himself acknowledging they did when he signed the bill.
    Click here to read the full document entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations.

    The most alarming portion of the document appears on page 56 and makes it clear that detention camps will have PSYOP teams whose responsibility will be to use “indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes,” as well as targeting “political activists” with such indoctrination programs to provide “understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.”
    Let’s make one thing clear – the manual primarily deals with enemy combatants captured and detained in foreign prison camps run by the U.S. Military. However, another thing that is just as clear from reading the manual in full is the fact that it also applies to citizens detained within the United States, whether they be DCs (displaced citizens) or “civilian internees,” in other words citizens who are detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”
    Firstly, throughout the manual there are scores of references to how the U.S. Army would work together with the DHS, ICE and FEMA (page 24) to implement the policies “within U.S. territory” as part of “civil support operations” in the aftermath of “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.” (page 38).

    “The handling of DCs (displaced citizens) is also a mission that may be performed in support of disaster relief or other emergencies within the United States or U.S. territories during civil support operations,” states page 33. Page 56 also states that it is the responsibility of the PSYOP officer to “control detainee and DC populations during emergencies.”
    “Resettlement conducted as a part of civil support operations will always be conducted in support of another lead agency (Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security)” states page 37.
    All these passages make it clear that the policies outlined on page 56 are also applicable within U.S. territory as part of “civil support operations” conducted in partnership with domestic federal agencies like the DHS and ICE. The U.S. Immigration authorities have no role in detaining prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq and neither do other U.S. agencies also listed in the document such as the Public Health Service (page 224).
    The document also contains numerous references to U.S. citizens (notably pages 13, 41). Page 13 notes how “U.S. citizens will be confined separately from detainees,” meaning they will be separated from foreign prisoners in the camps
    On page 146 of the manual, we learn how prisoners in the camps are to be identified.

    “The prisoner’s last name, first name, and middle initial are placed on the first line of a name board, and the prisoner’s social security number is placed on the second line.”
    Last time I checked, the United States Social Security Administration was not responsible for handing out social security numbers to people in Afghanistan or Iraq.
    On page 193 of the document, we learn that the policies outlined in the manual can be applied domestically. The language makes it clear that so long as the President passes an executive order to nullify Posse Comitatus, the law that forbids the military from engaging in domestic law enforcement, the policies “may be performed as domestic civil support operations.”

    The manual states, “These operations may be performed as domestic civil support operations,” and adds that “The authority to approve resettlement such operations within U.S. territories,” would require a “special exception” to The Posse Comitatus Act, which can be obtained via “the President invoking his executive authority.”
    These examples are just a handful of a plethora contained in the 326 page ‘Internment and Resettlement’ document which prove that the policies in the manual apply not only to foreign prisoners abroad, but also to American citizens within the United States.
    On top of this, we have the 2009 story about how the National Guard posted a number of job listings looking for “Internment/Resettlement Specialists” to work in “civilian internee camps” within the United States.
    The time for denial is over. People spent weeks arguing over the ‘indefinite detention’ provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act, ignoring assertions by top scholars and legal experts that the kidnapping provisions did apply to U.S. citizens.
    It appears as though cognitive dissonance is causing some people to desperately search for any way of denying the shocking truth contained in these Army documents. This is particularly prevalent amongst Democrats and liberals, whose support for the cult of Barack Obama has blinded them to the fact that his administration is passing legislation which in many cases is far more draconian than anything Bush signed into law.
    Take this comment for example from the Democratic Underground forum. Linking to our article from yesterday, a user writes, “A friend of mine just posted (as he usually does) a ridiculous article from InfoWars and it’s pissing me off to no end. I’m trying to find stuff to continuously disprove this drivel, and I’m probably wasting my time. Anyone able to help on this particular “story”?”
    The individual does not even have the inclination to look at the source document to find out if the story is true, they would rather just throw out ad hominem insults like “ridiculous” and “drivel”. Rather than being “pissed off” at the frightening language contained in the U.S. Army manual, the individual is “pissed off” at Infowars for reporting on it.
    Yes, the U.S. Army has really written a manual which details re-education camps. Yes, the manual does apply to U.S. citizens domestically. Denying these manifestly provable facts will not make the threat go away. This is not an imaginary monster under the bed.
    The time for denial is over.

    • The IDF controls the “American” military. Talmudic Je wery is doing to the USA, what they did to Russia, 100 years ago. They called themselves Bolsheviks then.

      • Then Putin must be Jewish, since he and other communist and “former” KGB are still ruling in Russia and committing the same atrocities. You’re clueless. 

      • Ricardo – pot kettle CLUELESS and ingorant. Putin may well be a Jew, or a Mamzer – but he certainly has no problems with placing Jewish gangsters in prison, or putting a leash on them, when they tried ot take over every asset Russia has. He’s an old-fashioned Czar – and he’s doing great BY Russia. Considering the DESPICABLE behavior of “American” government agencies (DHS) policies, practices – there’s no room for criticism of any other political figure.

        I was referring to the cohort of trained Marxist Jews, that invaded, and detroyed Russia, during the Talmudic Revolution, led by one Lev Bronstein aka “Trotsky”. They called themselves Bolsheviks then. They call themselves AIPAC, now.

      • Yes, our little country controls just about everything! It may look like we have our hands full with Palestinian radicals, but that (as you of course know) is just a ruse to keep you Americans giving us money.  ‘Taking candy from a baby’ is the expression that comes to mind. (Oh, and be sure not to inform your government about any of this, because we sure don’t want this gravy train to stop.) One more thing you forgot to mention – we of the Talmud were also the driving force behind your very own revolution of 1776. But why am I telling you something you already know?

        • I hope you enjoy the looting, plunder, and mayhem, while you’ve had your free ride.Even youtr top gangster Bibi know “..History won’t give [you] another chance..” When America goes – YOU go.

          Think China is going to protect your sorry keysters? You tell yourselves that you are using them – but they are already hip to you. HA! The REST of the world knows you for what you are. The Evangelicals you despise are the ONLY thing that keeps you from becoming the main course on the feast those BILLIONS of Arab Muslims, that detest you, are planning. But even those morons will turn. The clock is running down Jude. This time the Expulsion willl be global. Tick tock tick tock tick tock…

    • Absolutely! Of course it does apply to US citizens, don’t fool yourself! If it did NOT apply to US citizens, then that would allow any foriegn terrorist to obtain US citizenship and thereby making him/her immune and exempt from the “law”, right?
      I don’t hate my country or even the government, but the NWO faction is an evil, lucifer worshiping clan that has taken over our TRUE U.S.A.!

    • My roommate DLed the PDF last night and we haven’t had a chance to read through it yet. He is an army veteran and combat vet of Afghanistan and he said that the document “seemed off” but I pretty much believe it’s real.

      I’m waiting for Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura to try to interview the pieces of shit who wrote it, like they did for the bill that outlined the fusion centers and the residential centers, so that I can see and hear some officious lying shit say “We don’t know anything about that. OHHHHH that? That’s for your protection, guy.”

    • There is also a section that deals with securing American property to build facilities with rather than building from scratch.  Scary stuff.

      To those who wonder if the FM is real.. I had to log onto AKO using my Common Access Card to get access to it.  It’s real.

  26. Rome’s American Fifth Column knows what it’s doing: Divide and Conquer. They’ve been successful at it for thousands of years. 

    Never wondered that only the Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court violated settled law to appoint — the grandson of Hitler’s Knight of Malta banker, Prescott Bush; the son of JFK’s assassin who sent us to Vietnam as papal catspaw to fight Ho Chi Minh, who loved America — a homosexual who ran for office opposing gay marriage, to the White House to commit 9/11?

    Did you know the Bushes have been fronting the Vatican banker Rockefellers since they built what is now Roman Catholic Big Oil on unredressed murder and arson in 1870′s Cleveland? Five generations of treason against the People, against the Constitution.

    Our Founder pegged them:To Samuel Kercheval Monticello, January 19, 1810 SIR, — Yours of the 7th instant has been duly received, with the pamphlet inclosed, for which I return you my thanks. Nothing can be more exactly and seriously true than what is there stated; that but a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of the Jewish religion, before his principles were departed from by those who professed to be his special servants, and perverted into an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandising their oppressors in Church and State; that the purest system of morals ever before preached to man, has been adulterated and sophisticated by artificial constructions, into a mere contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves; that rational men not being able to swallow their impious heresies, in order to force them down their throats, they raise the hue and cry of infidelity, while themselves are the greatest obstacles to the advancement of the real doctrines of Jesus, and do in fact constitute the real Anti-Christ.

    Hanging Bush, Cheney, and their accomplices in the 9/11 treason, expropriating the Rockefeller Pyramid fascist plutocracy behind them, and restoring constitutional money, will free the People from “the Matrix” which has been “gaslighting” us since they assassinated Meriwether Lewis on the Natchez Trace.

    Though since their victory in the Civil War Roman Catholics do predominate in federal employment, many are good and decent Americans who will be with the People rather than follow satanic authority. We must return to our credal civil religion. There is but a single Creator, and the Army will stand with the People, by G-d and The Oath.

    • Oh SCREW OFF – it’s the bloody J E W S – not the Catholics, or “Hitler’s grandson”. DROP THE CRA POLA!!!! The Fed is the Jooo counterfieting opp. The IRS – their collectors. AIPAC and the CFR are America’s hostile, alien, White HATING Christian HATINg subversives. The Supreme Court is run by Internationalist J E W Ruthi Ginsberg – and her 2 co-ethnics Sotomayorski, and Kagan. Drop the GARBAGE. The Rothchilds CONTROL the Vatican’s financing. The World is clueing in you lunatic.

      • Ciaran,

        I thought Will’s post was extremely interesting, and, how do you KNOW, that “…it’s the  bloody J E W S – not the Catholics…”

    • To Rocky – why don’t you start looking at the name?. Look at Whosky is doing Whatsky. Blaming Catholics is absolute nonsense. Will Jewnes is doing a Typical Talmudic stunt – blaming others for the nefarious actions of his Tribe. Do Catholics run the Federal Reservesky? Is Lloyd Blanfkiend a Lutheran? 

    • Israel killed JFKennedy. He was about to return the control of the money supply to Congress, as is lawfully mandated by the US Constitution, and investigate Israel’s UN-lawful nuclear program. When will Israel be in compliance with International Nuclear Regulatory Agencies? When with they stop dropping absolutely illegal, and monstrous, Willie Pete bombs on defenseless Semitic toddlers (Palestinians – the REAL Semites)? When will Israel STOP looting and abusing the USA?


  28. I see Doug “I Have Scales On My Eyes” Hagmann is finally waking up.  Don’t like what you are seeing do you Dougy?  Your holier than though equal to Jesus Christ himself Amerika is not as pure as you thought.  lol

  29. This article sounds like a bunch of fearmongering bs.  I’m not saying that the DHS isn’t stocking ammo in preparation for an uprising, but war takes two sides.  To have faith in this article is to have faith that Americans are dumb enough to wage war on our police and our military.  If you’re at all awake and aware of the situation, you’re most inclined to know that non compliance works better than rioting.

    • It seems you’re mistakenly thinking the people are going to start this war, just because the DHS fears that the people will start this war. That isn’t the case.

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone – not sure how much that will really apply in this situation. It would probably be better for the people that the government not make the first move because that will be bad.

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  32. and do you idiots in government think your going to win, even with all your technical prowess. remember, you fools at the DHS and all the other seditionary fools, Rome in all its glory and all the proud armaments they had, lost to barbarians, get that, barbarians.  The American people will hold you all accountable for treason when the time comes and there will be no trials for you in the halls of power.   and all you military and police who take part in the murdering of your own peoples you will be treated likewise.
        you are the ones that are committing treason and sedition and you wont win out under this Gods heaven. I feel sorry for you and the way you have betrayed the people of the U.S., you have dishonored your oath and the constitution which you were supposed to uphold.  to add insult to the injury you bring in foreign mercenary troops to murder your own people,it’s unthinkable of how your evil has no bounds.
        I don’t think the people of this nation and all retired vets and police officers along with all freedom loving Americans will stand for this. If it begins, my advice to our boys in uniform, drop the weapons and walk away from your superiors and there evil orders. just say no, thats all it takes.  God will protect you no matter what happens.

  33. No wonder the world is falling apart with all these fucking moronic Comments!!

  34. I wonder how many of our fine men and women serving today, would turn on its own citizen’s?? I when I was in, we all talked about it and at least 95 us said NEVER!! We said if the govt wants us to take away rights, we would turn on our commanders giving the orders and take what military equipment we could and fight on the side of the people!!!!

    Just a thought.

    • Many will. Thee are a lot of foreign mercenaries, and a lot of absolute drugged out PSYCHOS, in the Armed Services. However – fortunately 80% of the military are Southern boys.Those dreaded “White Racist Rednecks”. THEY won’t will their own. 

    • “Yeah, and then we just toked on another doobie and we like understood the whole plan, man.  Wow, it’s brilliant.   Phhhhtt, hold that toke man”     <— sarcasm for those who don't understand it.

      You know fuckhead, you're part of the problem, you and your goddamned liberal attitudes toward weed and any other drug use.  You and your fuckhead friends should be some of the first taken out, so we wouldn't have to support your pathetic asses when the war comes.  

