“You Will See Terrorists Attacks” in America: Iranian CIA Agent

By Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul

In another of a series of eye-opening interviews on TruNews Radio, CIA agent Reza Kahlili told host Rick Wiles he anticipates ongoing terrorist attacks in the United States in the event of war with Iran—a war, in which Tehran may even wish to engage.

“This is the era of The Coming,” says Kahlili, referring to Islam’s end-times prophecies of Muslim world domination.  “They expect war.  They’re going to create war.  They could be the initiator.

“Failure to understand that will come as a big shock to the civilized world.”

In agreement with oil analysts, an attack on Iran would engulf the region into war, as other nations take sides in the war with the U.S. and NATO allies, according to  him.  Scores of lives will perish, as well as many more scores of innocent victims go hungry and poor due to the $200+ per barrel print expected from a closing of the Strait of Hormuz.

“Millions will be dead and the global economy will collapse,” says Kahlili.

Though Iran has not initiated military aggression against another nation state since the 18th century, Kahlili states the present leadership in Tehran holds radical religious views typical of many Shi’ite Muslims, the overwhelming majority of Iranians.

“All of them” who control are zealots, says Kahlili, who goes on to say that the Iranian leadership is, not only preparing for a military confrontation with the West, but is also gearing up for a war on its own dissidents, academics and political activists in the country.

“They’ve created six teams,” Kahlili explains.  “Assassins, special battalions within Iran . . . <inaudible> . . . to kill Iranian people because once the war starts, Iranians will riot again.

“So they have prepared to mass murder Iranian people, while at the same time assassins will be throughout the world . . . terrorist activities, assassinations and other jihads to destabilize the world, because they believe that will create the circumstances for The Coming,” he adds.

Not too dissimilar to the activities and militarization of U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Iran has assembled its own DHS-like organization to squash dissent during the war—the Persian version of former President Bush’s  fascist rhetoric, “you are either with us or against us.”

“They have prepared battalions, special battalion forces, radical forces who will gun down the Iranian people,” says Kahlili, the once Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldier.  “And once the war takes place, every political prisoner, every political and human rights activists in Iran, will be assassinated, as per their plan, so that there won’t be anybody inciting riots.

“It’s a very dangerous time,” he adds.

Kahlili says he doesn’t know how many terrorist cells lurk in the U.S., but he is sure of terrorist cells living in safe houses throughout the U.S., awaiting instructions from Tehran.  They’re of “Latin American origin, some Mexicans, Sudanese, of many other nationalities,” working in five or six assassins per group.  When the cells get the order, the terrorist activities begin in the U.S, according to Kahlili.

“We will have violence in the USA.  It’s going to be a step-by-step, phase-to-phase war,” he says, adding that the coming attacks in America won’t necessarily be conducted, exclusively, through the use of traditional bombings of ‘soft’ targets.  The terrorist activities will include potentially more dangerous and damaging weapons made with simple instructions and ingredients that can be manufactured at inconspicuous locals, as well.

“ . . . theses chemical and biological bombs can be made in a garage, in a house in the U.S.,” says Kahlili.  “They are prepared; they have the knowledge; they could commit such heinous crimes.”

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