      • fuckhead? He and his friends should be ‘taken out’ because of his user name? Benyamin, you are the fuckhead… but you don’t deserve to be “taken out’ in the sense that you mean. Maybe taken out behind the bar for a nice beating though.

  35. The problem is, has been, and will be-the plutocracy that runs the world. Governments are merely errand boys for these people, although some of the errand boys believe themselves to be in charge.

  36. I’d be more likely to believe this if it wasn’t plastered with ads for a newsletter. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Couple things I’m not following. Is what you’re describing really a civil war? It sounds more like an uprising/ coup to me. We won’t be fighting each other, we’ll be fighting the government and monetary system as a whole. As for the immigrant bashing… This country’s main selling point is that it’s a melting pot of culture. Land of the free. Judging by the grammatical nightmares that most of these anti-immigration posts are, I’m led to believe that this is all stemming from ignorance. You live in a country that was settled by immigrants wiping out the peaceful inhabitants of the land. Seems kind of hypocritical for you to bitch that your money is going towards them.

    you sound like a complete ignorant. First of all, the USA are the ones who go
    to their countries to try to cantrol everything. I can see that you dont know
    anything about history and all the atrocities that the United States have committed. How can you
    ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS??? The united states is a country made of immigrants and it has always been like that since the beginning.

    Read some books or go you youtube and get your self educated. Hint: 
    Bowling For Columbine.

    • You are half-right. The US “Government” (and we haven’t had an AMERICAN Government since 1912) commits all kinds of horrors, all over the world. However – the USA was founded by settlers – not immigrants. Do you know the difference? Post 1965 immigrants are in the USA to grab whatever they can get their grubby hands on. We’ve turned into the world’s flophouse. They take infinitely more than they contribute.

      • Immigrants are not the problem people. The problem begins and ends over at the FED and THUGS. Reaches all the way from DC, To Rome, To London   Tel Aviv, Oslo, Brussels, Moscow, Peking and beyond. The Problem is America was sold out to Zionist Bankers in 1913. The same bunch have given us every boom, Bust, Recession, Depression, and war since 1812. Think I’m a tin hatter? Watch and learn. And the ones sitting at the very top of the pile believe they are TEN times smarter than people of other races. Being forced by your God to be Gypsies does make you pretty street smart.
        Doesn’t do much for the manners though. Human life as long is not theirs means nothing to them.  

        They also for the most part think its their job to keep setting brother against brother with holy the books.They call it Planetary Husbandry. There is nothing new in anything I’ve just said. The same family’s and their Heirs have been doing this madness every 3 to 5 thousand years for at least 20K. Rule of law for us stupid people. Law of the jungle for them.
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMqb_WrnVTc&feature=related Just in case you didn’t understand the first one. Put on some coffee, Your going to need it. And just for the record. The looming dangers we face are very real and brought to you by the very same bunch of Pukes and their OWNED lapdogs that occupy close to 65 percent of our Senate and Congressional seats on both sides of the Isle. Oh and yes the very same group are also responsible for turning our once trusted Press and TV Media into traitors and our sacred Election Process into the GONG SHOW.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv__oGW-bPE&feature=relatedI can tell you that American troops will not fire upon American’s. That said. One has to wonder just how much of our military is made up of NON American’s? Once upon a time you had to be a us citizen. I wonder why I feel that is no longer the case? Remembering the Gihadist that went whacko down in Texas last year.What many don’t know Is that the CFR has been around since at least the early 1920′s. And while we American’s paid for all those 150 plus DUMBS to be built. Five will get you Ten. Nobody reading this post has an invite when the Camel Dung hits the fan.http://armypubs.army.mil/doctrine/19_series_collection_1.html Keep your heads out of the sand people. The dollars been living on borrowed time for decade’s. Here is an idea. How about Bernanke and Associates just send every US citizen a check for 100k. Instead of millions to his banker buddy’s. That would jump start the economy. I could build and stock my own bunker for that much.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEDAE_9v4h0http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MZ9lOU0Mjk Good luck to all. 

  38. No named source…no credibility.  That ammo contract is for an entire cabinet level agency to be filled over a period of several years.  Do you know how much ammo DHS (CBP OFO, OBP, OAM, ICE, USSS, USCG, TSA, and all the associated OIG’s) use every year for quarterly qualifications, training, and operational use?  There is no story here.  

    • I do not believe hollow points are used for training purposes.

    •  Training and qualification with hollow points? Is that a common thing?

  39. Some figures released by CEPR, I.R.S., Treasury Dept., Bloomberg;

     Federal Reserve loan guarantees, loans or aid given to the rich since the recession began 16 trillion.

    Number of Americans making $505.00′s a week or LESS: 151 Million.

    Number of tax filers in 2011: 113 Million.

    Number of homeless 3 million.

    Number of people receiving government assistance: 49 Million.

    Number of homes vacant nationwide: 18 Million.

    Total number of individuals considered rich in America: 236,883.

    The American Dream is not a reality for most Americans and the idea you can get rich here is a myth.

  40. Just reading some of the comments I see that the government’s strategy of turning us against each other is working.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the poster boys for government social reverse engineering.  There are those above the DC traitors pulling the strings to create what is happening to us.  There are many more of us than them.  Their only hope of maintaining their control is keeping us at each others’ throats.  If there is an illegal alien problem then who created it?  For what purpose?  Being a sheep is voluntary, not mandatory.  Know who your enemy really is.  It may not be who you think!

    • Our true enemy if you’re talking about the race wars are the instigators.  It’s those pulling the puppet strings such as the white and black liberals.  It’s the far Left that we ought to look at and go after.  Go after the instigators, not each other.

    •  Very  good point.  Yes, it’s mostly the 0.1% who have the wealth and power in this country, and their lackeys in Congress, who are driving it into the ground, and impoverishing the middlle and working classes.  Yes, there are also racists and other types of bigots who cause problems, but they are minor in comparison. 
           Blonde Fox and others with anti-immigrant comments:  while some of what you say is true, the cost to taxpayers is small compared to what the 0.1% and their corporations get from us taxpayers:  $100s of $Billion$ in subsidies and special tax breaks every year, which contribute enormously to the national debt and bankruptcy of our government.

  41. Read all of the comments and then ask yourself if we are headed towards a civil war. It is sad to see the degeneration of our institutions, society, morals and even our manners. 

  42. Immigrants are the problem? A slippery slope. Blaming a group of people for the woes of our crumbling empire is a leap of logic many countries have made in the past. Ask post-Nazi Germany how well that ideology worked out for them.

    People don’t seem to think about the economics when it comes to these swing issues. The men and women who come here risking death and identity to work for a better life do indeed break laws. And that is of course a problem. But what about the crimes committed by those large Companies that employ them? I’m willing to bet that every person reading this is wearing some piece of clothing or using some device that was made by a company which at some point or another has been accused of crimes, illegal employment, labor infractions, tax evasion, etc.

    Apple makes Iphones in a factory that is so awful to work in, they had to install nets on the sides of the buildings to prevent workers from jumping to their deaths.

    The 1933 census, with design help and tabulation services provided by
    IBM through its German subsidiary, proved to be pivotal to the Nazis in
    their efforts to identify, isolate, and ultimately destroy the country’s
    Jewish minority.

    The point is, it’s easy to blame a group of people or one thing for our problems. But everything we use as consumers, every single technological luxury we enjoy at some point or another can be tied to the very things we see as problems and challenges to the country. 

    People complain so much about the costs of goods and services, whether it’s the hikes at the pump (meanwhile Gas is cheaper than Soda) or say the price of milk. We hem and haw about gas prices being exorbitant, complaining that it costs to much to fill our Army sized suburban vehicles while the govt actively bombs, occupies, or forms alliances with every spot in every country on Earth known to have oil. 

    Those working illegally in America create millions of dollars that subsequently gets injected into our economy. All Americans indirectly reap the rewards of the bounty of cash created by illegal immigration, whether they know it or not. (The companies using this labor know it well).

    So the next time you’re sitting in your Ikea-furnished breakfast nook reading the Sunday Times on your Ipad shaking your head in hipster dissatisfaction at the recent article about tax-payer bought American drone bombing sorties over in some exotic sounding land with your Brookstone foam slippers kicked up sipping your coffee, take a moment to pause and thing about those fresh strawberries perched on top of your cereal: think about where they came from, and, perhaps more importantly, think about the people who picked them and how much they were paid for breaking their backs at slave wages for a giant harmless sounding produce company you have no idea employs these terrible, awful parasites that you blame for all society’s ills and woes.

    The Founding Fathers were illegal immigrants that stole this land from people who here before them. And America was built and grown on slavery, the original illegal immigrants. 

    We’re all hypocrites drinking from the same blood tainted trough of greed, murder, and oppression. Wake the fuck up, people.

    PS: this book says it all in a way far more eloquent than I ever could:


  43. First of all, you belligerent morons, there’s not going to be any civil war. Whoever made this article is fucking stupid. Second, you are all ignorant fools and should actually educate yourselves before you go around spewing out this shit like you are now. 

    God damn, this is the stupidest comment section I have ever seen. 

    • & you believe what you say so much that you refuse to put your name to your statements. I fully believe that we have terribly hard times ahead of us. It happens every time to Socialist or Communist states. China has embraced Capitalism in it’s financial sector, which is why, unlike the USSR, it hasn’t collapsed , yet still Totalitarian in it’s political sector. Too much government spending that we don’t have the money to pay for. I just hope it won’t happen before the election so President Obama can’t use that to justify imposing martial law.

      • I hope so too, it is frightning these days to see what has become of our country, and as for the person who said there was no Jesus, you will be judged, and how sad for you

    • Methinks Anonymous doth protests too much. We’ll all wait with anticipation for an educated comment from you – being as we are all ignorant fools.

    • Ok, Mr. know-it-all “there’s not going to be any civil war…” DO NOT underestimate the resolve of true Patriots and their desire to FIGHT for this country. We are under attack by democrap marxists… push us too far and watch what happens. Sure hope you have food and a bunker.

    • @keep your power:Anonymous opens mouth and inserts his Marxist foot quite often on these comment boards.very accurate

  44. Why did the dhs buy 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo, when they’re not authorized to engage foreign enemies?

    •  Liberals are to lazy to fight,they expect the gov’ment to do their fighting for them.

      • This is exactly how I see it. Liberals like to spout off at the mouth, but the reality is that MOST Americans are ridiculously WEAK and would NEVER put up much of a fight. Just look around at the general public …most are fat, lazy, sick, on drugs ….poor family structures and NO idea how to defend themselves. If the fight were actually libs vs conservatives, that would be an easy one. I wish that’s al it were.

    •  Don’t forget the survival food buyout as well. 600 million mre’s I think it was?

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  46. Pathetic—how many people still think UNITED STATES is a country. Look it up, it’s very well documented that U.S. is a corporation. U.S. Bankruptcy of 1933, HJR-192, The Act of 1871………..

  47. Hollow Points? Huh? We can’t use them against Ivan on the battlefield – that’s a war crime! But it’s o.k. for our government to use them against the American people? It’s o.k. for them to disregard and violate our Constitution and the Posse Comitatus Act. I am a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army, proud of my service, and I hope I don’t have to witness the day that some political officer sh!$#*@ will violate his oath on our flag and our Constitution and carry out another MyLai, or Sand Creek, or Wounded Knee against our own people. The shame and wrath of Nuremberg may make him, or her regret they were ever born.

    •  I think when push comes to shove,the military will be on the side of the people and the constitution.Politicians are easily replaced.Remember the 60′s when commies tried to push their agenda on us?

      • Wishful thinking, your paid mercenaries will do what all mercenaries do, follow the cash. And remember the constitution says the troops will do as the commander in chief says as well as upholding the constitution but if el-presidenti says shoot before a soldier has time to get his copy of the constitution out to argue over which soldier is going to have the guts of Bradley Manning and say no? Just look at the police in NYC cracking protester’s heads while protecting the thieves on Wall Street despite those thieves having admitted to breaking the law. And they do all that for a few million in backhanders from the banks and a few bags of doughnuts,

  48. It doesn’t help one bit that the Obama administration has happily imported millions and millions of Mexicans and thousands and thousands of Muslims, who have NOT made the SLIGHTEST effort to meld into our population and become citizens, but who instead have kept to themselves, preserved their 7th century culture, and who have been caught time and again plotting or fomenting terrorist activity here in this country.  Yet, the MSM carefully avoids reporting on any of this, and derides you as belonging to the Tinfoil Hat Club if you bring this subject up.  Folks, it’s NOT Tinfoil Hat.  It’s REALITY!  It wouldn’t take much to cripple our infrastructure, either.  A couple of railroad bridges here… a highway bridge there… drop a radio tower here or there… a few well-placed rifle shots into the cockpit of an airliner taking off or landing… fly a few private planes into key buildings… a few well-placed bombs in crowds or shopping centers…. the seeds of anarchy are being sewn, and our corrupt government is not fixing the root problems.  Indeed, Obama and his gang are happily spurring OWS into committing acts of mayhem!  Mobs of Blacks are attacking Whites, and Eric Cantor sees no problem with this!  Citizens feel threatened, and the government response is to disarm just as many people as possible, using pretty-sounding excuses, but they ARE excuses!  It will probably require armed action before this is over to take back our country and regain control – but will we also have to fight down DHS?  Will they side with the American citizens, or will they side with the terrorists?  Frankly, I do NOT trust this government any further than I could throw them!  So, I sit here quietly, quietly, stockpiling food and water and ammunition, reinforcing the locks on my doors, and planning out escape routes if push comes to shove.  This is NOT the America I grew up in!  And I want that pre-1960 America BACK!

    • Most Mexicans are only moving into the areas that were taken from them by force and I don’t see many Americans in my country mixing with the locals except in bar brawls so what’s the problem doctorbob?

  49. It isn’t so hard to figure out that the gov’t considers the people to be the enemy, that’s why they have implemented all of these laws against us.  Now that they are taking up arms against US, I guess they will fulfill their own prophecy.  No matter, they will go the way of all evil; we have a right to defend ourselves. God bless and protect our families in righteousness, restore our consitution and bring to pass a nation proud to declare itself under God as a beacon to the world. 

  50. This pisses me off to no end!!   This informant letting this information out either this information is true, or another scare tactic from the Obama organization.  

    First and foremost – this good-for-nothing congressional politicans let this happen!!!!   They didn’t vet Obama….they could have impeached him long ago…they let him spend all this money we don’t have, and still is spending.  Michelle Obama is still going on the extravagant trips.  

    WTF!!!   Now they are preparing for Civil war??????!!   No S H I T!   Freaken idiots..and all should be in prison for letting this country go to hell and the endangerment of the citizens.

  51. somebody tell these idiots that the armed populace IS THE NATION!  and they’re sworn to protect them and their rights!!  Not take them over by overt military force.   Besides that, if the currency does collapse, HOW will they pay their troops and LE personnel??? And aside from all that, the government itself is driving the conditions that create these problems!!!

    •  They’d probably be paid in gold, silver, food, access to healthcare… all the things that the slaves won’t be allowed.

    • Food, etc. illegals who have enlisted in our national guard military thanks to Obama and foreign military like the Russian Terrorist Special Forces that are coming to Colorado the end of this month to be trained by our Military and other foreign Military and the Police, etc. that are training with our Military around the country.   How ever Hitler did it!   Islam’s Political Sharia Law and Jihad in the Koran just kill people off and takes their home and stuff as payment.

    • Also, the Biochip implant in military they can also do mind control with.  The U.N. Interpol takes over the World during the Trib coming soon.

  52. My two cents worth. If there is ever a civil war it won’t come from the DHS. Every branch of government has to have plans in place in case of certain civil unrest, called contingency plans. These are not inevitible, but we must understand preparedness is much better then not having plans at all. DHS must have in place valid plans and practice these once in a while even if it is just a command post leadership exercise. So stop fear mongering and understand that we have enemies foreign an d domesticate and the military and all  civilians security services must defend against them, whether you like it or not. What we need to do is get a gun, learn to use it an d vote, to gt Obama out of there and remember that a united front of well informed  voters who happen to be members of the NRA, against any domestic enemy is much more powerful than a bunch of conspiracy folks just passing on fear and causing chaos.

    •  The NRA?? Apparently you are ignorant of the NRA’s intentions. They don’t give a shit about you, or anyone else..

    •  They’ll be “practicing” their plans before the election on the domestic terrorists known as Conservatives.  Odammit KNOWS he can’t get re-elected, so I’ll be very surprised if we get to an actual election before the crap hits the fan.

  53. If Congress had just listened to RON PAUL the last 30 years or so…We would not be in this mess.

    •  The fact is,we ARE in this mess,how are we going to get out of it? Odumbo is clueless and liberals want to continue to punish all the country by re electing him,that isn’t going to work.

      •  Ovommit is anything but clueless!  This is ALL working out according to the plans that have been in place for decades.  Ovommit KNOWS he can’t be re-elected, THAT’S why he’s prepping for martial law and his new upcoming dictatorship!

  54. Anonymous opens mouth and inserts his Marxist foot quite often on these comment boards.

  55. Another verification that Liberals are spiraling into the Chasm of Doom: because Liberals (democrats & union bosses) are delusional – mentally & socially Liberals are about 100 years behind the times and moving backwards in time – they actually believe the U.S.A. is like Russia was in 1917 – a land of abused & deprived uneducated peasants living in poverty who are going to rise up against the mean & callous Czar of Russia.  The reality is that the people in the U.S.A. are prosperous, resourceful, with above average intelligence, education, and knowledge.

    The United States is a voluntarily union of 50 States, each State with its own Government, (kind of like 50 little countries), all jointly cooperating with each other for the mutual benefits earned and the result of such cooperation.

    Since they took over the main-stream-media, Liberals (democrats & union bosses) have been suffering the predictable consequences of the second law of thermodynamics which is: Any System Isolated From External Energy Decays (its entropy increases) – - – in laymen terms: Liberals only believe & talk & hear & share & ideas & information with other Liberals – which isolates them from external energy ..  so they are collapsing economically, mentally, socially, psychologically, and physically.
    Look at how dumb Liberals really are: The only people being abused & deprived who are living in extreme poverty around the world are communist subjects (people stuck living under the idiotic form of government know as communism) – - – Liberals (democrats & union bosses) are pushing with all their might to replace capitalism with communism – the very form of abuse, misery, deprivation, and poverty that they erroneously believe is the result of capitalism – anyone who thinks this is clearly very DUMB!

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  57. I don’t think illegals are a problem,most of them are christian and hard working,blacks on the other hand are a major problem,not all blacks,but the ones on the gov’ment plantation.The thug lifestyle has become mainstream in the so called “black community”,a lot of whites have become like the lowest blacks,demanding that they are entitled to thing they are not.If there’s going to be a civil war,it will be between conservatives and liberals.I predict that conservatives will reach their breaking point soon and will start fighting back against the criminal element that is destroying this country,I also predict they will win easily.I for one know what side I’ll be on.Long live America and the conservative principals on which it was founded,Long live the constitution!!!!

  58. So when this doesn’t happen can we make fun of you the same way we made fun of the guy who said the world was going to end last year? 

    •  I’m sure there were doubters before the first civil war,I’m sure there were doubters before the soviet union fell apart,I know there were doubters before hitler went on his rampage.I could go on but I won’t.You can’t stop the flow of history.

      • Yea, funny how some see it and some don’t! For years after Rome fell people born in the area still refered to themselves as Romans. Never occured to them there no longer was a Rome!

    • When it does happen , can we leave you on your own to fend for yourself . Shall we not open the door for you when you come screaming , banging on our doors to let you in? Shall we also say told you so. Lucky you most conservatives are’nt that mean and nasty.

  59. @58696b50ede6031e415a3140aade378e:disqus  = “INFERIOR”

    And we wonder why the world is the way it is.  People are blind with much hate for other people.  Need I say more?

  60. What can those ignorant dodo heads expect…they have created this crisis and now its our fault and we are to be shot at because of their screw-ups. Unintentional consequences? Like Hell . It has been planned this way. Only this time the DHS had better be prepared to have their pants shocked off .We Americans whom are ready to defend our selves are one hell of a lot more ready than they can ever dream. The DHS has declared war on the American people and the Constitution not the other way around and they have been doing it in on way or another. Obama the puppet started all of this and we will finish it. This illegal government and its unconstitutional agencies are way out of control and spending this country into oblivion and the buck is going to stop with this war the DHS has declared. if this government can’t make use of a crisis to exploit it they manufacture one. Well this is a Manufactures war by a war mongering  illegal dictatorship. I read a article  that the company made. The delivery of such amount of ammo will be based on availability of enough material to meat that order. Personally I have been stocking just such ammo for close to ten years. This ammo unless some of you here know it is meant to kill..PERIOD! The company describes this type ammo has the most deadliest known. What does that tell you. They are taking no prisoners. That works two ways. Keep you eyes open for unusual movement of military equipment…especially foreign. We have had for years had foreign troops quartered on closed military bases….Ruskies and Chinks. Pray people pray that this doesn’t happen and also prepare to be shot dead for just standing on a corner or sitting on your porch reading a paper.

  61. Look, things may get a little out of hand for a while after a bank run, EMP, or natural disaster. People would make efforts to restore as quickly as possible. Don’t underestimate the resilience of the human spirit.

    But ultimately, the biggest danger is ourselves.

    These fearmongering-type articles can not time the future or even state if this will happen. Mostly it encourages a hypervigliant and worrisome Chicken Littlew. After being on a hair trigger waiting for a few weeks,90% of folks will get bored and move on. They get more cynical and resistant to the next warning down the road.

    That is the point when the odious jackboots will move right in and set up the gulag for anti-patriotic bobos.

    •  You can bury your head in the sand all day long, but it won’t change what’s coming.  Bottom line:  The Ovommit Admin will declare martial law at the first opportunity.  If they don’t get an opportunity THEY WILL CREATE ONE!

      I’ll be REAL surprised if we make it to election day!  Odamya KNOWS he can’t get re-elected legitimately, why do you think he’s prepping for his upcoming Dictatorship??

  62. “Preparing for Civil War”-?  These people are fomenting “Civil War”.  They want war so they can bring us “Marshal Law” in order to confiscate our Firearms and bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER-!  The only thing slowing them down is that Americans are Armed to the Teeth-!  Rugars just ran out of their stock of weapons. Other manufacturers are working overtime as people are [since December] buying 5 millions weapons monthly.  People are frightened to death of their own Government-! Thanks to BO and Company.  If you have any Patriotism left in your belly, you may want to join a well organized Militia.   God love you.

    •  Please, HapHarris, it’s ‘martial law,’ as in related to military.

  63. If the DHS really is thinking there’ll be an uprising of the American people, they’re aimed at the wrong target. What could happen is massive acts of theft and vandalism by criminal elements. The law abiding armed populace will defend themselves if law enforcement is overwhelmed, and that could be misinterpreted as vigilantism by a misguided DHS. The result could lead to armed resistance from government overreaction.

    • When this currency collapse hits the USA, don’t you think that most armed organizations, which there are plenty of in the USA, because this has been anticipated for a while, especially with Obama’s and the Democrats out-of-control spending and record setting deficits each of Obama’s years as President, will go after those responsible for the collapse, and try to install a government that will rectify the destructive policies that have caused this tragic emergency?  Don’t you think Obama, Harry Reid, and even nancy Pelosi will try to hold on to their power and positions and fight back against those who want immediate change and punishment for those who have caused the crisis?  This report doesn’t even mention the tremendous amount of packaged long term stored food that the government has ordered so much of in the last two years, that has caused shortages of the same on our opened markets, and these are not the military RTEs meals for our service men and women, and know one knows where the government is storing all this long term food stuffs.  Why do you think Nancy Pelosi and Janet Napolitano has accused veterans who own guns, are devout Christians, and strong Constitutionalist, who read their Bibles daily and are against abortion, to be home grown terrorists and requested all law enforcement agencies across the USA to keep surveilance and dossiers on them?  There is truly only a 50/50 chance that there will be elctions in 2012, and that will be even less if Obama is far behind in the polls before the election.  Obama already has signed into law the NDAA, which negates the ‘Posse Comitatus Act’, and has signed an ‘Executive Order’ giving him the power to take over anything he wants in the USA, without an “Act of War’ by Congress.  What do you think is going to happen?  Prepare yourself for Martial Law, it’s probably coming, and there is nothing we can do about it, especially with the DHS now having over 600 million rounds of ammo, for they also made a second purdhase other than the origina 450 million rounds of ammo.

      • Obama and the Democrats, because of questionaires given to different active military groups, know they cannot depend on the US military to fire on  American civilian citizens, ergo the race to arm DHS and the TSA.

  64. Look people. No matter what your beliefs are… have a plan! you owe that to those who depend on yo. The time to shop for a fire extinguisher is NOT when you smell smoke! Get your shit together now. Plan A. then build a Plan B. All of your money should be going to ammo, food, water and Ammo. Oh yea…. and more Ammo!!! Keep your action dry…. I’ll see you on the beach! 

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  66. The large herd of sheep was busing enjoying the endless supply of dew covered clover… heads down and eyes on the glistening sweet stuff. Every now and again….one or two would lift a head and wonder at all of the noise and commotion taking place just beyond the fences to either side. Most shook their heads in frustration and went back to the clover that was oh so sweet and so pleaniful. The very few who wold pay close attention to the happenings going on around them would try so hard to alert the masses to the impending danger. The other sheep would laugh and call them paranoid or worse… “conspiracy nut cases” By the time it became fully obvious to the masses…. it was far to late to take action…. and they were lead to the newly constructed slaughter houses that had been being build right under their noses for so long. “Come along now! No pushing! no shoving! Come along……”

  67. There are some real nutcases and extremists on this blog.  Hard as it is sometimes, try to stay in the middle of the road and not the deep end on either side of an argument..  Everyone should have emergency food, water, fuel, weapons, ammo, energy, medical and transportation contingency plans.  Now is the time to draw alliances with your neighbors who like you have the guts to defend themselves and prepare for the worst.  Escaping to the country can actually be more dangerous than staying put in your homes since groups of armed friends and neighbors can fend off attackers.  In the country bands of lowlifes can sneak up on you and overwhelm you and since law enforcement will be non-existent, you will not have anybody to help you. Your home is usually the best place to make your stand in most circumstances just make sure you have the right guns, ammo and know when and how to use them safely. No need to freak out and panic, you just have to tighten things up a bit and be ready IF things get out of hand.

    • I guess I would fall under the nutcases or extremist category since all who have ammo, weapons, and yes food storage are now on the DHS possible terrorist watch list! Your point is well taken about staying put. It’s too late to make any kind of excape because there is no longer anywhere to go. We started getting ready back in the 70′s. Like you we now have neighbors who are all on the same page for the most part and that’s about all one can do. I wish you well in what ever comes!

  68. Just a quick question:  Can anyone out there tell me the difference between income tax and slavery??

  69. Just a quick question:  Can anyone out there tell us the difference between income tax and slavery??

    •  There is NO difference in the current tax set up.  The ONLY Constitutional Tax is the ONLY tax we don’t have – proportioned by population.

  70. Wow, by the comments here I thought for a second this was a Yahoo article…

  71. It might be too late even if Romney wins the election to stop this madness.  Really, it might even mean secession into different entities.  As extreme as that might sound, that might be what America might become.  First, I believe counties that are ideoligically different and thus a minority in their state, will break away and form states, themselves.  Enough states doing this, it will likely spread to the nation, where states will break away to form their own new nation, which as we know will be the end of the United States.

    I know many people have their heads in the sand at this moment and would likely laugh and/or become angry at even mentioning this notion, but seriously, I believe it’s not too far distant in the future.  Wake up and don’t listen to those who have their heads stuck in the sand wanting to pretend everything is rosy and nothing is going to happen and believes that life just goes on as usual.

    • I’ve been saying for years now, “its over”. We do not have a Democrat vs Republican problem. We have morphed into two nations already, a Secular Liberal Socialist vs Fiscal Conservative. They can never heal or become one nation because one side demands the other give up their core values. So Penguin I agree with you, let them take over the most Liberal states and vice versa and may the best method survive. I’ve said over and over, don’t blame Obama or his ilk for the problems, that would be like blaming a jakal for being a jakal, blame the people who put him there and keep him there! The sad part is when the violence begins it won’t take very long before civil war turns into race wars and then nothing gets accomplished. But I’d rather die on my feet than on my knees and IF my death means the end of liberalism for my offspring…..so be it! IF this once great nation had not turned it’s back on God we might have had a chance but for the life of me I don’t see it now!

  72. Im so damn proud of the majority of you guys! You are awakening. I woke up 3 years ago. This is how it happened. I used to think people that believed in all these wild theories were absolute idiots. things like 911 inside job, chemtrails etc. After about 30 years working at a steelmill, I became Environmental supervisor and discussed this chemtrail nonsence with the 75 yr old ex navy consultant who trained me. Logic told me you cant run metals through an engine because its an abraisive, but the subject still bothered me. One day the consultant said” your Environmental, you know what to do! Pull the MSDS on jet fuel”. Material Safety Data sheets. I found it I think it was JP5 or JP6. I had tears that day, streaming down my face. It was like coming home from work, and finding a used condom under my side of the bed that I didnt use. The wife and love of my life (America) was not faithful to me. After a good drunken binge, I began to revisit many national items with new eyes. I was awake!

    So now I have two things for you. Sorrow and pride. Theres more pride then sorrow dear friends!


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  75. This is horrible news, I am currently restoring a couple of antique vehicles and am broke at the moment, I was planning on finishing these as soon as I’m back on my feet. They also have major sentimental value these vehicles.
    Now it looks like I’ll have to sell them unfinished just so i can prepare for the coming rough times. What a waste. Breaks my heart. A big thank you to those responsible.

    “I have a dreamed a dream, and now that dream is gone from me…” – Morpheus, The Matrix

  76. Let’s get something straight about ILLEGAL aliens, they COST U.S. TAXPAYERS approx $113 BILLION PER YEAR for benefits, welfare, education, healthcare, SSI payments, etc.. Nationwide estimates are that over 50% are NOT working, they are collecting benefits from U.S. taxpayers.  In California, county of Los Angeles spends $1 million a month on ILLEGAL aliens, from 2009-’10 Texas spent $250 MILLION for healthcare or incarceration of ILLEGALS. California has 51 HOSPITALS that have CLOSED from expense of ILLEGALS medical costs in past 5 YEARS.  WHY are they here?  THREE reasons, “FREE” MONEY from taxpayers–redistributed wealth from U.S. citizens,  POTENTIAL PAYERS to BAIL OUT THE SOCIAL SECURITY program after citizenship, VOTES FOR POLITICIANS–they “vote” for the politician who promises the most. 

      • Your wrong. The Koreans pick your strawberries and tomatos. Further, they are here legally and not on welfare.

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  78. Illegal is ILLEGAL…..I was married to a man that came here LEGALLY!!!!!!!! My second husband came here LEGALLY>>>>>>> are you people missing it….ILLEGAL…..I am fine with immigration….as long as it is LEGALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have ancestors that came here on the Mayflower and some that are Native Americans…..JUST DO IT LEGALLY!!!!!!!!! Why is this even a debate????

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  82. As much as I seriously doubt civil war, I would most certainly welcome it so that we could effectively blow the brains out of all the stupid goddamn conservatives who continue to vote for and support politicians who enable the corporations to write the laws, steal the money, stash it all overseas, lay off the workers, eliminate the social safety net, and gamble with our pensions (and Social Security, if they have their way).  All this complaining about “spending” is nothing more than evidence that someone has been watching way too much FAUX NEWS, because if the goddamn Republicans would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, as they damn well should, the elite are rich enough as it is, we would not have the deficit problem that we have now.  Not even to mention the FAKE WAR ON TERROR that costs billions and billions of dollars every month – the military budget needs to be cut in half TODAY – there is your “spending” problem, front and center.  One of these idiots actually wrote a comment about the country returning to the “conservative roots it was founded on” – I almost wet my pants laughing.  Obviously, that commenter never ever read early American literature, or any of the founding fathers’ documents in their entire life, because the country was founded upon VERY LIBERAL prininciples.  My God, let there BE civil war, so that we can rid the nation of the plague of conservatism once and for all.

    • There’s one problem with this, sicko.  Liberals don’t have the guns in great numbers.  And they can’t shoot straight either. And as far as conservatives causing all these problems, you might want to take a second look at the Dems, who have raised taxes and crashed our financial system with their housing giveaways and other entitlement goodies over the years. They’ve managed to educate Americans to the level of useless eater retards, so that we don’t HAVE people who could do the jobs, even if we had them.

      • know how to spot a liberal in a foxhole? they are the ones with wet pants!

    • hopefully you’ll be one of the first to go! I’m sure your condescending demeanor will be sorely missed………NOT!

  83.  I can see from the purchases of massive quantities of killer hollow-point ammunition that Janet Napolitano and the breather(Pistole) have lost all sense of reality and self control when they think of all the prisoners of a massive civil war lined up so their genitals can be fondled by DHS and TSA ‘professionals’.  
      The lobopresident of course has no opinion on the matter because he has yet to see any reason to even acknowledge this huge purchase of this killer ammunition. He still can not figure out why OBL’s actual death in December of 2001 from kidney failure should interfere with OBL dying at ‘the compound’ in Pakistan two years ago. For that one, check out the scars on the back of his head. The act of lying about the OBL killing in Pakistan would require stimulation of pleasure receptors for Obama to accept the madness of it. That would explain Hillary giving the initial speech and Obama sitting huddled up on the floor staring into space while his staff faked watching a capture and murder of an innocent Pakistani man that was really happening.

  84.  ”And most recently, requests made by the DHS for the procurement of 450
    million rounds of hollow-point ammunition only fuels speculation of an
    upcoming tragic event expected on American soil.”Not to mention DHS buying bullet resistant booths–http://news.thomasnet.com/companystory/Shelters-Direct-Builds-Bullet-Resistant-Booths-for-Homeland-Security-612684

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  86. I did a protection detail two years ago and I overheard Geitner talk about possible Marital Law and by that it was Occupy Wall St. 

  87. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  88. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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  91. Race war is coming. And those white liberals; especially white females with negro children and negro husbands, should grow eyes in the back of their head.

    All those attacks against white men over the shooting of this Martin thug, by a Hispanic…..It’s only one spark away.

  92. FB is blocking front porch politics links. It seems the Oba-mney campaign isn’t winning delegates like the RNC wants.

  93. We hope that President Romney has a plan to deal with the illegals getting our money and benefits that is helping to bankrupt the nation.

    • Romney isn’t going to do anything the banksters don’t tell him to do or approve of. Just like obama, and Bush before that and Clinton before that and Bush before that. Haven’t ya’ll been keeping up?

  94. Now this sounds like fear mongering to me. There is no need to fight. The American people needs to demand the arrests of the few that think they have control of the many and there will be no civil war. The FEMA camps are ready for the elite to populate.
    -Let the FED go default.
    -Make a new asset backed dollar
    -Let the elite populate the FEMA camps
    -Forgive all debt (since all debt are bogus)
    -Start working with new techniques – work for everyone
    -Clean up the mess on the planet – work for even more
    -Release the free energy tech etc

    Freedom reigns… The land of the free is finally to bee!

    • Did you stand too close to a can of spray paint? The fumes are obviously interfering with your ability to think clearly.

  95. Bring it.  Tired of hearing everyone sing of it.  Just bring it.

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  97. I have felt that the Obama administration has been trying to evoke an uprising in this  country.  If Obama is reelcted, there will be staged riots in this country so devasting that Obama will have what he wants:  the chance to declare martial law so that he can complete turning this nation into a socialist state.  I know you say that is not going to happen.  If Congres and the Supreme Court have let him get this far, who is going to stop him.  He is commander of the arms sservices and now has enough gay and illegals in the military to have them on his side.  This country is seriously lacking in moral courage and integrity.  There are so few such people that all of our institutions are basically corrupt.  Because of this internal decay, God will bring judgment on this nation because He said he would do so to all nations that forget God.   Only God’s mercy and some genuine praying Christians has he held His hand of judgment back. 

  98. One error and one piece of information left out (deliberately?) of this article.
    Civil war will not occur from an economic collapse. It will occur ONLY if obama is re-elected because the people know he is not eligible (and may not even be a US citizen at all) and because ONLY voter fraud will get him re-elected. The people will not tolerate fraud again, especially since they know it is coming.
    Information leaked out that the 450 million rounds of ammo ordered by DHS is for weapons used by UN troops, NOT the US military. Liberals know that if civil war does occur US troops will NOT fire on US citizens, thus the order for UN ammo.

    • Do you have ANY idea what “Holder’s people” will do if O’Bozo is NOT re-elected? They will be screaming it is because of racism, they will be claiming it was because whites wanted him out, etc, and THEY WILL see to it that there are riots. This is exactly why the GOP is trying to forfeit the election…. And exactly why they have challenged him on NOTHING,,,,

    • The rounds that were ordered were hollow points and are not nato-compliant. Whoever made the claim they were for nato troops is full of it, unless nato is going to be using non-compliant rounds HERE, because they can’t be used anywhere else…. At least not “legally”….

  99. the FED and all their banking buddies around the world have ENGINEERED this economic crisis, the ZIONISTS who run washington have created the “fear all arabs” excuses to go to war with anyone and everyone in the middle-east (except the zionists who occupy palastine),  the same zionists will inflict total zionist control over the american people, they will take away your “right to bare arms” and every other freedom you have and put anyone who dares to resist into FEMA camps (concentration camps) and subject those who obey to slavery. i truly believe their next step is “THE MOTHER OF ALL FALSE FLAG EVENTS” at the london olympics, that will be blamed on IRAN and then they will go to war with them, then that will be the time they go for the military/police state in the USA and the UK in the name of national security, america you are looking at a massive civil war…. “blonde fox” get an education,! dont blame it all on those poor people who try to get into the “land of the free”, who are trying to escape their own evil dictators.  WAKE-UP and see who your real enemies are, they are sitting in seats of power in washington.!   

    • I agree with some of what you’re saying, not necessarily who is responsible for it though. I’ve seen pics and read numerous stories about the FEMA camps, and yes, I believe they exist. I also believe our current regime wants a civil war, or at least civil unrest on a large enough scale to declare martial law. Those 450 million rounds were allegedly .40 cal, which I believe is standard military/law enforcement gun of choice. I believe in the 2nd Amendment, and I believe the civil unrest/war the regime is inciting is a prelude to calling in all our ‘buddies’ in the UN to eliminate the threat and disarm Americans. Just a bloodier way to enforce Hillary’s global gun ban.

      The UN also wants us to give all the land back to Native Americans. I’m all for the Native Americans having all the same rights as other Americans, but face it, there’s no realistic way to give back all the land. I guess I’d have to go back to England, ’cause that’s where my family set sail on the Mayflower.

      • The rounds were 223. Typical AR-15 ammo. The fact that they are hp makes them non-nato compliant, and thus they can’t “legally” be used ANYWHERE BUT HERE!

        There is NO question what the intention is. One might try to argue it’s all for “target shooting”, but then why have they also purchased up millions of “prepared meals”? Are those to eat while they have “target practice”? There are several actions they have taken that, any single one on its own, could be considered benign. But when you start adding them all together, they point to one thing. That which the mighty Boa has warned you of for years now. The reason why he tells you that if O’Bozo isn’t removed BEFORE November, he won’t be removed at all…..

  100. IOW, this is really a tip to buy stock in Reynold’s Aluminum because tin-foil hats are all the rage with right-wing nutjobs.

    • You having trouble with your vision, too? Find a desk to hide under, because the sky will be falling on you, too!

    •  Ignore the libtard and work on a way to take down our corrupt government!

  101. The Democrats are ding everything they can to promote violence in the street. Then Martial Law can be declared, and guess what, no election. No Supreme court, Obama is trying real hard to strip the House, and Senate of the power they have also with his executive orders. If people can’t see he is a traitor to this country, they are blind.

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  104. Unfortuanltyl Obam has set America back to the 1960s and if he has another chance he will take us back to the 1860s. I do not believe in slavery of those terrible years in out history, but from the ashes the Phoenix will rise, like so maybe America will too. If we do have an all out civil war I have dibs on having the Omama family as my maid and servant.

  105. Wow you people need to get off the ledge and go enjoy your life. If the USA survived two terms of W (barely) we will be fine. Everyone complaining that we never spend money in this country, what did you do when our president DID, and completely saved hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN jobs by saving the auto industry? You complained then too! What a bunch of sheep…

    • This president has destroyed jobs and our liberties. He has issued unconstitutional executive orders and spent taxpayer money on crap!

    •  ”…..completely saved hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN jobs by saving the auto industry?”

      Boy, you are a total moron.

    • you dope he bailed out the union and their bloated unfunded pension liabikity with your  money

    • I will pray you stop drinking the kool-aid and come to your senses. This President is doing as he is told, destroy, bankrupt America. He has cost millions of jobs. The banks and companies he bailed out, he was getting votes from unions. He knows it will take another four years to wipe us out. If it looks as of he won’t be elected, civil war..

      • The government used YOUR tax money to give to the companies who can’t sell their own wares in a free market, gave a huge chunk to the Unions as well, and then declared a victory?  Oh… okay… why don’t you sign over your paycheck to me, I’ll go spend it however I want, and declare that I and I alone, saved the neighborhood businesses.  Sounds like a great plan.

        In a free market, companies should fail.  If your products are not competitive and nobody is buying it, well, maybe you should move aside and let other companies fill the void when you leave.  Propping up failing companies with tax money distorts the market and kills economic freedom.

  106. As I was reading all of these comments, I have to laugh. The government is right.We are fools and stupid. Here we are calling names, fighting each other to be right, finding fault with each other, You’re wrong, I’m right, you’re right, I’m wrong. It’s Illegal aliens , no, it’s the government. What does it matter??? This is exactly what the government wants…for all of us to turn aganist one another and start our own little war. Stop for a minute, go to the top and start reading all the comments and you will see how silly all this is. It reminds me of “”Mom, he touching me, mom, he’s looking at me.”"  Does it really matter where it started or who started it? Stick together as adults and instead of fighting, let’s decide to put the foolishness aside and come up with a solution or at least let’s help each other PREPARE for what’s coming. Besides that, what else can we do?. We all know what the problem is, and this is not how it will be solved. Sorry, I just had to have me say. PEACE!

    • Thank you for your refeshing and true sharing, We all know that there are problems and issues. The question now becomes….
      What are we going to do about it?

    •  It doesn’t really matter how it starts!  Whether it’s us turning on each other or not, they’ll start it if we don’t do it to ourselves!

      Ignore the libtards, THEY are in the MINORITY!  Don’t waste your efforts trying to argue with them, they are baiting you deliberately.  We need to be concentrating on taking down ALL of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats!  Starting at the top and going all the way to the bottom.  If we don’t, we are lost as a people and a country!

    •  The solution is getting Ron Paul into the White House, taking control of Congress, State, County and local Governments with dedicated patriots and abolishing the Federal Reserve, IRS, TSA, DHS, NSA and the rest of those phony Alphabet soup governmental departments.

  107. I’ve been ready for this for years, however when I mention this to others and tell them to get ready, I’m told I’m crazy.

  108. As I read some of the comments, and see the Liberals comments, I have to wonder if they can really see what is going on. I think not. This administrtion is having a negitive affect on them also. Their rights are being trampled also, their jobs are being deleted also, this isn’t a party thng, It is a American thing.  Do we want a America, and what it has always stood for? Or don’t we want a America and what it has always stood for. Simple s that.

    • Why don’t you get it,…the liberal world only consists of DC, Wall Street, and their view,….in other words DC to them is like the Vatican is to Rome,…a seperate controlling power within our Nation,……..

  109. I told my wife and close friends this would come about 2 years ago.  There will be no election, the constitution will be done away with and obama will become our dictator.

    •  Now see!  Here’s a libtard trying to belittle the topic.  Problem is, it’s outnumbered 1000 to 1.

      When the shit hits the fan, it’ll be one of the ones screaming the loudest!

  110. Obama has prepared the way to his dictatorship. He is far on the way of destroying the dollar. And yet so many seem to be going to vote for him. It is really perplexing. How can we have so many stupid Americans who can’t see beyond their face, and how can they look themselves in the mirror. This president has sought to destroy the country evey since getting elected. And he is well on his way.

  111. Ron Paul 2012!  Liberty/Peace/Sound Currency/Constitutional (Small) Government by the people, for the people!

    We are running out of time!

  112. I have been trying to tell everyone for the past four years that this idiot and cheat would turn this country into a bloody battle ground that no one will be safe. The muzzlem brothugs, black pussies, black porch monkeys and other domestic terrorist organizations and gang bangers will attack our citizenry and infrastructural. 

  113. Yes, but while a civil war rages on, what happens to the infrastructure that keeps the 100+ nuclear power plants from going into runaway meltdown?


    •  They will likely SHUT DOWN the power grid.  The Government has for several years now been forcing the implementation of the alleged “Smart Grid”.  According to experts, the Smart Grid is anything but smart, it is TOTALLY vulnerable to hacking, viruses, trojan horses, etc.  It would be NOTHING for the grid to get taken down, and it won’t matter whether you’re on the Smart Grid or not!  Once they take down the portions they have control over, the rest will cascade and we’ll be without power for years!

  114. Sanity at last, a completely disarmed USA whether the gun lobby like it or not. Though the use of dumb dumb bullets on taxpayers just because Wall Street and the city of London stole their money and the public have the bare faced cheek to demand trials at the top seems a tad over the top even for the US army and your typical national guard SS member. Talk about “search for the guilty and punishment of the innocent!!”

    •  There won’t be any trials!  Conservatives are classified as terrorists!  We will be rounded up, disarmed, herded into Internment Camps, and Relocated into mass graves.  The libtard/progressives demand TOLERANCE from EVERYBODY except themselves.  They aren’t going to tolerate any resistance however minor.

  115. Well, I guess that will be one way for Obama to remain in office and become the Muslim/Islam/Facist/communist dictator the world is waiting for,…….I always had a very forbodding feeling that a lot of people would have to die in America to satisfy the lefts greedy ambitions. It may very well be to late to fight back,……..if this is true, than heaven will have to help us, but I truly don’t think it will,…..you see, we Christians became the modern day Osterich/Dodo birds and let our freedom go ignorantly with a will to fight for it!!!

  116. If we allow the status quo SOP to continue the rape of our economy, we have only blame ourselves to blame. The growing OWS is a bellweather of national discontent.
    Power in numbers…and the DHS knows it.  

  117. If we allow the status quo SOP to continue the rape of our economy, we have only ourselves to blame. The growing OWS is a bellweather of national discontent.Power in numbers…and the DHS knows it.  

    •  The OWS is a joke!  When the shooting starts, they’ll die in the first 5 minutes if they haven’t hauled ass across the border to save their skins.


  119. Folks , none of this is accidental , it was all preplanned by tyhe progressives , why do you think they put an illegal alien in the White House , they needed someone with no compunctions about ordering the murder of American civilians .  They will us this to negate the constitution ,  the main roadblock to setting up their communist states under the United Nations , or more correctly , their new world order .  It is also why the WANT the illegal aliens , they along with the unions and their OWS will be Obamass army against Americans that will not relinquish their constitutional republic for  new world order ENSLAVEMENT .  Hell on earth is about to bust wide open in America . 

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  121. Millions will dig the ditch they are told to dig then piss their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home and die stupidly wondering “How did this happen to me?” The tiny minority will have to do what will be required.

    It’s time to stop arguing over the culture war. It’s time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse. It’s time to stop waiting to get beamed up. It’s time to start thinking Normandy.

    If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.

    The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.

    What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?

    Don’t understand? Start here: http://willowtown.com/promo/quotes.htm

    Then read my column ‘Prepping for Slavery’: http://www.willowtown.com/promo/blogfpprepslvry.htm

    • Are you aware that you REALLY need to do something with your blog? I opened it out of curiosity but there’s NOTHING THERE other than the R margin. I thought I’d try once more but this time I decided to scroll to the bottom just to see if there WAS anything other than the R margin posted and saw that there is but it’s WAY FAR DOWN the page! You need to fix it because normally I’d have just left and not come again thinking there wasn’t anything to read because of the ridiculous amount of space it takes to scroll far enough to FIND anything. That gives people the impression that there isn’t anything there. Just thought you aught to know…

      • Thanks for telling me but it looks normal to me. Could be a temporary glitch or differences in browsers or some other issue. I’m not an ‘expert’ web builder by any means. What browser are you using? I use FireFox. I just looked at all my main pages in Explorer and they seemed normal. Please try again and let me know.

    •  I use Firefox too. I just checked it again and it’s the same way for me. Having said that and since you said it’s fine for you (meaning that you don’t need to scroll down a long long way to read your entries) I’d imagine it’s just me then. I might need to empty my cache. I’ve got many things open in Word that will take awhile to close out before I can close it completely. After I finally do that I’ll try to remember to check your site again and see if that changes it. Thanks for getting back though. Just in case… have you asked anyone else (1 or 2 others) to open your blog just to see how it looks to them? That might be a good idea. :o )

      •  Sounds like you may need to clean or even reformat your machine. The blog has been in that format for a few years and I think you’re the first one to ever tell me that… thx.

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  123. Only a liberal that enjoys keeping their head up Obama’s colon won’t believe such.  That said, the only reason liberals believe we want a civil war is because Obama is black.  Just don’t mention the fact that they themselves had a problem when Alan Keyes was running for office.  I own a M-40, SCAR and a M-60.  I would love to go liberal hunting!

  124. It makes you wonder what information they think might come to light that will cause an apathetic American public to become so outraged that they will rise up together for a Civil War, that is worse than protesting close to SS protected politicians…

    “Mass Civil War” is a very strong term to use. So there is something they are very affraid of. It makes me want to keep an eye on some of this “Fringe” news info a little closer, the financial corruption topics etc…

    You know it has to be some info that is going to seriously piss off the average American.


    • You mean even more than the federal government extorting banks for $15 Trillion dollars worth of loans for the redistribution of wealth and racial ‘reparations’ that caused the crash of our economy in 2008??

      Subprime Disaster: Clinton Confesses (brags) http://bit.ly/po3wDZ

      The True Origins of Financial Crisis http://bit.ly/u58b

      Reid’s Sudden Regret http://bit.ly/oRQ3Sl

    •  When your money is worthless and you can’t buy bread and water in the store or pay your bills, you watch how ugly it gets.  Think of the rioting and looting that took place in New Orleans after Katrina only on STEROIDS and from Coast to Coast!  That’s what they are prepping for!

      And EVERYONE commenting on this article will likely be on a list of “terrorists” to be picked up, interned, and relocated.  FREEDOM GONE!

      You want a real enlightenment, read the plans the military has for I/R  (their term for Internment and Relocation).  Military police units are ALREADY trained in these techniques, FEMA ALREADY has the I/R camps ready to go.  They’re just waiting for the shit to hit the fan.  And it appears like the OVOMIT admin is doing it’s best to hasten the process along by race baiting and divisive rhetoric – stirring up unrest.

      Do any of you see something different going on?

      Odammit KNOWS he can’t get re-elected legitimately, so he’s ALREADY put in place the Executive Odors that will allow him to declare a “National Emergency” and  put martial law in place!  It’s all over but the shouting at that point.  If you aren’t prepared to survive 6 months or more, and defend your home against invasion by whoever (FEDs or looters) you’re hosed!

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  126. This is getting down to the wire now. Now that millions in America are realizing the media and government and corporate heads are all in cohootz and telling us what they want us to hear unrest is rising. And the powers that be coming from the central bank have to squash freedom rising at all cost. It could mean their jobs. And their money and jobs are more important that lives all over the world. They want us to be happy and sit back and listen to their little poster stories and watch their little poster children with their little global poster issues and stick our heads back in the sand. 

  127. Align yourself with land. Buy land if you can. Sharecrop if you can’t.  
    I grew up in a small timber town. We helped out our neighbors and our neighbors helped us.
    As a kid I was exposed to plumbing, auto mechanics, electrical work, roofing, gardening, canning, logging, hunting, fishing, concrete work, painting, yard maintenance,sports,  foodservice, autobody, and farm work including more crops than I can remember.  My father taught me to volunteer for projects with the church to learn new skills. When the job was over, sometimes you would get tools in payment. The real payment was a new set of lifelong skills and a new network of friends with valuable skills better than my own.   

    I find it insulting when someone makes the comment that we can’t get by without illegal alien labor. The simple fact is we have, we do, and we will.

  128. 450 million rounds.  Big whoop.  I am an average gun owner, and I will never say how much ammunition I have at any given time.  But on an average day at the range I’ll go through a few hundred round, or more.  When my kids come to visit and shoot, it’s more.  A lot more.  Just one brief practice session?  At least 50 rounds.  Nearly everybody I know who’s a gun owner and a casual shooter is pretty much the same, both in ammunition ownership and use.

    So if I went to the range as often as I should to maintain proficiency in all the weapons I own — say, once a month — I’d go through maybe 5000 rounds a year.  

    Divide that into 450 million rounds, and you get bullets to train only 90,000 DHS agents.  Wikipedia claims that DHS has 216,000 employees.  So if you wanted to have proficient and well-trained agents, 450 million rounds is barely enough for a year’s worth of training and re-certification — assuming we want our armed Federal agents to be able to shoot straight enough for this “one and a half bullets for every American” purchase to be a threat to our safety and liberty.

    Truth is, most of DHS is about as proficient as Barney Fife with weapons, and they’ll be the ones getting one and a half bullets each.  Us?  We’ll get stuck with the bill, but maybe we’ll also get a chance to buy these bullets on the surplus market when they hit their expiration date.

    This is more an issue of bloated Federal bureaucracy and incompetent government management than a threat to us.  In the meantime?  All of us are keeping our powder dry and our gun skills well in tune.

  129. Hey you idiots!  This is about a civil war between DHS and the American people.  NOT the immigrant farm workers.  Stay focused you dumb fucks! 

      •  Well I don’t like it when girls do or guys do. So Wendy try cleaning up your mouth..er I mean posts.

    • And that war has been coming for years and years. Obama was put into office to nail the coffin shut on America, there is nothing the people can do about it except be ready. Store food and tell no one you have it, not even your closest friend. When he and his famly gets hungry, he will kill you for it.

  130. Not one word in this article that mentions “illegals”, yet somehow one useful idiot managed to steer the entire conversation in that direction.  Your jobs are being shipped overseas.  The banks are printing so fast that your money will be play money soon.  Your social security and medicare will disappear.  Your savings will be eaten up by inflation.  Your children will be unemployed.  Your rights are being stripped away and you can now be arrested without cause.  Farmers are being harassed.   Monsanto  is forcing it’s garbage food on us, and we will soon line up for forced vaccinations.  TSA wants to feel up your grandmother. Americans are dying overseas fighting for oil barons’ profits. And God knows how the Japanese radiation is affecting us.  Sorry, but you can get rid of all the Manuels and Juans in the US, and it won’t put an end to the encroaching fascism.  I think some of you will still be whining about illegals as you board the train to the internment camps.

    • The easiest way to deal with off-topic discussion is to ignore it.  They have a right to say whatever they want whether it’s on topic or not.  Pointing it out and bitching about it wastes everybody’s time and I don’t think we have a whole lot of that left.

      As for the illegal immigrant problem, that will be resolved as soon as the shooting starts!  They will be RUNNING back across the border IN DROVES to get out of the mess they helped create.  The real problem is the totally corrupted government – TOP TO BOTTOM!

      If it wasn’t for THAT, we wouldn’t be having these discussions!!

      It should be obvious to most of us that the problem with the POtuS started decades ago and is a conspiracy created by COMMUNISTS within our own government and political branches to take us down, destroy our freedoms, and turn this into the beginning of the New World Odor – one world government.

      The question we need to be asking our neighbors and friends is:
      When it all breaks loose, are you going to be shooting at AMERICANS or FEDS?

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  132. I believe the Blonde Fox is correct, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. In the bigger picture we need to understand that jobs in this country are going away and that is the first step of many in the planned demise of the middle class. Piss on the Mexicans and all they do wrong of the US, but piss on the elite the most for planning this horrible civil war. Oh, it’s going to happen. Obama will make sure it does. So will Romney, they all sleep in the same bed and the agenda doesn’t change. Arm yourselves and protect yourself from what is coming and that is big brother. Stay tuned… the shit is about to hit the fan.

    • Jobs going away! Yes, this country has the highest business tax in the world. Big businesses are in business to make money. Lower taxes and they would return, putting Americans to work. Tax them more and more will leave.

      • Yes it is true, we have the highest corporate taxes in the free world.  but there are many loop holes that reduce the tax rate to zero.  the kinda of loop holes only GE, Exxon-Mobil, Boeing and others can afford to pay lawyers to find and the largest corporations pay ZERO taxes.

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  136. There are warehouses across America that are filled with people at keyboards whose job it is to hijack threads and kill them.  That is what is happening here.  How pray tell did a topic about civil war turn into a top about immigrants?  Because Blonde Fox is a plant who cuts and pastes comments into threads to divert the conversation away from the Bankers and Wall Street and onto some riculous topic about illegal workrs.   You go out into a field and pick fruit during 100 degree temperatures, it is backbreaking.  Pay is about 20 dollars every 4 hours – who are you kidding?  3 million americans are so fat they are ineligible for gastric bypass surgery – Morbidly obese.  65% of Americans are obese.  The young people are so mesmerized by electronics, they are oblivious to what their future holds.  Many are unhealthy, 1 out of 88 autistic.  Been on medications their entire life and blurry eyed; they’ll be obediant slaves.

    OWS takes weekends off.  Anonymous puts out videos which are hollywood productions and we actually think that they are helping the cause.  By taking down websites or hacking into them – what is that going to do?  I mean seriously.  WTF is that going to do…It’s a psyops everywhere you turn.  Agenda 21 is basically taking the good parts of America and cordoning them off from the citizens.  That should be protest worthy but it’s never mentioned.  It’s going to take everything you have to save your country.  It’s going to take a miracle, quite frankly. It may be too late.

    •  There’s plenty of libtards out there belittling topics and changing the discussion.  However,  I’ve looked at BlondeFox’s posts and although off-topic, she’s 100% correct in what she’s saying.

      As for whether there are “warehouses” full of libtards hijacking threads – that may be true (if that’s the case where are these warehouses??) but from what I’ve seen they aren’t doing a very good job.  They haven’t succeeded in killing any topics that I’ve participated in.

      It’s real easy to deal with flaming liberals – IGNORE what they say, point out the mental deficiencies they obviously suffer from, belittle them (I like that one it – they go apoplectic over that), and laugh at them!

      The TRUTH is that this country is in serious trouble!  If you spend all of your time trying to shut down someone elses discussion because it’s off-topic, then you’re no better than any of the libtards and in fact it’s likely that you ARE a LIBTARD!

    • If we need illegal s to pick out fruit and veggies, why don’t we round up part of the twenty million that are over here on welfare and let them do it. As a kid I worked in the fields as did my brothers and sisters. Yes it is hard but we do not need illegals doing it. Healthy, strong lazy people on welfare could do it. And before you fall off your rocker, I know there are people out there that need help, Let America help the needy, not the wantie or illegals that break into our country and rip it apart..

    • Warehouses across American filled with people at keyboards? LOL. YOu mean filled with Mexicans don’t you? 

  137. haven’t any of you realised that blaming minorities is a 60 year old trick toi hide the real culprits, the countries problems are not created by immigrants, lets face it the only people who aren’t immigrants in America are the native americans,

    heres is one little stat, all, I’ll put that in capitals, ALL the tax on income in America goes to pay the interest on the national debt, it goes to pay interest on money that was created from nothing by private banks,

    here is another little stat, if we spent 10% of the money we spent on war fighting poverty instead there would not be an immigration problem

    stay blind and deaf to reality if you want, fall into the trap of divide and conquer and let them enslave your bodies, they have already enslaved your minds

    • Then you do not live in the southwest where illegal Mexicans are already taking over this country. They cost billions a year with their crime and welfare, free healthcare and education. We the tax payers pay for that while our Government just grows and grows to support these intryders..

    • The so called “war on poverty” is a waste of tax payer money. That battle has to be faught by the individual, not by the government.

      Poverty will never go away, it will always exist. If the minimum ncome in this country amounted to $100k per year, people making around $500k per year would still be considered below the so-called poverty level, because the cost of living would increase commensurate with the increase in wages. A weeks worth of groceries (just the basic staples) might cast $500+. A Big Mac migth cost $100 without the fries and drink.

      By International standards, poverty doesn’t exist in this country.

  138. It seems as though we have gone past the point of no return. Only God could possibly stop what is about to take place. Sad to say but it may well be all we can do is to survive the comming chaos and when the dust settles try and rebuild this once great Republic of a nation. This didn’t happen overnight and it will take nearly as long and as much or more dedication (and sacrifice) to rectify. Vigilance is the eternal cost of Freedom and we have been sadly lacking in that arena for decades.

  139. Discussion is nice, but bickering won’t accomplish much. “They” are installing eight gas fired crematoriums in Fort Carson, Colorado. I don’t suppose the army will be running a shelter for stray cats and dogs, do you?

    Whoever you are, you better get ready to make some hard decisions and act on them soon. Time is running out.

    • How do you even get out of bed in the morning if you believe that? Seriously. Get help.

  140. This article about them preparing for “… civil war” is incorrect.

    What “We the People” are doing is DEFENDING our country, our US Constitution from attack from DOMESTIC ENEMIES. You know the “Domestic Enemy” referred to by the Oath every person in the Military, in law enforcement, in all three branches of our government, all federal employees take to support and defend our nation from?

    These: “Domestic enemies pursue legislation,
    programs against the powers of the US Constitution. They work on destroying and
    weakening the Rights of the People guaranteed by the Constitution. Plus they
    create laws, amendments, etc that goes against the restraint on the three
    branches of our government by the Constitution”.

  141. From Associate Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson as chief prosecutor
    for the United States in the proposed trials of Nazi war criminals:
    “We would also make clear that we have no purpose
    to incriminate the whole German people. We know that the Nazi Party was not put
    in power by a majority of the German vote…If the German populace had willingly accepted
    the Nazi program, no Storm-troopers would have been needed in the early days of
    the Party and there would have been no need for concentration camps or the
    Gestapo, both of which institutions were inaugurated as soon as the Nazis
    gained control of the German State…This war did not just happen-it was planned and
    prepared for over a long period of time and with no small skill and cunning…

    else we may say of those who were the authors of this war, they did achieve a
    stupendous work in organization, and our first task is to examine the means by
    which these defendants and their fellow conspirators prepared and incited
    Germany to go to war…

  142. (Con’t) “…  The case as presented by the United States will
    be concerned with the brains and authority back of all the crimes. These
    defendants were men of a station and rank which does not soil its own hands
    with blood. They were men who knew how to use lesser folk as tools. We want to
    reach the planners and designers, the inciters and leaders without whose evil
    architecture the world would not have been for so long scourged with the
    violence and lawlessness…… it
    publicly had proclaimed its program (1708-PS). Some of its purposes would
    commend themselves to many good citizens, such as the demands for
    “profit-sharing in the great industries,” “generous development
    of provision for old age,” “creation and maintenance of a healthy
    middle class,” “a land reform suitable to our national
    requirements,” and “raising the standard of health.” It also
    made a strong appeal to that sort of nationalism which in ourselves we call
    patriotism and in our rivals chauvinism. It demanded “equality of rights
    for the German people in its dealing with other nations…”

  143. (Con’t) “… It demanded ‘land and territory (colonies) for
    the enrichment of our people and the settlement of our surplus population…

    The Nazi Party from its inception, however, contemplated
    war. It demanded the “abolition of mercenary troops and the formation of a
    national army.” It proclaimed that:

    “In view of the enormous sacrifice of life and property
    demanded of a nation by every war, personal enrichment through war must be
    regarded as a crime against the nation. We demand, therefore, ruthless
    confiscation of all war profits.” …
    I merely wish to point out that in a time of
    peace, war was a preoccupation of the Party, and it started the work of making
    war less offensive to the masses of the people. With this it combined a program
    of physical training and sports for youth that became, as we shall see, the
    cloak for a secret program of military training. (youtube.com Obama’s youth)…
    It demanded creation of a strong central power
    with unconditional authority, nationalization of all businesses which had been
    “amalgamated,” and a “reconstruction” of the national
    system of education…


  144. (con’t) “…

    Its hostility to civil liberties and freedom of the press
    was distinctly announced in these words:

    “It must be forbidden to publish newspapers which
    do not conduce to the national welfare. We demand the legal prosecution of all
    tendencies in art or literature of a kind likely to disintegrate our life as a
    nation and the suppression of institutions which

    might militate against the above requirements.”…
    The forecast of religious persecution was
    clothed in the language of religious liberty, for the Nazi program stated,
    “We demand liberty for all religious denominations in the State.”

    The Party program foreshadowed the campaign of terrorism. It
    announced, “We demand ruthless war upon those whose activities are
    injurious to the common interests”, and it demanded that such offenses be
    punished with death.

    It is significant that the leaders of this Party
    interpreted this program as a belligerent one, certain to precipitate convict.

  145. (con’t) “…Let us now see how the leaders of the Party
    fulfilled their pledge to proceed regardless of consequences. Obviously, their
    foreign objectives, which were nothing less than to undo international treaties
    and to wrest territory from foreign control, as well as most of their internal
    program, could be accomplished only by possession of the machinery of the
    German State. The first effort, accordingly, was to subvert the Weimar Republic
    by violent revolution…

    The Nazi plans for the violent overthrow of the feeble
    Republic then turned to plans for its capture.

    No greater mistake could be made than to think of the Nazi
    Party in terms of the loose organizations which we of the western world call
    “political parties”. In discipline, structure, and method the Nazi
    Party was not adapted to the democratic process of persuasion. It was an instrument
    of conspiracy and of coercion. The Party was not organized to take over power
    in the German State by winning support of a majority of the German people; it
    was organized to seize power in defiance of the will of the people…

  146. (Con’t) “… We will not be obliged to guess as to the
    motives or goal of the Nazi Party. The immediate aim was to undermine the
    Weimar Republic…The SA practiced violent interference with
    elections. We have the reports of the SD describing in detail how its members
    later violated the secrecy of elections in order to identify those who opposed
    them. Election Fraud (described how)…

    A glance at a chart of the Party organization is enough to
    show how completely it differed from the political parties we know. It had its
    own source of law in the Führer and sub-Führer. It had its own courts and its
    own police. The conspirators set up a government within the Party to exercise
    outside the law every sanction that any legitimate state could exercise and
    many that it could not. Its chain of command was military, and its formations
    were martial in name as well as in function. They were composed of battalions
    set up to bear arms under military discipline, motorized corps, flying corps,
    and the infamous “Death Head Corps”, which was not misnamed. The
    Party had its own secret police, its security units, its intelligence and
    espionage division, its raiding forces, and its youth forces. It established
    elaborate administrative mechanisms to identify and liquidate spies and
    informers, to manage concentration camps, to operate death vans, and to finance
    the whole movement. Through concentric circles of authority, the Nazi Party, as
    its leadership later boasted, eventually organized and dominated every phase of
    German life-but not until they had waged a bitter internal struggle
    characterized by brutal criminality we charge here. In preparation for this
    phase of their struggle, they created a Party police system. This became the
    pattern and the instrument of the police state, which was the first goal in
    their plan. (DHS and TSA)


  147. (Con’t) “… On January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of the
    German Republic. An evil combination, represented in the prisoners’ dock by its
    most eminent survivors, had succeeded in possessing itself of the machinery of the
    German Government, a facade behind which they thenceforth would operate to make
    a reality of the war of conquest they so long had plotted. The conspiracy had
    passed into its second phase…
    The Germans of the 1920′s were a frustrated and
    baffled people as a result of defeat and the disintegration of their
    traditional government… (sound familiar?) …

    We find at this period two governments in Germany-the real
    and the ostensible. The forms of the German Republic were maintained for a
    time, and it was the outward and visible government. But the real authority in
    the State was outside and above the law and rested in the Leadership Corps of
    the Nazi Party….

    You ought to read it, VERY interesting parallels to what is now happening within our nation, except Election Fraud is using machines, software, and counts of OUR votes in a foreign nation by a company that has already been caught in the USA for Election Fraud.
    Think about it…
    Look up: Associate Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, Nuremberg Trials

  148. (Con’t) “… less than a month after Hitler became
    Chancellor, the Reichstag building was set on fire. The burning of this symbol
    of free parliamentary government…

    … on the morning after the fire, obtained from the aged and
    ailing President Von Hindenburg a presidential decree suspending the extensive
    guarantees of individual liberty contained in the constitution of the Weimar
    Republic. The decree provided that:

    “Sections 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124, and
    153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice.
    Thus, restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of
    opinion, including freedom of the press, on the right of assembly and the right
    of association, and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic, and
    telephonic communications, and warrants for house-searches, orders for,
    confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond
    the legal limits otherwise prescribed.” (1390-PS)…
    It must be said in fairness to Von Hindenburg
    that the constitution itself authorized him temporarily to suspend these
    fundamental rights “if the public safety and order in the German Reich are
    considerably disturbed or endangered.”…

  149. (Con’t, this is the scary part – thinnk NDAA, Patriot Act, etc)

    It left the Nazi police and party formations, already
    existing and functioning under Hitler, completely unrestrained and
    irresponsible. Secret arrest and indefinite detention, without charges, without
    evidence, without hearing, without counsel, became the method of inflicting
    inhuman punishment on any whom the Nazi police suspected or disliked. No court
    could issue an injunction, or writ of habeas corpus, or certiorari. The German
    people were in the hands of the police, the police were in the hands of the
    Nazi Party, and the Party was in the hands of a ring of evil men, of whom the
    defendants here before you are surviving and representative leaders….

    Stay Safe and Detention Free! Defend America under the US Constitution
    Arrest and hold for prosecution these domestic enemies of the USA. Which is much more then they are doing for us – need proof, Indefinite Detention, warrantless searches adn seizures, TSA at our airports, train and bus stations, on our roads – asking for “our papers,  our ID cards, or licenses, and why are we going there … etc
    Learn a bit, the life you safe might be your own

    • No, it will be preemptive…government operatives will first go for those that know what’s coming…spreading fear into a majority of the population who think that by doing nothing they will save themselves…of course they will have only deluded themselves because the dead will be the lucky ones.

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  151. They call a war between the government and the people a civil war? I do not see why anyone in the government would be involved in this because after we win they will all be out of a job and most likely in prison for going against the people. The military WILL NOT go against the people because it is made up of the people. Do they actually beive that the military will defend them, protect them. No way in hell. Any member of the military that stands against us will also go to prison with the rest of the government.The government needs to know that it will be a no win situation for them. Their families will also suffer for their treason. The people will never submit to the government.

    • Neither over or under estimate the military…they have their share of psychopaths and promotion grabbing “heros”….hiding out in the Pentagon and the ranks…and I don’t see too many if any general officers resisting the Child in Chief’s fundamental transformation of the military.

  152. For what it is worth, Edgar Cayce predicted a second civil war in the US that would be followed by WW3.  He said that WW3 would be between the US and Russia, on one side and the Chinese on the other.  He also predicted how it would end but you wouldn’t want to know that…Remember, the future belongs to the prepared.

      • I think Nostradamus had something to say about it also:

        ” in the time of computer, paranoid people will find it easy to gather together

        and share their fear, racism, and general kookiness.”

        Yes he really did say that, so it must be true.

  153. Well, I guess now we know what all those FEMA camps are for. Our government quit representing us a long time ago, it’s all about them, and theirs. We pay them to represent us, but they represent nobody but themselves. The US government is our real enemy, they prove it everyday, and they’re not shy about it either. Look at the pile of crap they give us to elect to run this toilet, a bucket of retards.

  154. We ned to try the guilty senators (Pelosi ,schmuer ,Feinstein, madam boxer)  for treason along with members of the congress for looting America  as they allowed the savage in the oval office to spend millions on vacations as they robbed this country blind with one term retirement and health care for life

    • Don’t forget the traitorous Republorats Congress Critters like Lyndsey Grahm, John McCain and Orrin Hatch who all voted for NDAA amendments 1021 and 1022.  It’s not like the Republorats are going to save us.

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  158. The turn and tone of this topic to illegal immigration must have your handlers rolling and laughing at all of you.  Your programming is going very well. The plan is working hip hip and cheers!
    Dinner at the Rockefeller’s: 
    “Time to stage the Great American Civil War Part 2″  So .. we’ve always got the hate whitey thing to crank up at any time. Oh how easy it is to make generations of welfare recipients hate the people who feed and shelter them for us.”
    “..and for reasons we created I might add LOLOL” 
    Isn’t there something more we could be doing to make whitey hate everybody else?”   
    “HEY!  I’VE GOT ONE!”  “Lets refuse to deport illegal immigrants for ANY reason.” 
    “We should down-play the atrocities such as beheading and mass murders of innocent Central American citizens because these white Christian conservatives actually give a shit about these brown people – something about taking in the stranger and sojourner.”   “bla bla bla LOLOL”  “Thank Baal most of them don’t know their own bible.”
    “We’ll have to use the media to its fullest potential to get them going.”  “We’ll need to blame hospital closings, church burnings, and false flag attacks on brown people.”  “ANY brown people.”
    “Well we’ve got moles making hate comments on the comments for many many web sites.”
    “We were idiots for not choosing a brown “Timothy McVeigh” at the very least we should have labeled him Christian.” 
    “Agreed!” “We’ve got to take the next step in getting these Christians persecuted – they’re actually expecting it!  Brilliant!”. 

  159. The heartland has been arming up since 2007. In 2007 seventy million new firearms were purchased.  Since then a conservative estimate of 300 million new arms have been purchased by the right, with at least 25 billion pieces of brand new ammunition. I hope Homeland Security thinks twice about responding with any great show of force. The mood out in the heartland is grim to say the least and a bunch of agents with .40 SWs who largely sit on their asses all day are going to come out on the short side against millions of M1As, ARs, and the ubiquitous AKs. Never mind all the field grade machine guns, sub-machine guns and hundreds of millions new handguns that have been purchased and practiced with. Many of those people like me, are combat veterans and we will not face a show of force passively. A civil war? All I have to do is shoot one moose, and if we all do this pretty soon the forest is clear of all moose.

    • In Dec. 2011 over 1.5 million back ground checks were run. Now that number does not tell how many were denied or rejected. It does not state how many were for multiple guns. That was just one month.
      Another tid bit during the hunting season of 2011 three states on the east coast put over 700,000 people in the field. That is the third largest army in the world. Do they really want to go down this road?

      • LOL you folks have got to stop it, I’m about to PIMP. Were they all wearing tin foil hats from the same manufacturer as you?

    • All preparing to fight the black guy in the white house. We get it.

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  161. Some estimates that Georgia will have lost a billion dollars from a devastated farming industry by creating draconian laws that scared away migrant workers.  Republicans, relying on “gut feeling” and eschewing anything involving “study, research or facts” have cut off their nose to spite their face.  Should be interesting to see how farmers in Georgia appreciate what Republican policies have done to their state.

    • Well another stupid libiral who thinks the dems are looking out for them. Read history you fool. Most of our problems are from the dems who tell you they are for the little person but if you look at their record you will see they only do things so they can control you. They were for social security they took it out of a private trust fund and put it in the general fund so they could spend it. Look at gun control. The states with the most restrictive laws are the ones with the highest crime rate.
      I could go on but it is obvious that you are to stupid to read any of the facts. Pack your bags and move to Cuba you will love it there.

  162. An Obama repeat will almost gurantee civil uprising, too many people are sick of the arrogant pig and his cronies…someone is going to have to be ready.

    • Too many people don’t like the man with the tan, we get it “Bill”.

      • People who keep making this a race issue, remember that the President is half white, and white voters put him in office.  It’s about his policies and actions, who cares what race he is?  He is just as bad if he was white, green, plaid or rainbow.

  163. 450 million rounds of hollowpoint ammunition… that’s a staggering amount for any organization.  You break that down… standard issue for daily carry is 40-46 rounds for an officer or agent (1 loaded firearm and 2 loaded magazines)… so you have 10 million loadouts.. assuming some are used in practice… if you shoot once a month, it’s already a lot by most agency standards… and most of the time, you don’t shoot more than 30 rounds to qualify on a LE course.  Besides, quals are done mostly with practice FMJ ammo, hollowpoints are used for duty, way too expensive to blow off for training.  Just laying out the facts, you do your own math.

    • I will put my .308 up against these pistol packing morons anytime anywhere… They wont even get close enough to see where the round that took them out came from!

  164. Unfortunately the Administration has a perverted view of “Homeland.”

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  166. Government both of Democrat and Republican is government for Wall Street and the large corporations. Everything they do is to enrich the largest shareholders in America whether it be foreign or domestic policy. The enemy is not the poor illegal immigrants, nor the Iraqis, nor the Persians nor the people about to be blown up by US forces around the world or at home, but the millionaires, billionaires who steal off the masses and make the shmucks like us fight for our crumbs. Ultimately it is about class not race. When the masses realise this and unite and fight for each other, it will completely disarm the establishment without even bllinking and reorganise society and discover that there is more than enough for everybody and life will be so much better for everyone. Sincerely Pietro.

    • Another loud mouth liberial, aka socialist, who wants to blame the problem on the people who make jobs here. The problem you clown is that the elected officials are crooked and are doing everything they can to stay in office. They do not care about this country only about how much money they can aquire. There are 535 people in this country that run the federal government. They all need to be changed out. As for the illegals they need to be sent home because the government is using them as pawns to distract from their real goal of total control.
      If DHS and the rest think that the patriots will go calmly they had better think again.
      We have been pushed enough we will push back if they do not back off.

      • How do the Republicans convince people like you to side with “the people (they say) make jobs”. You’re saying there are 535 people in this country that run the government, there are a similar handful that have most of the money in this country and you want to help them acquire more. Unbelievable. THere ought to be an IQ test for voting.

  167. Rather than a sign of power, the purchase of hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition and other preparations for martial law, is a sign of profound weakness in the governing regime. It may also be a sign that leading figures in the regime think their 100,000 armed federal officers are rather poor shots when compared to their potential militia opponents.

    It might also be suggested that holding such large stores of ammunition is itself a type of “weapon of mass destruction” meant to shock and awe the militia into paralysis. However, in such circumstances in other unpopular regimes, the existence of large stockpiles gave the opposition the opportunity, at the right moment, to seize the arms and turn them against the regime.

    We should also consider the extraordinary spectacle last month of several thousand active and former military marching down the main avenue of the capital city, chanting the name of the Leader of the Opposition and calling for an end to the central bank.

    Yes, the regime is tottering and may be expected to become more violent before the populace succeeds in replacing it.

  168. Illegal immigrants are just but a drop in the bucket of wasted $$.. We are giving Money away to countries that HATE us and promising them our troops and to help BUILD their nations.. Billions!   Plus, we have  Corrupt Big Corporations that influence law makers so that they can get away from paying a decent tax rate.   While the regular hard working Joe has to pay MORE taxes than the richest billionaire and get his Retirement Raided and taken away from him… it’s RIDICULOUS !!

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  170. Dammit! All I wanted was to be left alone…as if any of us were going to live forever, I suppose it was only a matter of time before all my bad habits caught up with me…karma really is a bee’atch…I’m in.

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  172. it begins gentleman, the illuminati have taken advantage of the sheeple of the world and their plan for global domination will soon be in full effect.  wake up and prepare.

  173. Under the New Law…The Big “o” has made sure that when Martial Law is declared….All your extra food, water , ammo, guns, fuel, etc will be confisctated…..You need to store , Heart, Courage and Determination. There will be a crisis that will suspend the elections, you can bet on that. Even if there isn’t think of what it will be like if he wins or loses……People have just had enough………………..The election itself could rip us in half. Those who voted for this idiot deserve the wrath that is coming.

    • Boner: 
      All your extra food, water , ammo, guns, fuel, etc will be confisctated.

      LOL, yeah, because there are so many soldiers in the US they can go door to door throughout the entire country grabbing your bottled water. Come on, think before you type. Oh wait, if you actually THOUGHT…..

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  175. I have been saying this ever since Obama got into the White House.  The more unpopular his agenda became, the more I feared he would find a way to stop the election and stay in power using his “civilian force as well armed as our military” to achieve his power grab.  Then I began reading stories of large stockpiles of ammunition for DHS, hundreds and hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point 9mm bullets for Homeland Security.  One doesn’t need much of an imagination as to wonder why.  Can we say Martial Law boys and girls?

    Any attempt to stop the elections would further exacerbate any unrest caused by Obama’s irresponsible and intentional destruction of the dollar and our economy–or should I say what is left of it.   If all hell breaks loose, I’m heading to SC, TX or FL where patriots will fight and have your back.  Trust me, you do not want to be in a state with draconian gun control measures like the Northeast, California and Illinois.  Stay there and you will be a virtual prisoner of the government and with idiots like Janet Napolitano in charge, it will be most unpleasant.  She has shown us time and time again she is nothing more than a liar and an incompetent one at that.  But she is just following the lead of her boss in the Oval Office.

    Obama is dangerous, very, very dangerous.  Do not be fooled by his surface charm, beneath it is a very evil and dishonest man who craves power and will do anything he can to hold onto it.   

    • LOL Find a way to stop the election?! Idiots such as yourself said the same thing about Clinton and Bush II.

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  181. I think you refer to them as illegals because you can’t or will not say “i think all the mexicans should go home” 
    what is being legal? the difference between a legal mexican and an illegal mexican is a few thousand dollars and a lawyer. they still pretty much work at the same places only one has a slightly better chance of becoming a supervisor. 
    Just because you have your papers doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a better job and your family will not be dependent on welfare. saying that we should send the mexicans home is almost like saying we should send the “indians” home.(true native americans) You all walk around like this is where you came from and this is the land that you have a right to but unless you get together every once in a while for a pow wow and dance around a fire with buffalo skin briefs guess what? you are an immigrant. it doesn’t matter how many grandpas ago your family came here, you are an immigrant. i work with white guys and mexicans alike and i can tell you that both are taking advantage of welfare. I know some people might get irritated when the see a mini van packed full of mexicans coming home from church on their way to an all you can eat buffet but i get angry when i’m standing in line behind a white girl with an arm full of candy and soda being paid for with food stamps. the thing is that you guys are taking all that anger out on “illegals” why don’t you just start hating all poor people? hate anybody that has a shitty job and can’t pay their bills on time?

    • Nope, the difference is legal immigrants, permanent residents, and citizens all have a legal right to be here and take whatever benefits they are entitled to under our system, whether or not we agree.  Illegal aliens have no legal right to be here, no matter what country they are from, and are not entitled to anything here.  So even $1 spent on them is $1 that could have gone to someone who is legally here.  One crime committed by an illegal is one crime that should have never happened because the perpetrator should not have been here.

      It’s not a matter of money either, some countries have very strict emigration laws preventing their citizens from leaving or there is a tough quota limiting the number of people that can emigrate, so these people come here illegally because they don’t or can’t comply with the laws in their own country either.  Having a lawyer and a few thousand dollars won’t help you when your own country won’t give you a travel visa to leave.  Ask any Filipino, they’ll tell you how tough it is to come here, but they do it legally under a work visa by the thousands.

      Whether or not I hate welfare queens who abuse the system is a different issue than illegals who use benefits of our system to which they are not entitled.  Don’t try to mix the issues and bring anyone’s race or nationality into it.  Illegal aliens come from all backgrounds, including Canadians, Chinese, and even Norwegians.

    • Fuck you mike, I was born here and so were my parents and their parents and their parents going back to the 1700s. 

      • Golly gee my grandparents came here legally from Italy but that was only about 85 years ago, does that mean you’re more of an American then I?

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  183. I have to laugh at these posts. Try to have a forum for discussion about the posted topic and it’s a free for all of tiny minds blithering about nothing. All I get from reading these posts is…1-left wing liberal anti-gun socialist loving dickheads will be the first to go to the camps 2- people like Daniel in TN are among the only true American patriots who fought and died (or were injured) to be able to provide this very freedom of speech for you ungrateful fuckwads..3- none of you are ready to shelter in place OR evacuate.4–White Christian men are easy targets of racist immigrant assholes who know nothing about this country (can’t even recite the pledge of allegiance let alone America the beautiful or the Lords prayer)  and the last thing most evident is the fact that the very idea of “freedom” is wasted on those so flagrantly stupid to the fact they are so brutally enslaved.

    • Just the fact that your #1 point assumes the article has any bit of truth in it shows your gullibility, #3 shows your ignorance of how most people in this country live (hint: not in the Alabama back woods, like you do), and your 4th point shows your racism. Just put the tin foil hat on and go hide in your cabin.

  184. Mikeb 1982, your comments and others here need a answer regrding illegal aliens.

    My wife is a native American. She was born, and registered on the Roe Bud Reservation in South Dakota. She isn’t a wana-be. She is real. I hve friends who are Black, and hspanic. The Hispanic friends are from Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, and and Costa Rica. They are Americans. The have citizenship, the right way. I also think our country iss great enough for part of my tax dollar to help people in need out. Welfare, medical aid, educational aid, housing aid, food stamps, lunches for under privilage kids at school, BUT, they darn well should be Americans.

    In the construction industry, there use to be a great many un-skilled jobs, or jobs that required low skills. But they paid fairly good money. Roofers, Sheet rock and taping, carpentry, labors, landscaping, yard maintence, in manufacturing also. A person with, a limited education, a American, could support a family doing many of these jobs. A college student could get a summer job on a construction site to help with tuition at school, Antry level construction worker could start at a wage above minimum wage. Thoe kind of jobs are now preformed with illegal aliens. People who do not pay taxes, and don’t even bother telling me that hey do. Sheet rocking, taping and texturing, [pianting, carpentars framing homes and bildings, roofers, siding installers, concrete workers, construction labors, lanscaping, yard maintenance, carpet installation, tile installation, is over run with illegal aliens. I know of a pallet plant that Use to hire American, now they hire illegals at half the cost, I know a site developer who hires illegals. All these jobs use to be preformed with Americans. The Americans paid taxs on their wages. They din’t send their money to a different country. They spent their money here, in the American economy. They had low skills but worked hard. They were not lazy at all. Now look at student workers on temp jobs in America, way down, look at workers with low kills, not working, Shool aid for American Students? all most non-existant, Any more if you are a American looking for a hnd up, get behind the illegals. California sends 21.8 billion each year on illegals and aid to them. Aid that should go to Americns that have citizenship. Other States come close. So does my Home State Washington. My wife, who i Suoix Indian, born and registered on the reservation, be glad you are not reading a post from her. She can really get very rude with people that think the illegals shouldn’t be sent home. She has told some of them, that the Spanish people, were always the enemie of the native americans, and the South American Native Indians. She will point out what these invaders did to the Aztex Indians, The Inca’s, for a strt, all the loot they they stole and to this day have never given it back. The ntive Americans hated these people even more than the Americans.

    If anyone wants to come here, fine, no objections. Just come obeying our existing laws.

    By the way, even Native Americans migrated here from Asia or Europe.

    • Great post. Frankly I don’t care if the illegals pay any kinds of taxes, they’re illegal, get them out of here. We are in a job crises, created by the technology explosion. We need all the jobs we can, and they need to go to legal Americans.

  185. If you restricted the amount of money that people were allowed to use in advertising campaigns= 100′s of Billions$$$ saved per year.
    If you made it illegal to profiteer (actually illegal)- i mean no more raising the price of everything by .5% every 3 months. Trillions more would flow into the economy.

    If it were realistic, and men who worked hard- sweat gallons a day made the most money.
    With a limit of 5 million$ as the max amount of money you could have- The economy would be completely stable.

    If it were a free trade system, and we had the right to punch someone cleanly in the jaw for outright lying or attempting to rip us off- There would be no problem because they wouldn’t have had the power to put us in this predicament in the 1st place.

    DHS readying to mobilize against the citizens, and they’re too too ####### stupid to acknowledge if they mobilized against our false gods- the representatives that represent NO ONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES, we could still pull this out without crashing.

    ####, IF I could garner a kingship control over this country- i could rebalance the whole equation and Give more rights to people in the process. Problem is “you don’t believe” in such control.
    The real problem is that it’s already become a Kingship, a title passed to someone of a specific group of peoples choosing. Bush jr. proved that when he was illegally placed as “Honorable Chief of Staff” by denying african american votes as counting in the state of florida in the year 2000. And the DHS is corrupted too, because they know and they’re not stopping the corruption.

    So arm yourselves- my false gods. I’ll need no rifle to stop your greatest army, no bomb, nor weapon at all. When you arise from the legion, that divides man by the Age that is the Sum of 6 and 6 and 6- I will loft off your head. For you are a beast, and I am your master.

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  188. All we got to do is take out several MAIN players in our government and all this will be solved.

    • Starting with the man with the tan in the White House, Jill? Sick statement.

  189. it’s the banksters that caused all this, so don’t for one minute blame the poor or middle class neighbor next to you regardless of race, immigration status or other. It is the banksters that set this up, just like they did in the 20′s. This time, they’ve purchased their own military-eric prince/blackwater/zi, plus parts of the police state belong to them. Those who want their gated prosperity fear we will be taking pitchforks to them….unless we are convinced to take pitchforks to each other. HUNGER GAMES.

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  191. Nah bullhockey, nothings gonna happen. There is a bigger chance of a major cataclysm / major natural disaster than this.

    • The first BS flag rose with the comment that the majority of Americans are armed. As if, even were that true, they’re all in the tin foil hat division of the paranoia army.

  192. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Conspiracy theories can’t be peer-reviewed.

  193. @OIFAlumni,a General is no good without soldiers. Yes I do believe there are some idiots in the military that would love nothing more that to be a part of a group trying to go against the American people, but there will not be anywhere near enough to pull it off. Even if they try it, when they are defeated they will be hunted down just like the war criminals of World War 2. Life in prison at hard labor will be considered going easy on them.

  194. OUR GOVERNMENT IS CRAZY!!! you think we all want a civil war over a lousy dollar, take your stupid dollars and shove them wear your son don’t shine.  

    WE INFORMED AMERICANS: are sick of our constitution being scribbled out one amendment at a time.  If we stand up and fight back its because YOU don’t have the right to do what your doing and its our job to overthrow you.

  195. I recommend that people become self-sustaining. The Great Depression was no coincidence.  The government wants you to need them for food. 150 years ago, 90% of the population were self sustaining and 10% reliant on them. Now it is 10% self sustaining and 90% relying on them and the government to provide for them via their programs and money system. Buy some land, grow a garden, stash some seeds, learn about wild edible plants, join a co-op, dairy share and buy a gun and read your BIBLE. What is about to take place is the next step in putting fear in the America people to want to join the United Nations to save America! Big Mistake. What Hitler did to the Jews, the Muslims will come and do to America and bring about the New World Order. Please read the book, the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn and watch Glenn Beck’s: Rumors of Wars II. Shalom

    • ^^^Obviously doesn’t live in a 4th floor walkup, or even a 24th floor studio apartment.

      •  See all the post are excuses and blaming other people why we are not successful and self sustaining and proactive. We thought it was a good idea to vote for people to support our ideas, but now what we do is believe a person will carry our morals and values but end up doing their own agenda. Please watch the movie: Agenda: Grinding Down America. Excuses keep us in our poverty mindset. Solutions take us out of it.

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  198.  Too bad Dr. Paul isn’t coming up for re-election, we would be well into a
    real recovery but alas America still slumbers and the same old
    self-entitled bureaucrats get re-elected and keep taking for themselves.
    Those of us awake are as prepared as we can for what’s coming down the
    pike. Good luck folks!

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  202. Too bad these  “investigators” always have heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend. NO CITED SOURCES ARE GIVEN. Only generalities are given making this a BULL$^!^ story. Nice try though!

  203. If this information is valid it will take place before the presidential election in order to keep Obama in office which will virtually eliminate the 2012 election process.  Maybe such a historic civil unrest will wake up the eugenic controlled dumbed down citizen who has been surviving for years on a diet of lies and subterfuge from our smiling feel good government. As an aside, censorship on the internet is alive and well, so don’t be surprised if your words are not exposed to the world.

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